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From the comics

  • Dark Matt's fight with Altair. Considering that he had been an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain up until now and had just gone through a massive Villainous Breakdown, just confronting Altair to save Artemis, Damien, and Devin was impressive enough in itself. But even after it became clear that Altair was vastly more powerful than Dark Matt (and by "made clear", we mean "Curb-Stomp Battle"), Dark Matt simply refused to yield, getting killed repeatedly and respawning every single time, eventually being reduced to a gibbering wreck and still not giving up. This culminated in Dark Matt detonating his own soul in a last-ditch effort to destroy Altair, and while it failed in that respect, it did strip Altair of most of his power and inspire Artemis — who, up until this point, was too infatuated with Altair to fight or oppose him, even when he tried to kill her — to kick Altair's ass.

From the roleplays

Note: the folders are arranged in the chronological order of the roleplays. This means that pre-time-skip roleplays are listed before post-time-skip ones. Some of the folders are empty for the sake of maintaining the proper order of the roleplays. Also, the roleplays are named based on the comics/bios/supplementary materials they're attached to, but do not take place in quite the same order.

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     "Dark Matt Bio" 
  • Lindsay taking Corneria out of commission and saving the life of her brother Legault (who was stuck in Corneria's throat) by attaching a bomb to the underside of her tail, causing the explosion to surge through Corneria's inside, scalding them, and launching Legault out of her mouth. This left Corneria in a coma for three years. And Lindsay only intended to rescue Legault.
  • Matt and Dark Matt avenging Galaxina by beating the crap out of Mysta, a lunar-magic useron the moon.
    • Bonus points for this not being an Enemy Mine situation; Matt and Dark Matt are still taking potshots at each other while fighting Mysta.
  • Ben utterly owning Mephiles.
  • Artemis not giving a *** about (almost ) anything Mysto could throw at her, establishing just how powerful Artemis really is.

     "It's A PDGM" 
  • Matt mimicking Peacock to fish Annie out of the jaws of Manny's Salamence.
  • Cassandra copying Matt mimicking Peacock to smash Manny with two Thwomps.
    • Which, according to Matt's reaction, is supposed to be impossible.
  • Annie's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Manny Green. You can read it here.

  • Dark Ben pulling Sonja out of a furnace after Blinx trapped her in there.
  • Altair being beaten down by Mighty, Mysto, and Luke in quick succession.
  • Todd saving Sonja (who had been eaten by a Keropper) by smacking the Keropper on the rump. This happens twice.

  • Mysta's first unique Spell Card, "Terror Sign - Mind Twister", which completely removes Flora from the fight by tearing her in half with a tornado.
  • Todd and Felicia saving each other from being killed by Mysta's attacks.
  • Silver breaking the "Terror Sign - Mind Twister" card by dropping a statue on Mysta.
    • Immediately before this, Phillip grabs Mysta with a roll of Kodak film and, after briefly trying to strangle him, flings him into a wall, stunning him (and giving Silver an opening to perform the aforementioned statue-drop).
  • Phillip nullifying Mysta's "Night Sign - Coyote's Call" Spell Card by distracting the coyotes with a dog whistle.

     "Devin Bio" 
  • Luigifan battling the Magician without breaking a sweat. At least, until Donald attacks him, only to be thwarted by Entegra pulling a (partially accidental) Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Dark Matt animating all of Bill Stuffner's petrified Mobians as golems to fight the Heroes' League, then mind-controlling Devin and proceeding to actually kill Margaret with Fear The Great.
  • Matt using Yukari mimicry to save Lucy and Sasha from being pulled into a dimension of pure electricity and zapped to death by Wheel of Fate!Magolor, followed by Marcus using a massive Chaos Blast (aptly dubbed "Chaos Meltdown") to finish Magolor off.
  • Margaret and Felicia's fights with Johnny.
  • Captain Whisker using Fear the Great and coming very, very close to killing Todd (who only survived because Devin was also hurt by the attack, driving Entegra into an Unstoppable Rage).
  • Amy saving Felicia from the Despair Event Horizon by pounding the snot out of Captain Whisker while debunking his claims that all of her friends are dead.
  • Entegra tearing Captain Whisker to pieces and commandeering his ship.
  • Dark Matt coming dangerously close to No Selling the entire Heroes' League with just Reflect spam. It's only thwarted by Damien Kane using a hurricane to throw objects (and his allies) at Dark Matt so rapidly that his MP runs out — a tactic that risked the lives of said allies and probably wouldn't have worked without Matt applying additional pressure on Dark Matt's MP with Rydia's Osmose.
  • Tora fighting the Egg Wyvern Mk. II Shadow of the Colossus-style.

