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Orange Lantern

  • Orange Lantern's Curb-Stomp Battle with Sportsmaster is treated like this in-universe.
  • Paul being able to wield the Orange Lantern ring and stay sane. He lets Robin wear the ring when it became absolutely necessary, and it almost drove Robin into becoming Gollum. And that was only after a few seconds. Paul manages to keep it on for the majority of the fic, and only slip up a few times.
  • His definitive moment of awesome was against Klarion the Witch Boy. Due to some multiverse science, Paul is extraordinarily weak against magic. So during the first round of fighting, Klarion fatally injures Paul. Dr. Fate tells him to stay out of the way, and it looks like even if he hadn't interfered, the fight would have been won like it was in canon anyway. But Paul doesn't know that, so even knowing that Klarion could kill him, he goes to help. With Fate's help, he manages to turn Teekl into an Orange Lantern, manipulating the demon cat even while Klarion was trying to murder him. Klarion temporarily loses his connection with the physical world because of Orange Lantern.
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  • Orange Lantern stole Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit! And in the process, exposed one of Ra's' secret headquarters to Batman. All this, because he thought he'd killed a man.
  • Orange Lantern managing to block several missiles without the aid of his ring's automatic targeting system. He manages to absorb the last one into his subspace at the last minute.
    • This whole exchange ends with establishing peace between North & South Rhelasia.
  • Let's do a headcount of the members of The Light Orange Lantern has humiliated. Ocean Master? Disarmed, and after he got out of his coma, standing trial. Queen Bee? Left a giant indestructible statue of his naked self in her desert. Ra's al Ghul? Told his obedient daughter what happened to the daughter that wasn't so obedient, shot him in the head, then stole his Lazarus pit, neutralizing one of his island bases and stealing more data on the League of Shadows than the Justice League was prepared to handle on the way out. Then covered the entire planet in construct eyes to find his remaining resources, causing such a collapse that the rest of the Light turned in Ra's and eliminated him. Klarion? Despite being brutally maimed, he managed to steal Klarion's cat, his familiar and tether to the material world; in short taking Klarion out of the picture entirely until the witch boy could find a new anchor. Ate most of his power with a swarm of bound demons, then chained him up; Klarion had to be grabbed and carried off by an ally to even manage a retreat. Then finally, hijacked his connection to the Plane of Chaos and transferred it to John Constantine, leaving Klarion as a soulless husk to be executed by China, while John became the new Chaos Lord. The Brain? Sent him running from Luthor's secret genetics lab. Lex Luthor? Luthor's such a Magnificent Bastard that he came out on top anyway, but Paul still managed to establish peace between North and South Rhelasia, ruining Luthor's plot to be at the forefront of both nations' arms races. Vandal Savage? Undid his plot to rewrite history, and replaced him as the Time Trapper. The entirety of The Light knows exactly who he is, and what he is capable of, and none of them take him lightly.
    • The fact that, basically, OL has pretty much the same goal as The Light - the advancement and evolution of humanity - except that he's succeeding, and they have to resort to... well, supervillainy.
  • Paul gets a massive one in episode 16 where he shows off exactly what he can do when he not restraining himself. As soon as he called the Ophidian, OL managed to fight back against the aliens that gave The Team such a hard time in canon. Bonus points is that he was actually winning an unwinnable simulation
    • The simulation, being unwinnable, keeps sending down Motherships. It took about an hour or two for the simulation to just give up, and by that point Orange Lantern had managed to 'identity theft' 70 motherships, and a corresponding amount of drones.
  • Paul swearing his true oath for the first time. And summoning the Ophidian to burn away the energy-ring-eating dust Klarion used, and swearing a second oath; that he would fight Nabu, and he would win.
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  • Paul chewing out Guardian for his treatment of the Genomorphs. On Thanksgiving no less.
