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Awesome / Wild ARMs 1

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  • Rudy shoulder-checking Zeikfried into the black hole at the Gate Generator in ACF.
    • Followed by him cutting his hand off (shooting it in the remake) to take out the rope wrapped at his hand.
  • Asgard vs. Barbados in ACF: So awesome it gets its own FMV as Barbados attempts to destroy the party with its Kill Sat attack, only for Asgard to erect his barrier and shield the party while they destroy Barbados.
    • Whenever Asgard does anything it's bound to be awesome.
  • Boomerang fights his way out of Hell just so he can enjoy one last fight with the party.
    • This is to say nothing of his cool, collected nonchalance when facing down a horde of demons with only his faithful wolf by his side. "Come, Luceid. You and I are going to take a little trip to Hell together."


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