     "A rare moment indeed" 
  • Annie beating up three sex slavers who tried to kidnap her and leaping out of their car, after which she watches it veer out of control and crash while nonchalantly dusting herself off.
  • Devin and Damien helping Lillian and Patrick defeat Bling the Pimpmaster. And by "helping", we mean "beating the stuffing out of Bling while Patrick and Lillian just watch".
  • Eggman proposing a plan to find Necrongius that, despite being unspeakably cruel, is uncontested by the Heroes' League because it's Crazy Enough to Work. For context... 
  • Matt saving Felicia from being devoured by Necrongius's zombies by bestowing mimicry of Valvatorez on her, helping her to recover from the injuries that had incapacitated her.
    • Matt and Felicia (still in Valvatorez mimicry) saving Princess Peach mere moments after she's kidnapped by Bowser with a swarm of bats and an epic sound blast.
  • Perhaps the biggest crowning moment of awesome in this entire roleplay is the battle between Necrongius and Doopliss. Yes, that Doopliss. Synopsis 
    Doopliss: I don't need you to tell me how awesome I am, Cassie.
  • Princess Peach battling Cackletta after the Beanbean witch steps in to ensure Cassandra's demise after Necrongius is defeated.
  • Bowser Jr. and Eggman working together to defeat Luther and Lindsay. If not for the intervention of Damien, Team Sonic, Annie, and eventually the rest of the Heroes' League, Luther and Lindsay would have died.
    • Damien avoiding all damage from Cackletta's black hole spell by eating it.
    • Annie being rescued by her teammates, Tikal and Chaos 0, just before Bowser Jr. smashes her head like an egg.
  • Luther managing to save Lindsay's life after she gets completely exsanguinated by an attack from Eggman's Egg Reaper — despite being repeatedly delayed in his efforts to get her to his life-support machine.
  • The battle at the Rogueport airport is full of these.
    • Luigifan beating the crap out of Bowser Jr. and Sunset while singing "Let's Dance" by David Bowie. He pummels Bowser Jr. in time to the music, and finishes the song by blowing Sunset into the harbor with the Delayed Blast Fireball + Time Stop combo.
    • Peach swatting Midbus aside with a tennis racket.
    • Ben effectively shutting Fawful and Cackletta out of the first half of the battle by sniping at them.
    • Artemis unleashing a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Bowser and Bowser Jr. in retaliation for Bowser Jr.'s attempt to kill Damien.
    • Legault saving Lily from getting staked by Gregory's gatling gun by hurling his staff at a stake just in time to smash it and stop it from piercing Lily's heart.
    • Chong and Wunote  standing up to Blackveil, Bowser's Darkrai. It just puts them to sleep, but the fact that they tried to stop it from killing Lindsay deserves major props.
    • Bowser transforming into Giga Bowser and battling Artemis to a near Mutual Kill in order to stop her from killing Bowser Jr. Bonus points for the fact that Artemis had just called Bowser Jr. a disposable instrument of his father's will right before Bowser started beating the crap out of her to protect his son.
    • Tulip saving Rudy's life twice. And each rescue is itself a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
      • The first time, Grodus is suffocating Rudy in a crystal, much like he threatened to do to Peach at the end of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Tulip's response is to beat the crap out of Grodus until she finally steals his staff to break the crystal — unfortunately, Tulip's Weaksauce Weakness to modern and/or futuristic technology kicks in as she does this, allowing Grodus to start to turn the tables. However, Tulip manages to recover in time to deflect an energy blast by grabbing it and slamming it into Grodus's head, severely injuring herself in the process... and despite those injuries, Tulip still refuses to stay down. After being taunted by Kamek and Grodus, Tulip ultimately stops Grodus from vaporizing Rudy by rushing him down, breaking out of a chokehold by swinging herself back and forth to hurl herself feet-first at Grodus's crotch (which Grodus shrugs off by virtue of being a cyborg), then leaping on top of him, grabbing his head, and yanking it off. Understandably, this causes the entire League of Villains to freak out (and causes the battle to pause as this happens). To say that Grodus is flabbergasted would be an understatement. And for that matter, the rest of the Heroes' League is flabbergasted (and more than a little intimidated) as well.
      Rudy: What did Rudyard Kipling have to say about this again?
      • The second time occurs after Fawful, in his Eripmav mecha, captures Rudy and threatens to completely drain his blood unless Tulip surrenders her voice to Cackletta. Tulip is about to comply, when Matt, Marian, Marion, Ben, and Anya proceed to kick Eripmav's ass, sending it crashing into the water... with Rudy still stuck to its jaws. Tulip races to the harbor, dives into the water, and — putting herself at great risk of drowning — finds Rudy, pulls him free from the machine, and brings him to the surface, fighting off a shark on the way. No sooner does Tulip get Rudy to safety on dry land than the shark proceeds to attack her. Tulip manages to beat the shark off again and get herself out of the water just before she loses consciousness from oxygen deprivation, ultimately collapsing in Rudy's arms.
    • Mysto summons the Dastardly Pack... and they get curbstomped. Luigifan personally takes out over half of them, while singing "Without A Fight" by Hoobastank, with Matt, Ben, and Synder wiping out most of the remainder.