  • OL and Megan meeting Psimon in prison. First it was impressive because OL fought against a giant psychotic robot he couldn't touch and won. Next, it was impressive because of Paul's outstanding Memory Gambit. It lead to exposing the existence of The Light and their designs on Belle Reve. Then, because Paul caught Deadshot, another one of DC's top mercenaries. And as a side note, because Psimon and Paul get some impressive sniping on each other.
    Psimon: Oh, you know; same old same old. On the plus side I'd have to live three hundred and seventy two years to complete my sentence, so in my estimation I should be able to cheat them of over two thirds of it. You?
    OL: Pretty good. Lots of fresh air, exercise, meeting new people.
  • OL starts to get proactive. He comes up with a list of magical items involved in supervillainy, and requests permission from the League to hunt them down before they can be used for harm.
    • The first item he manages to check off the list is the Ace of Winchesters. A demon slaying gun, which he tests by having John Constantine summoning various demons he knows and shooting them when they appear.
  • Paul has been disabled by a psychic confusion-ray, had his ring stolen, and is now at the mercy of Bane. What does he do? He convinces Bane to keep him alive by talking to him about his father - which is a feat in and of itself, as the last person to talk to Bane about his father was killed rather brutally - then he mobilizes the manhunt for the man who stole his ring, before stealing it back by focusing on his oath from three thousand miles away. The pull on his ring was so strong, he pulled on all the other orange lantern rings in the universe, causing Larfleeze to start a manhunt for him for the crime of trying to steal his shinnies.
  • The revelation that Nabu is now part of the Justice League, despite him wearing Zatara's body like a suit. OL and Zatanna are so horrified that OL brings her to his lantern and shows her The Ophidian. He then explains "See this? This is the Physical God who lives in my lantern. She and I are in agreement: we're getting your dad back."
  • Paul sees the Light's ambush before it's coming, and turns it around neatly against Truggs. Truggs came prepared to the ambush with dozens of goons wearing phase tech, invisibility tech, and mass produced Captain Cold guns, along with four Bozo bots, each equipped by a Doctor Morrow Lantern-Construct (who is also present) with elemental powers, and just to cap it off an eldritch creature known as the Enemy-Of-All. The only thing that even slows Paul down is the Enemy-Of-All, and even then it's just barely a fair fight.
  • Grayven has either convinced Darkseid that he's his son, or convinced Darkseid that he's a better choice for a son than the original Grayven. Devilance challenged him, on Darkseid's behalf, threatening him with a hellspore. Grayven took on Brimstone, and managed to win, reciting his oath for the first time as he does so. He then sends Devilance and his goons packing, stripped of their weapons and armor.
    • In essence, this means that Grayven is now Apokolips' officially recognized Suzerain of Earth, effectively halting the Light's trading with Darkseid in its tracks.
    • His act is so convincing that Batman has to ask for confirmation whether or not he's the real Grayven.
  • Paul flat out telling Zatanna that they are better off as friends and explaining that a relationship between the two of them would be creepy due to the timing and age difference.
  • During the Belle Reve mass break-out during New Years, it's shown that Paragon!OL's efforts in reforming supervillains stuck as Abra Kadabra and the Terror Twins stayed in prison to defend the guards and therapists being held hostage.
  • Paul locating Speedy a few weeks after New Years. He even grows back his missing arm.
  • The way Paul finishes the First of the Fallen. He repeatedly slices up the powerful being with the Sword of Second and Third.
  • Grayven takes down Sabbac II in seconds, using his own sword to finish him off.
  • Grayven's 'Death Of Klarion' Arc.
    • First, he manages to execute Klarion. He does this on live television, and then turns himself in to the police afterwards. This sparks a storm of debate throughout the world about the assumptions of the superhero community.
    • Second, Batman of the Justice Lords summons Grayven to their dimension. Unfortunately, Grayven doesn't have his ring. So he breaks into a SHADE facility, fights off a Yellow Lantern Guy Gardner, and then fights Supergirl. Justice Lords Supergirl.
