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Awesome / With Strings Attached

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  • John's first flight in Ketafa.
  • Paul's explosion after he gains his powers.
  • George's ploy to rescue John in Ehndris.
  • Ringo's... handling... of the Brothers of Doom.
  • When Paul the first piece of the Vasyn, when the troll bashes him against the cavern walls, and when he escapes the five "Hitler Youth" agents in New Zork.
  • When John runs around on top of the water; when he leads the harveys into Central Park, and when he lifts the river.
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  • When George unshrinks himself, when he becomes a red dragon, and when he figures out how to awaken John from a magical sleep.
  • When Ringo puts Sarekyl in a tree, when he first reaches across miles to grab John, and when he almost single-handedly captures the thirty Brothers of Doom.
  • And collectively, the battle on the Plains of Death.


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