     "About dang time" 
  • Matt negating first the destruction of Westside Island, then the deaths of all of its inhabitants. It cost him a life each time, but still!
  • Matt using a bacterial illusion to mess with Johnathan's head. Between killing himself to put out the fire and being respawned.
    • Matt respawning himself early by taking some of Johnathan's lifespan.
  • Pommy of all people talking Lucy out of committing suicide.
  • Ben beating the everloving crap out of the Emperor for daring to harm Synder.
  • The battle against The World is, again, full of these.

     "Tori Bio" 
  • Kirby slicing through Necrodeus's hand on a Winged Star.
  • Matt and Tori bashing the Ant God so badly that they leave massive dents in its exoskeleton. The Ant God then runs off crying.

     "Altair Bio" 
  • Legault saving Lily from being staked by Malthus by using his staff to knock the stake out of his hand.
  • Altair more than holding his own against the entire Heroes' League and Mysto. To the point where the encounter degenerates into a Run or Die situation for the Heroes' League.

     "Fatty vs. Fairy" 

     "And that's why he shakes" 
  • Entegra single-handedly beating the snot out of Bowser and the Color-Hating Koopas.
  • Every single time Lily and/or Entegra manage to catch Wrapsodi. The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown which inevitably ensues is nothing short of breathtaking.
  • Carnation's brawl with Altair the zealot.
  • Matt beating the crap out of Wrapsodi as Rurouni Kenshin in order to save Tori.
  • Dark Matt and Artemis battling together to wipe the floor with Magnus Von Grapple.
  • Wrapsodi turning the tables on Lily with an impromptu cross while being chased on the underside of Angel Island. If not for a last-second save courtesy of Legault, Lily would have died. note 
  • Manny saving Wrapsodi from Lily by knocking the vampiress out cold with garlic bombs.
    • Legault knocking Manny off of Angel Island to prevent him from staking Lily.
  • Luigifan saving Annie (who was pinned under Manny's Salamence's foot) from being shot in the head with Manny's high-powered hunting rifle at point-blank range by grabbing Manny with his Chain Link and yanking him into a chokehold... right as Manny pulled the trigger, resulting in him shooting his Salamence in the foot instead, causing it to rear backwards, off of Annie, and collapse on top of Wrapsodi.
  • Luigifan stopping Wrapsodi from escaping with Annie in tow by having his Reshiram, Forblaze, set her escape route on fire.
  • Annie and her Flygon plowing headlong into Manny's Hydreigon to stop it from ripping Tails to bite-sized pieces.
    • What really makes this awesome is that Annie was wrapped up, envenomated, and completely helpless less than a minute prior to saving Tails; Sonic managed to arrive in the nick of time to save her from Wrapsodi and use the Healer's Necklace to purge the poison, while still leaving her enough time to call on her Flygon and have it use Outrage on Hydreigon immediately afterwards.
  • Rudy fooling Artemis, Regulus, and Orion into thinking he's their boss, Altair, in order to rescue Tulip from their clutches. Though, technically, he only tricks Artemis; Orion and Regulus aren't fooled for a second, but are unable to stop Artemis from handing Tulip over, leading to a Funny Moment when Orion has to explain to Artemis just how badly she screwed up.
  • Carnation swiping the Gun de Sol from Altair of the Masked Trio, who had intended to use it on Lily.
  • Legault KO'ing Manny's Volcarona (a.k.a. "The Moth of Solar Flame") just in time to save Lily from being burned to ashes by its solar aura.
  • Manny dragging Lily over the edge of a platform in Hydrocity in an effort to dissolve her. While she was draining his blood. note 
    • Legault diving into the water after Manny and Lily to keep Lily safely above the water's surface until Luigifan could pull her out — despite being blasted by Wrapsodi's Magnezone.
      • Legault fully expected this to be a Heroic Sacrifice, only for Luigifan to immediately hand Lily off to Annie and pull Legault out. After shooting Magnezone in the eye to keep it from interfering.
    • Lily immediately rushing to Legault's defense, despite her weakened condition, when Wrapsodi and Magnezone flew up and tried to electrocute him.
      • Luigifan scaring Wrapsodi and Magnezone off with Forblaze's Blue Flare.
  • The argument before the battle for Albion. Also a Funny Moment.
  • Luigifan blasting Green Horse into a wall with his Victini in order to save Margaret.
    • Matt continuing to berate and attack the Trophic Blenders even as they repeatedly wrap him up and toss him aside, culminating in Matt stabbing Green Horse in the stomach.
  • Artemis completely humiliating Black Doom and the Black Arms. She eventually gets bored and tags out in favor of Dark Matt, who picks up right where she left off.
  • Luigifan releasing Sonja from Blinx's time lock with the Chaos Sword.
  • Devin vs. Sirius. Sirius gets humiliated.