    • Then he takes on the entire Thanagarian Fleet. They happen to have Radion blasters, which is the Kryptonite of New Gods like Grayven, but he keeps fighting anyway, commandeering their main battleship for Earth.
    • He then rescues that world's Royal Flush Gang and shares his soul with Ace. This not only saves her from an untimely death, but also gives her the spirit of a conqueror in the process.
    • He then forms a new Justice League by gathering the attention of a select team of heroes and revealing the robotic nature of their president, as well as tanking two nukes to the face.
    • After recovering he returns to Earth 16, gets a gubernatorialnote  pardon for killing Klarion, uses the escape clause of his oath to Wonder Woman, and then finally quits the Team in spectacular fashion.
  • Paul fighting Kanto into a retreat at the L'ouvre. And he didn't break any priceless masterpieces in the process.
    Kanto: Are you a god?
    OL: It's complicated.
  • Paul cures Misery. It's only for a little while, but he firmly informs Misery that he's not finished, and leaves her with a box of tissues as he ponders his next move.
  • Prince Pavlos deciding not to take any of the god's injustice and attacking the Queen of Fables before arresting her. HE does this despite, technically, never having wielded a sword in his life, and the Queen of Fables being a reality warper.
    • It should be mentioned that he started the fight by slamming an apple into her head, distracting her enough to steal her sword.
    • Halfway through the fight his power ring starts acting up. He believes it to be the power of the gods, and resolves to fight this fight as a man without the god's interference. He continues the fight without using his power ring.
  • In order to defeat Klarion once and for all and acquire the powers of a Lord of Chaos for his oncoming battle against Nabu, Paul decides to steal Klarion's connection with Chaos and turn another person into a Chaos Lord. The person he decides for the job? John Constantine. And it works. That's right, John Constantine is now a Lord of Chaos. Let that sink in.
    • Even better is that this completely de-powered Klarion, who is now a helpless teenaged-looking mortal. Grayven killed Klarion on live television, Paul made it possible for him to be executed by the state.
  • As sad as it is to see him burn so many bridges with the Justice League, credit must be given to Paul on how he handled his meeting with them after he successfully killed Nabu, as it was a long time coming. Before the meeting starts, he takes off both of his rings and then asks Diana to lasso him to ensure that he won't withhold any information. From there, he unflinchingly and unapologetically bashes the entire League for their behavior and calls them out on several flaws in their reasoning for allowing Nabu to join their ranks:
    • For one thing, new recruits into the League don't get a say in the voting process. When Captain Marvel insists that Zatara did have a vote, Paul has this to say:
      Paul: Did he, William? Did he take the Helmet off and tell you that?
      Marvel: Well... No-
      Paul: So what you're saying is, Nabu said that his slave was cool with being a slave. And you took that at face value. Well done. [Marvel's face falls] Oh, don't feel too bad, the 'world's greatest detective' did too.
    • He also declares that the League (Diana in particular) betrayed the very ideals they stand for by lying to the entire world about what really happened to Zatara and taking no action to actually set him free, and, as such, he could no longer trust them to help.
    • Diana then insists that Paul should have told them how he felt about all of this, only for him to remind her that he already did on Thanksgiving when they were talking about Justice League membership, and Diana is ashamed that she failed to see how bitter he was back then.
    • Even Batman is affected by Paul's words and has to try very hard to not show it.
    • When questioned if whether or not he committed premeditated murder, Paul explains that according to British law, Nabu was not a person, and thus could not be "killed" in any way. Even better, the British government now actually owes Paul a reward for eliminating him.
    • Hal Jordan gets fed up with Paul and calls him a criminal who should be taken to trial, only for Paul to throw his accusations right back in his face by reminding them all that, if this did go to court, the entire League would have to come clean about how they abandoned Zatara to be enslaved by a Lich, left his fourteen-year-old daughter without a legal guardian, recruited said Lich into their fold, and lied to everyone about it. He then takes off the lasso, grabs his rings, and leaves the Watchtower like a complete and utter boss.
