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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Clive, giving "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Melody in Yggdrasil. Gosh, Clive really nailed this one! Melody is so upset that she goes in a Unstoppable Rage just after. Even Virginia, Gallows and Jet (!) are quite surprised by him (with Jet reminded himself to never piss off Clive, ever).
  • The time where Virginia slaps Maya... Only to see her block the slap with her arm. "I told you you can't reach"... Then Virginia forces and reaches Maya's cheek. Cue Virginia smiling : "Yes, I can." Virginia's speech hereafter is quite cute. It's at this point where Maya finally sees Virigina for the Drifter she's become; while she'll still pick at Virginia's optimism, it becomes clear at this point the two are Fire-Forged Friends.
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  • Gallows' plan for the Infinitum. For once he accepts his destiny, having developed beyond simply running away and realizing Janus' idea of freedom, while similar, is also appalling in how he drains the energy of Guardians just to obtain that. His "No More Holding Back" Speech during the scene is that he understands the difference between coping out from reality and accepting responsibility while still having the ability to choose, and he makes that decision by calling on Dan Dairum's power before Janus could absorb him to seal away Asgard beyond space and time.
  • Maya Schroedinger kicking Siegfried's ass so hard that the plot had to come up with a new villain for the heroes to fight.
  • Asgard bursting out of the innocuous statue in the first dungeon to help his masters, having gotten around the Guardian of Time sending him to the distant past by hibernating his way to the present. Now that's what you call an Implacable Man.
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  • Lombardia destroys Siegfried once and for all with her ultimate Draconic Gun Blaster. The attack animation isn't actually any different, but it's such a coup de grace moment that you can't help but cheer in victory.
  • The ending is a long string of them for the party. First, they fight a copy of the entire planet's energy. Then, when everyone suffers from a Critical Existence Failure, Virginia wills the world back into being by accessing the last bit of the Information Library Hyades, with one crucial difference. When the party makes it back to the real world, they then run through a crowd of crazed, gun-wielding cultists without firing a single shot in retaliation. And they survive. We're then treated to a beautiful And the Adventure Continues when the party, now fugitive True Companions after everything they've been through, save Martina from Janus' old lackeys, with the camera panning over something new in Little Twister; when Virginia willed Filgaia back into being, she did so using everyone's memories from Filgaia...which included bits and pieces of desires for a greener world. Sure enough, there's now a flower growing in Little Twister, Filgaia's future burning bright.


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