     "The Maid" 

     "Pay Day" 
  • Annie knocking a devourer to the ground by jumping onto its head and then leaping off. Followed by Luigifan slicing the hapless undead's head in two. Even Lily is frightened upon seeing this.
  • Ne and Saru utterly owning Brauner.
  • Carnation surviving two shots of Luigifan's Ultimate Rage Burst. For context, a misfired shot of this technique blew up an airplane, and Luigifan has demolished two cities with it.
  • Mysto deciding to stop playing around. She slays Lillian with Memento Mori, and follows it up with a Barghest's Feast that obliterates the corpse. Then she fires off the most powerful spells in her arsenal, and when that doesn't seem to be working, she summons Perun and Veles to fight alongside her. She still loses, of course, but damn. And there are several awesome moments that occur once Mysto starts playing for keeps:
    • Artemis being completely unfazed by the prospect of fighting Perun and Veles.
    • Matt saving Carnation from dissolving within Veles's mystic waters by stopping time and allowing them to harmlessly wash over her.
    • Matt and Ne tag-teaming Mephiles while both mimicking the Emperor.
    • Matt reviving Lillian after she'd been disintegrated by Barghest's Feast — a feat that was utterly impossible for Annie and Jumpy.
    • Lillian banishing Perun and Veles as soon as she comes back to life.

     "Disgaea: Wedding Bells" 
  • Valvatorez. 'Nuff said.

     "Mrs. clause" 
  • Mr. Snow holding his own when he's tag-teamed by Artemis and Synder.

     "Drunk Driving with Tora" 
  • Lindsay stopping Bowser Jr. from vaporizing Tori's house by dropping a bomb down his laser cannon. After Luther managed to extricate her from being strapped to said laser cannon.
  • Lily saving Tulip from the Injun-Hunter by pouncing on him and delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.
  • The Injun-Hunter turning the tables on Lily by managing to grab a large tree branch, rip it off the tree it was attached to, and then use it as an impromptu stake to impale Lily with. She didn't realize the danger she was in until it was too late. And if Tulip hadn't managed to push the Injun-Hunter away from Lily with some last-minute Heroic Resolve (despite a nearly-severed leg and a huge strength disadvantage), then (after being overpowered) stall the Injun-Hunter with a massive Holding the Floor moment long enough for Legault, Tora, and Boar to arrive and remove the tree branch, Lily and Tulip would both have been killed.
  • Rudy and Tulip (as well as several of their friends) delivering a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Injun-Hunter.


     "Library work" 
  • Malthus is utterly unfazed when Cassandra mimics Akron, and proceeds to wipe the floor with her. Cassandra was very, very lucky to not be outright killed (especially since Malthus was trying to kill her).
    • This is partially because Akron was too powerful a form for Cassandra to handlenote , partially because Cassandra mimicked Akron completely, including his body (causing her to gain a substantial amount of mass), partially because Cassandra was too enraged to bother much with defense, and partially because, well, Malthus is just that dangerous.
  • Flora trying to absorb Malthus's Desperation Attack, followed by Matt switching Collin in to take the damage in her place.
  • Tulip rescuing Lily from Persephone by tackling the mouse, wrestling her to her feet (and getting whipped repeatedly in the process), throwing her aside, and then dragging a KO'd mook to Lily so that she could feed and recover. And all of this in the middle of a laboratory, meaning that Tulip was suffering from her Weaksauce Weakness to modern technology. You do not mess with this vixen's family.
  • Synder basically going "Lol nope" to Teresa attempting to Back Stab her.
  • Patrick stopping Necrodeus from murdering Lillian by just continually getting in his way and taking Necrodeus's attacks in Lillian's place.
  • Randy saving Lillian from being devoured by Necrodeus by shooting down the Skully abducting her with a crossbow of light.
  • Flora saving Phillip from being devoured by Necrodeus by using Bigby's grasping hand to catch him as Necrodeus dropped him into his gaping maw.
  • Patrick saving Lillian from being killed by a Tonberry by diving onto its knife.
  • Patrick leaping into the thick of a swarm of Skullies to (you guessed it) save Lillian.
  • Ben obliterating Necrodeus with the power of his sword. And when we say "obliterate", we mean "obliterate".

