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Awesome / Wolf In Ponys Clothing

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  • Spike saving Ardi/"Rarity" from Slitclaw's advances. As Slitclaw keeps being the nasty, lecherous bird that he is, Spike stomps between them—in the middle of a crowded restaraunt!—and demands that the griffin back off. A scuffle breaks out, ending with Spike dousing the jerk with his fire, forcibly teleporting the feathers on his head to Canterlot and leaving him utterly bald. Everyone in the restaurant cheers for Spike's chivalry.
    • Even better, Spike was strongly suspicious that "Rarity" was a Changeling by this point...and still defended "her" regardless, because he felt Rarity's honor and dignity were at stake if she was the genuine article. And when his suspicions flare up, he muses that not even a Changeling should be forced to put up with Slitclaw's sleaziness. It's a small moment, but Spike really shines in it.


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