  • Paul leading Koriand'r, Komand'r, and his branded troops in destroying the Citadel.
    • When Grayven does it, he does it with an army of Tamaranians armed with power rings.
  • When Paul and Lantern Medphyll attack a Dominator prison to free Vril Dox II, Paul is able to get the Dominators there to surrender to the Green Lantern Corps and admit their guilt by threatening to assimilate them and take all of the secrets locked in their heads if they don't.
  • Paul freeing Mother of Mercy from Mongul's grasp and recruiting her for the OLC.
  • Paul and Kilowog sparring. First, Paul takes him down in seconds, albeit with a cheap shot. When they go again, Paul uses what he learned from Medphyll to cause the plants in Kilowog's stomach to start growing, causing the experienced lantern to start vomiting so much he is incapacitated.
    • Guy is amazed that Kilowog lost. This is because, even with the power boost Guy got from becoming enlightened, he still loses to Kilowog more often than not.
  • Even if only for a moment, Paul is able to unnerve the Guardians of the Universe by remarking that he should have helped Alan become the Host of Ion.
  • Paul is able to outsmart a being who claims to be God, by asking him to say Paul's name. When the latter is unable to do it, Paul says his name out loud, breaking the illusion and revealing the being to be Boss Smiley.
  • Paul defeating the Justice League of Earth 12 in seconds.
  • Paul effortlessly steamrolling over everything the Justice Underground think to use against him.
  • Grayven killing Grayven 50, complete with the latter's decapitation.
  • Paul has no problem handling all the criminals he comes across while crimefighting for one night in Gotham.
  • Paul creates a training exercise for the League and "kills" them by detonating a nuke.
  • Paul, when using a violet ring for basically the first time, is able to disable Overgirl.
  • When released from his imprisonment on Krona's tuning fork, Paul immediately leads the charge against Krona.


  • After defeating Black Canary, and talking up how easy it would be for Orange Lantern to beat any baseline human, Cheshire gets one for being the first (and to date only) baseline human who has ever managed to defeat Orange Lantern. If it were possible for her to hide from him afterwards, she would have gotten away with it too.
    • And in the Renegade universe, she continually grows more and more awesome by becoming his girlfriend/fiance.
  • Onomatopoeia's upgrade was pretty sweet. He basically fought off the whole team while Klarion dealt with Orange Lantern.
  • The Orange Lanterns get one for supposedly being the main antagonists of Blackest Night in this 'verse.
  • Ra's gets one for finding a way to block Orange Lantern's scans. Orange Lantern's greatest asset is his ability to gather information, an ability more powerful than Ra's attempts with the Fog. And Ra's no sold it.
  • John Constantine wins a fight with Tula before he even steps into the arena.
    • Before the challenge is even issued!
  • The Team vs. The Injustice League. One of the hardest battles The Team has ever fought in the series, the one they would have lost if the Justice League hadn't arrived in time. But thanks to O.L.'s help, they start the fight with a massive advantage; an extra teammate with incredible power, a Danner enhanced Superboy, and Aqualad with Ocean Master's armor. They incapacitate one supervillain right out of the gate, Black Adam is converted, Poison Ivy loses her powers, and Wotan even loses an arm. The Injustice League were very soundly thrashed. This marks the point where The Light begin to take The Team as a serious threat to them.
    • Orange Lantern frees the spirit of Teth Adom from Theo Adam's binding, who then proceeds to prove himself worthy to his gods once more and claim control of Theo's body so he can once more help his people. Theodore's soul is then judged for his crimes.
    • Swamp Thing showing up after the Injustice League is captured, and removing Poison Ivy's connection to The Green after giving her a verbal beatdown about how Gaia doesn't care about her petty causes.
      • Swamp Thing itself is a bit of a moment of awesome, as he's the first entity that OL encounters that he admits he stands absolutely no chance against in a fight.
  • The Green Lanterns of Earth get one for managing to deny their heartfelt desires. This manages to confuse the Ophidian infused Paul enough that it leaves him a gibbering mess in the fetal position on the moon.