     "Love at first Blindsight" 

     "Pretty Fly for a... Fly" 
  • Mysto hits Synder with Avada Kadavera. Ben's reaction? Immediately proceed to use a Pheonix Down on Synder, reviving her, after which the two of them burninate Mysto.
    Synder: Just like a Disgaea villain, kill the weak link, get buried by the strong. *throws Ben upwards*
    Ben: *pelts Mysto with explosive rounds* I will personally tear you apart for trying to kill my girlfriend. After all you deserve a reward for killing a dragon.
  • Pommy utterly humiliating Regulus in order to protect Lily. Yes, you read that right — Pommy kicks Regulus's ass. The little bunny-Kirby-Pikachu thing's come a long way since Bomberman 64: The Second Attack!.
    Regulus: *Regulus has snuck into Lily's chamber and is attempting to kill her with a wooden stake while she sleeps. Regulus chuckles softly to himself when he sees how vulnerable Lily is.* This is just too easy...
    Lily: *Lily wakes up to see Regulus standing over her, but is unable to move.* Ugh... What does he think he's up to? It's not like he can- *Lily trails off as she sees the wooden stake.* ...hurt... me... *whimper* >_<; ...Damn. I'm boned.
    Regulus: More like "staked". *Regulus prepares his blade to cut off Lily's head after driving the stake in.*
    Lily: *sigh* I'm about to be killed. And nobody's here to help me. Why bother with pedantics? *groan* Carnation... I'm sorry... Mom... Dad... Legault... Take care of my daughter for me... I'm sorry I can't be there for her...
    Regulus: She'll join you very soon, Lily... *Regulus begins to drive the stake towards Lily's chest, only to be grabbed by a pair of rabbit-like ears and hurled away, causing the stake to land on top of Lily without causing any real damage.*
    Lily: Wha? *With a great deal of effort, Lily looks up to see that the one who saved her is none other than... Pommy?!?*
    Pommy: ...This isn't funny anymore. You really think I'd actually let one of my friends get hurt? Fat chance!!! *Pommy is standing beside Lily's coffin, ears sparking threateningly, a deadly serious look on his face.*
    Regulus: What the - you?!? Pommy?!? The harmless little squirt who amuses himself by putting his friends in mortal peril?!? Don't make me laugh!
    Pommy: ...I only put my friends in mortal peril 'cause I know that they can get themselves out, and when they can't, my other friends will be able to get them back out of it anyways. If they couldn't, it wouldn't be funny. I may be a fun-loving fool and a bit of a fraidy-cat... I may be a bit too fond of seeing looks of panic and rage for my own good... I'll admit it - I can be an oafish jerk. But don't you dare call me harmless! And don't you dare accuse me of lacking chivalry! I'm just as much a hero as my idol Bomberman! And when push comes to shove, I will stand up to defend my friends!
    Lily: *unable to believe what she's seeing* ...Pommy?!?
    Pommy: *Pommy's attention is still firmly on Regulus. He electrifies his ears and swings them around dramatically like nunchuks.* To quote your boss, playtime is over! I'm the only one who's here to protect my friend, so I'm stepping up to the plate! *Pommy spins his electrified ears around again in a threatening gesture.* You don't scare me, Regulus! I will not allow you to harm Lily Natchralli!!!
  • Ben saving Margaret from being left for dead in a cornfield. It's more awesome than it sounds. (And heartwarming, too. Awww.)
  • Andross using kryptonite against Cassandra while she's mimicking Superman, to the utter shock of her friends.
    Luigifan: Where the hell did he get that?!?
  • Nessie's mad Armored Core piloting skills.
    Nessie: (If thrown at the correct angle it could be possible to eject the gun, then hold it with the sword arm and fire using one of the fingers of the gun hand without dropping the drunk. Following with guns shot at...)
    Maid: Nessie, stop talking like a blonde. In case you haven't noticed if you so much as say three words right now our pilot is gonna fly us into the ground.
    Nessie: *moves Matt out of his seat and ejects the gun*
    Matt: You idiot!! That took me forever to make, and it was our only useful weapon right now!
    *of course it just so happens that Nessie manages to keep the gun using the AC's arm*
    Maid: Oh good. You intend to fire blindly like a mad woman without a trigger finger.
    Nessie: Concentrating...
    Maid: Oh let me guess. You think you can accurately shoot a bunch of dumb bugs with a gun that isn't being held right without harming the hostage?
    Nessie: *shoots one of the wasps heads destroying it* So sorry. Was thinking. Say what?
    Maid: (Your two word safety wins this time fish head...).
    Matt: Will to believe in self... Dropping...
    Tori: Well... We-We couldn't have done it without your robot.
    Nessie: Vastly inferior. Near miss.
    • Believe it or not, it only gets more awesome from there.
  • Margaret blowing up Andross's hands with an Electric Nebula Double Helix, forcing him to retreat. And this is immediately after she was restored to health from being stung by Andross's wasps.

