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  • The very first scene is an example as Jaune wrestles a massive Beowulf. Then his mother proceeds to bring him to heel effortlessly.
  • Jaune vs Ruby. It's the first time that we see how powerful Jaune can be and he doesn't disappoint. He cleanly defeats Ruby and could have killed her if not for Glynda arriving. Even then, he uses quick thinking and his Grimm summoning to escape one of the most powerful humans on Remnant unscathed with Roman.
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  • Weiss taking command of WJRP and RYBN to flawlessly defeat the Deathstalker.
  • Jaune (accidentally) calls out Weiss on her behavior and inspires her to command through love. Though he didn't realize what he was doing, credit has to be given for his understanding of leadership and his well worded arguments that turned Weiss speechless.
  • Cinder defeats the entire student body of Beacon in the food fight. alone .
    • She earlier trounced Ruby in a duel.
  • Anytime Jaune gets to remind everyone that while he might be socially awkward he's about as far from stupid as you can be. His huge array of book knowledge and political training mean that when he's in his element he often leaves his friend's slack jawed. He's the only one that can mentally keep up with Doctor Oobleck for example.
  • Grimm in context, but when Grimm!Lavender is nearly killed by Blake, Nora, and Yang; Jaune goes berserk. Taking on a more heavily armored form out of sheer rage and protective instincts, he rams through a wall and manages to hold his own against the whole group until Ruby's silver eyes force a retreat. Again, the only thing stopping Jaune from killing all of his friends is Ruby managing to activate her Silver Eye powers early.
  • Adam makes the mistake of badly injuring Yang in front of Jaune. This causes the Jaune to go so berserk with rage that he summons Kevin, the Grimm Dragon specifically to hunt the man down. Adam is completely powerless to do anything at all to the beast as it rampages through everything in it's way to kill him.
    • Ruby gets a moment where she ends up scolding the dragon like she would Zwei when it nearly eats Weiss. The fact that it actually listens to her is just icing on the cake.
    • Ren manages to draw Kevin away from Beacon by grabbing Ilia's mask and running, making sure to stay just close enough the dragon doesn't decide to head back.
    • Jaune's next order to all the Grimm? Ignore the Hunters and civilians, kill every member of the White Fang. And they do.
  • Weiss and Emerald team up to ruin her father's image and plans of making Whitley the family heir, and they do so thoroughly. Emerald catches his interest beforehand, and strings him along until the fundraiser. Then, Weiss very conspicuously remains next to General Ironwood all night to drive off all suitors and gain an air-tight alibi, so she can't be accused of engineering what happens next. Which is Whitley confronting Emerald and telling her that since she works for Weiss now, she'll soon belong to Whitley when he takes over, and she shouldn't get ideas of questioning her place. All the while, he completely fails to notice the horrified and disturbed party guests around him thanks to Emerald's Semblance.
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  • Yang angrily confronts Raven in order to get a portal to reach Ruby and Jaune. Raven, however, decides to kill Yang after discovering Yin, believing that Yang sold her soul to Salem for power. Yang is horribly outmatched once Raven unleashes her Maiden powers. So what does Yang do? Spawn a bunch of Grimm puppies that trap Raven in a tablecloth. Seizing the opportunity, Yin forces himself down Raven's throat and Yang is able to force her to unleash a portal or suffocate. She does.
  • Ren gets an non-action moment of awesome, when he and his companions get brought before Sienna Khan. He immediately read her intentions, impressed her enough to be offered a leadership position in the Fang and managed to hide being a human without lying even once. "One ballsy human" indeed.
  • Pyrrha manages to calm down Salem, who just learned one of her daughters slept with the man who groped another daughter, and keep her from unleashing her wrath on one of the four kingdoms. How? Suggesting some Mother-Daughter(In-law) bonding.
  • Coral shows off her raw strength by holding Raven's sword in place with just two fingers.
  • During the Battle of Haven, Ozpin tries to make half his group retreat and abandon the other half, citing The Needs of the Many. Starting with Ruby, they all tell him to piss off; they're not leaving their friends, family, and teammates to die. When Ozpin tries to force them, Oscar psychically holds him back.
  • Weiss ends the Battle of Haven herself. How? By demanding all hostilities cease while standing atop a giant Grimm dragon.
  • Yang manages to cow Salem into submission when the latter's argument with Jaune goes nowhere.
  • After Atlas kidnaps Yang (on Ozpin's false intel), Jaune uses Vale's CCT Tower to announce himself as Prince of the Grimm and heir to the Grimmlands to demand the return of his fiance lest he turn every Grimm in Atlas against them.
  • Ruby's impassioned speech during a press conference in her capacity as the Ambassador of the Grimm earns her a Slow Clap for the majority of the audience.
  • In chapter 95, Jaune uses the Atlas Council's Slave to PR status against them. Since they can't admit to knowingly kidnapping Yang, they have to claim it's an accident, which means they have to release her to Jaune or be painted as the villains.
  • Jaune and Ruby each manage to turn things around against the Council they're dealing with to make peace with the Grimm.
    • Ruby plays up her Naïve Newcomer persona to both make the Council underestimate her and bribe her with comic books and weapon mods.
    • Jaune, once Yang is present, stops screwing around and summons over a dozen beowolves with the message that the Council of Atlas hasn't been humoring him, he's been humoring them and now he's out of patience.
      • Building on that, the next chapter reveals that Jaune and Ironwood organized a coup in only an hour which has both coming out of the situation smelling like roses and sets Ironwood in position to takeover Atlas and "force" the Grimmlands into a peace treaty.
  • Just as with Salem and Jaune, Yang once more, through complete, straightforward truth, talks the situation out, this time on the disparity between the God of Darkness and the God of Light. No lies, no hiding, no bullshit, lays all the cards on the table until Darkness realizes the shuffling of fate's cards was not randomly giving him a bad hand, but that his brother was shuffling aware. And so he turns against him.

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