  • Robin actually standing up to the massively overpowered Renegade Orange Lantern. Renegade admired his moxy so much, he let him live. He later admitted to Wonder Woman that this made him consider Robin a true friend, one who was willing to shock him out of his megalomania and stand up to him.
  • Killer Croc punched Danner enhanced Robin in the face. He broke three fingers.
  • Batman sucker punching John Constantine. John snuck into Mt. Justice with a spell that made everybody look away from him. Batman noticed that nobody, himself included, was looking in Constantine's direction, and decided to punch where nobody was looking just in case.
  • The archery contest between Green Arrow and the Celestial Archer. On the one hand, Celestial Archer hits every bullseye in one shot with one arrow, and gets himself a date with Artemis. On the other hand, Green Arrow showed the dismissive Renegade what a Badass Normal can do, making shots Renegade admitted would be hard for him even with his ring assisted targeting and missing the last bullseye by firing the arrow completely over the mountain it was placed on.
    Renegade!OL: [In awe] Maybe you are the second best archer after all.
  • Renegade!Kon's reaction to Luthor offering him SHIELDs; destroying them with heat vision.
  • The story of how Jade's mother learned to be a badass. Her mother fought in Vietnam, and taught her how to use an AK-47 when she was just a kid.
  • Psimon's banter with OL while he was in prison. Also his spectacular display of common sense when he chose not to try to escape prison when his powers were freed, a decision most supervillains would not have made, and which probably saved his life.
  • Batman pulls a Stealth Hi/Bye on OL while in his civilian identity and WHILE OL WAS LOOKING IN HIS DIRECTION.
  • Cornwall Boy gets his first big moment when he takes on Bane. Three of the original sidekicks are fighting simultaneously and Bane wipes the floor with all of them; Red Arrow, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. But Cornwall Boy is not only able to get his shots in, he can make Bane actually retreat!
    • When he sucks up the power of one of the Bozo bots. The other bozo bots started hiding from him.
  • Salaak actually scolds Orange Lantern, and then gets his Greens moving so as to best prepare for the chance of an offense made by Star Conquerors. Paul just stands there in shock at the feeling of not having to do anything.
  • The villains deserve one too, for managing to keep up with OL in various ways- Klarion gets a much more powerful familiar and finds a way to disable the ring, Ra's starts providing his subordinates with ways to avoid Lantern-based scrying, Lex is working with alchemists and magicians now (though admittedly, he hasn't performed any villainous actions yet, it's Lex).
  • Kon and Match both pwning Devilance, who made the mistake of siccing a creature made of sun on a group with two kryptonians in it.
  • Shade's Big Damn Heroes moment, absorbing the Enemy of All.
  • M'gann telling Grayven off for almost accepting The Light's offer to join is one the most awesome inspirational speeches in the story, in addition to being a heartwarming moment.
  • Any time Teth Adom fights another Flying Brick type Metahuman and gets to show what the decades of experience as Shazam's Champion that he has under his belt means when applied to super-fights. Captain Nazi was manhandled through the Watchtower and into outer space during their fight until he decided running was the best bet. Then Captain Nazi makes the mistake of saying something truly vile about Diana, and Adom proceeds to beat him like a drum before punching his chest so hard his rib cage collapses while IN SPACE!.
    • Sabbac II, who almost killed Captain Marvel and fought through multiple other heroes, including Mary Marvel, found himself on the wrong side of a beating whenever he stood still long enough for Adom to catch up to him, and had to abuse his teleportation multiple times to keep away from him.
  • When the rest of the League were mind-controlled by the Light, props goes to Guy Gardner for successfully resisting through sheer force of will. In fact, his will was so strong it summoned Ion and Guy became a temporary host.
  • Kadabra's first successful spell, summoning a lightning elemental.
  • In both universes, M'gann's encounter with the Burning Martian really counts. A creature the Guardians feared and M'gann bested it (without her mental blocks removed in the Paragon timeline).