     "The meaning of a song" 
  • Lindsay managing to prank a highly alert mafia platoon without getting caught. Yes, it made the situation worse, but it's still awesome, simply for showing that she's gone a long way from the days when she was unable to drop the Distress Ball.

     "For tuna the can tolls" 
  • Flora making good on her promise to not be crippled by her fear of arthropodsnote  and blasting herself out of the Ant God's jaws after Phillip, Annie, and Marcus all proved unable to rescue her. And the only reason she didn't do so sooner was that she was unconscious. (Granted, she nearly gets herself killed in the process (only surviving by virtue of a mixture of sheer dumb luck, quick reflexes, and determination), but considering that the alternative was certain death...)
  • Flora forming a battle plan to rescue all of the Ant God's captives and defeat it once and for all. Phillip is very impressed when she reveals it to him.
  • The exchange of Badass Boasts between Flora and the Ant God, right before the Ant God attacks Tori's house to get Flora and her friends. The Ant God's is so awesome, it's an alternative quote for the Super-Persistent Predator page.
    Flora: *Flora takes a deep breath to calm her nerves.* All right. Here goes nothing. Hey Ant God, you listening? You should have eaten me when you had the chance, beast! I'm going to raid your fridge and ruin your appetite forever!
    Phillip: O_o Um, Flora? That was... kinda dark...
    Flora: Hm? *to Phillip* Oh, I suppose it was. But... I need to steel my resolve. I'm confronting the monster that haunts my nightmares... I'm going to need to bring my A-game to see this through!
    Ant God: *in response to Flora's challenge* ...What?!? Are you threatening me?!? You, threatening me?!? You've got to be kidding me! I think I need to remind you what the relationship between predator and prey is like! In a nutshell: I attack, you die.
    Flora: Grrrr... I... I will not submit to the likes of you! Your dark powers are no match for the holy power God has lent me!
    • Luigifan's Badass Boast, made in response to the Ant God's.
      Luigifan: Ant God! Today, you will be stripped of your blasphemous title! Today, our long rivalry will arrive at its conclusion! Today, you will, at long last, be squashed for good! There will be no more beetles, or foxes, or cats, or anything else losing their lives in your jaws... I don't kill ants without provocation anymore, but you... you have been provoking me for years. Prepare to die!
      • Luigifan and the Ant God firmly establishing that they are, in fact, archenemies, and that even though the Ant God is here for Flora, it will always be ready to throw down with Luigifan:
      Ant God: Heh heh heh... You are so ridiculous. This is why I brought such a large army. You see... Flora... Luigifan... This! Is! Personal!!! You won't escape from me again! CHARGE!!!! *The Ant God and its troops rush towards Tori's house.*
      Luigifan: No, Ant God... This time, you won't escape me. Heh heh heh... This feels like I'm in Elibe all over again... All right, everyone, it's time to fight! TOGETHER WE RIDE!!!!!! *Luigifan and Lucy fly towards the Ant God, while Tails runs up to it on the ground, beating down the ants that get in his way.*
  • Boar and Tora more than holding their own against the Ant God's massive army... before reinforcements start to show up to help them.
  • Margaret demonstrates how powerful she's become since meeting Randy by zapping herself out of the Sewer Spider's jaws and proceeding to kick its ass. note 
    • When Boar criticizes Felicia, causing her to overreact and Todd to shout at Boar, this ends up distracting Margaret, enabling the Sewer Spider to turn the tables by trapping her in a ball of webbing, suffocating her. It looks like Margaret is about to be killed... and then the Sewer Spider's jaws explode, revealing that Bomberman, Pommy, Kirby, Ribbon, and Pipsy have come to the rescue.
  • When the Ant God finally realizes that the Heroes' League is making off with its captives, it goes berserk, snatches Lucy out of the air, and proceeds to begin smashing her flat by repeatedly opening and closing its jaws. This is rightfully treated as a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, and incurs an appropriate response from Luigifan and the rest of the Heroes' League. If not for Lucy's ability to teleport, she would probably have been killed, and even then, she wasn't able to escape until the Ant God paused its beatdown to try to conceal its weak points from the Heroes' League's shooters. And after escaping, Lucy had to take a break in order to let her Healing Factor kick in and get her back into fighting shape, as she was quite badly maimed.
    Ant God: Argh! These flying foxes are getting on my nerves! They aren't even attacking me; what are they doing- *The Ant God spots Lucy flying away with a baby walrus.* ...They're stealing my stockpiled prey!!! Those jerks! Oh, I am going to make them suffer for this... Time for me to try out my latest tactic! *The Ant God's head surges towards Lucy as she retreats with a baby walrus in tow. Caught off-guard and having great trouble carrying the walrus, Lucy has no chance to dodge.*
    Flora: In the distance... Is that... oh no... LUCY!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!
    Lucy: What the... Ack! *Upon noticing the Ant God's head closing in, Lucy drops the walrus in the split second she has to react, saving him from being snagged by the Ant God's jaws; unfortunately, Lucy herself is caught.* Urgh!
    Luigifan: *Luigifan, on his way to the Ant God to rescue another prisoner, notices the falling walrus.* Whoa! Soma Cruz, we've gotta catch that thing! *Soma Cruz manages to swoop into position to catch the walrus before he reaches terminal velocity.* Why did a walrus just fall out of the sky?!? *Luigifan looks up to see the Ant God's head retract to its body... after which its jaws begin to rapidly open and close with devastating force, with Lucy stuck in the middle, repeatedly being smashed, and unable to recover from each blow in time to dodge the next. After every 10 jaw smashes, the Ant Gold flicks its head up to toss Lucy straight up into the air a short distance, after which it begins smashing again. Luigifan, aghast, finds himself remaining in place, unable to believe what he's seeing.* Oh... my... God... The Ant God's seriously hardcore this time...
    *on the roof*
    Randy: What the hell is the Ant God doing?!?
    Phillip: It seems to be opening and closing its jaws rapidly...
    Randy: I can see that!!! But why?!?
    Lily: Oh God... is there somebody stuck in there?
    Flora: ._.; Oh... Oh my God... If there is... *whimper* I do not think I'd survive being in that position...
    Phillip: Flora...
    • Finding this tactic to be effective, the Ant God proceeds to repeat it every other time it manages to catch someone in its jaws, eliciting similar reactions to the first time. Especially since its later victims are unable to teleport. Except for Lillian, but she didn't get the chance to do so due to a botched rescue.
  • Relentless jaw beatdowns aside, the Ant God is shown to be really playing for keeps when Luigifan discovers that it kidnapped the Heroes' League's children — and had every intention of nabbing everyone at the Pikachu Cave, before Luigifan called for backup and they all left. note  Unfortunately for the Ant God, this only serves to piss all the parents in the Heroes' League off.
  • Matt as a Titan pulling Felicia out of the Ant God's jaws and then proceeding to pummel its face.
    • The Ant God stopping Matt's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by biting down on his neck, crushing his weak point and forcing him out of Titan mimicry.
  • Carnation single-handedly saving her father's life, while less than a year old.
    Legault: My life's been saved by an infant. I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed.
  • Todd managing to talk Felicia out of her suicidal funk. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The Ant God, instead of running away when the tides of battle turn against it (its usual behavior, as seen in "Tori Bio"), goes One-Winged Angel using power provided to it by Mysto. It then proceeds to incapacitate Cosmo, Galaxina, Luther, Felicia, and Tails in quick succession; Luther is outright killed and Tails is almost killed as well. note 
  • Margaret managing to make herself useful despite the Ant God's immunity to electricity by helping to wake up her incapacitated friends. She keeps this trick in later roleplays.
  • After going One-Winged Angel, the Ant God makes four attempts to grab Flora with its bite attack. The first attempt is narrowly dodged, but the latter three get thwarted in increasingly epic ways.
    • For the second attempt, Flora dodges the attack by backflipping out of the way; as she does so, she conjures a warhammer of light, which she uses to smash the Ant God's jaws.
      • The Ant God tries to get the last laugh by slamming its head down on top of Phillip, smashing him flat. The last laugh is instead had by Lindsay, who manages to shove some bombs beneath its protective goggles.
    • The third time, Galaxina saves Flora's life by delaying the Ant God's bite attack with a solid sphere of psychic energy. Bonus points because Galaxina recovered from the migraine which incapacitated her right before Flora was attacked.
    • The fourth and final time, Phillip saves Flora's life with nothing more than the Gun de Sol, a solid grasp of physics, and knowing the Ant God's fighting style well enough to blast it just as it's about to attack.
      • Also a Heartwarming Moment, as Phillip blew off half of the Ant God's jaws, allowing the other half to (harmlessly) hit Flora and knock her right into his arms.
  • Luigifan's grand finale to the battle with the Ant God. It starts with a grandiose light show, is followed up by a beatdown to the eyes courtesy of Wyldxwirl and Water Shurikens to the legs from Luigifan's Greninja, Rikimaru, and ends with a simultaneous Oblivion Wing and Moonblast to the face courtesy of Yveltal and Xerneas. And both the Oblivion Wing and Moonblast were powered up (Yveltal was using an advanced variant of Oblivion Wing taught to it by Luigifan, while Xerneas had used Geomancy beforehand). Needless to say, the Ant God is unconscious when the dust settles. All this, without dropping the Idiot Ball he'd been carrying for much of the roleplay (considering what happened in the middle of "And that's why he shakes", Luigifan should have known better than to use a Volcarona around Lily).
    • Luigifan tailor-made his team to take advantage of the Ant God's weaknesses. note 
    • The Ant God also gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome for surviving this, as Luigifan genuinely intended to kill it. (See the tailor-made team above; he was not joking around.)
  • Mysto bailing out the Ant God by teleporting it away, teleporting herself onto the scene to take its place, and batting aside two mini-nukes intended for the Ant God like they were nothing. This is followed up with a Motive Rant that leaves Flora crying in fear, and when Luigifan and Tails attempt to charge at her, she knocks them flat on their asses with a gust of wind and a snappy comeback. She then leaves the scene not because of any danger to herself, but because she feels the need to intervene in the Crimean crisis. This leads to Luigifan comparing Mysto to Hitler, which presses her Berserk Button and causes her to nearly fry Luigifan before calming herself down and leaving again.
  • Lord Crump using a robotic flunky to dump molten silver on Boar's head. The X-Nauts may be bumbling fools, but they were Crazy-Prepared this time. (Not that it helped them actually achieve their goal, but it certainly helped them make their getaway.)