  • What happens when Queen Bee tries to threaten Marie Logan.
    Danni: Appearing in public at anything less than her best would risk giving the impression of weakness. She will mostly likely not do so until her burns have healed.
    OL: Burns?
    Danni: [Holds up a flaming fist] Burns.
  • John vs. Sabbac II. This is the guy who in the same chapter almost killed Captain Marvel, and John not only folds him like a deck of cards, but passes on the hurt to five of his six patrons by hijacking his spell. And then managed to get the First of the Fallen killed again.
  • Two for the books in Triumph of the Will:
    • Helmut Schreiber, a man confirmed to be a clone of Adolf Hitler and generic Muggle in a superpowered world, snatches the Spear of Destiny out of the Evil Sorcerer villain's grasp the second he has the chance, and kills him with it.
    • Rocket takes on Captain Nazi, who finds out what a mind-controlled Wonder Woman found out in canon - kinetic energy control is an awesome power. She dominates that fight.
  • M'gann has come far enough by Demeanor that she managed to fight off her murderous Uncle by turning into a Star Conqueror and using the bolstered telekinetic and telepathic ability to force him into unconsciousness.
  • Graham Marrack gives us this gem when OL comes to his great grandson about his plans to deal with Nabu.
    "My time is done. My life is over. I accept that. Life passes from one generation to the next. Great grandson, you are my heir as my own son never was. I will guide, I will steward, at your request, recognizing the rightness of your independence. I will not make you my slave, fit to live only that you serve me. It would be a foul and unnatural act and Nabu should know better. If he has become so arrogant, so debased, then strike him down and worry not for the righteousness of your cause."
  • Guy merges with Ion to protect the East Coast from tidal waves.
  • Sephtian gets called a "bastard half-breed" by the resurrected Orm, more powerful than ever before. His response?
    Sephtian regards him levelly for a moment. "Better a half-breed than a traitor."
  • To defeat Oceanus, Kon has Paul take him to the sun and Helios embodies him with the power of a solar flare. He then turns himself into basically a living weapon and launches himself into Oceanus like a missile, wiping him out.
    • And Kon gets Heat Vision as a reward from Helios as a result. It's strong enough to actually cause lasting damage to a planet when he cuts loose.
  • Captain Comet, regarded as a minor superhero on Earth, is single-handedly capable of completely decimating the Citadel. He was so powerful, that when he was defeated, which only happened because he was covering the Tamaranian's retreat, that he can power most of the Citadel's most deadly weaponry.
  • In-Universe, Harm's willingness to kill, and then subsequently eat, angels is considered this by the denizens of Hell.
  • Zauriel sacrificing himself so as to return as an angel and lead the released theurgists in sending Asmodel to Hell.
  • Nylor Truggs outsmarting the Team and getting his hands on the Dial.
  • The Team getting to fight and defeat an actual dragon.
  • The way the Thanagarians were able to manipulate Paul to the point where he didn't even suspect a thing.
  • Most of Vega pulling the wool over Paul while they decimate the Psions. He only realized what they did when he felt the Psions' collective avarice literally disappear from the universe.
  • Sunset finally achieving her dream and becomes an alicorn.
  • Overgirl is able to No-Sell Time Trapper stopping time. He actually needs Paul to stop her because he can't.
  • Clayface of Earth 12 (or more specifically a clone of him made using his powers) is able to throw a wrench in Krona's plans by finding Time Trapper and learning from him what to do: get an orange ring and get it to Paul.


  • Zoat reveals this oath as a sneak peek.
    "With Will and Rage of crimson red
    Four million years and still not dead
    Today your empire finally falls
    In Oa's name I'll burn you all!"
    • It's a tidbit from Year Five, with confirmation that it will be in the Renegade timeline.
    • A reader later guessed that it would be Raker Qarrigat, with Mr Zoat confirming that he was right.
  • Apparently, Acts of God don't work on the Shade.

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