     "Boar Bio" 

     "Future: A Shocking Diary" 
  • Dream using her chronokinesis to simultaneously distract all of the guards at the prison her allies are trying to break into. It does eventually turn sour for her, though...
    • Dream refusing to lose her cool when her energy runs out and her chronokinesis fails her, leaving her about to be executed by an impromptu firing squad. Specifically, the twenty-four men she had just been taunting, giving wedgies to, and kicking in the nuts. Who all had loaded machine guns and were standing in a circle around her. And her legs were so badly wounded that she was hardly able to kneel. In other words, Dream was boned. And yet she continued taunting these men, whose only reason to not shoot her dead was that their commander had yet to order them to do so. Total fearlessness taken Up to Eleven. And, no, the awesomeness is not diminished by the fact that Dream has mild Death Seeker tendencies. If anything, Dream's utter disregard for her own well-being makes her Facing The Bullets Rant even more awesome, as she knew full well that she was performing a Heroic Sacrifice and put everything she had into what she believed would be her final blaze of glory.
      Soldier #1 (a.k.a. the one whose testicles got smashed by Dream's foot): Any last words, you ball-busting c***?
      Dream: ...Pah... I got cocky... heh... like I'd be anything but! I guess I'm gonna die four decades ahead of schedule... No big deal... *Dream, noticing that she's about to start crying, abruptly stops herself and, with great effort, rises up to her hands and knees, shuddering and struggling to hold her torso off the ground.* Like I care! Like my life is really worth anything... You didn't accomplish much. This body of mine was going to deteriorate in 37 years anyways! So what if I die 37 years early? At least I was having fun! *Dream suddenly starts laughing.* You guys should know, I didn't die in vain... I stopped you from killing my mother, and I provided enough of a distraction for my family to sneak right past you! *Dream continues laughing and glaring defiantly at the soldiers.* Yeah, that's right! By the time you make it back to your gas chambers, my mother will already be gone! You should have known better than to try to kill Sonja Belnades! My only regret is that I couldn't live to see my mother delivered to safety from your filthy criminal paws! Go ahead! Kill me! You're too late! The people you've tried to oppress and silence... My family will save them all! Your regime is finished! You thought you could grind the people's faces into the dirt forever? You were wrong!!! What are you waiting for?!? Shoot me dead! It won't make a lick of difference! In just a few minutes, I will be avenged! You're all going to face justice for your crimes! I can already hear the can of whoop-ass being opened up on your sorry faces!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!
    • Damien stepping in to save Dream from being shredded to tiny specks of meat by the aforementioned firing squad. note 
      Damien: YOU CAN"T STOP JUSTICE! *charges at the guards*
      Guard: *prepares to shoot Damien but finds himself unable to act*
      D.Matt: *behind the soldier* What's the matter? I thought you all were ruthless killers? And yet here you are. Standing there. Paralyzed, by a little boy. And you should, because don't you know? Demons don't like it when you hurt their friends.
      Damien: *uses the distortion caused by forming mouths on his arm to punch the Guard from a good distance* Leave my friend alone you jerk bags!
      D.Matt: heh heh heh. Oh do try and stop my son. He is only a black hole in human form. There is no need for fear.
      Guards: *are successfully losing morale as they are getting more and more afraid*
      Damien: *continues terrorizing the guards* Rawr! Go home and learn to accept people! So says the great Damien!
      Guards: *A few of the guards open fire on Damien, only for him to eat the bullets without being harmed.*
      Soldier #20: What the hell?!? It's not even human! It's a monster! A demon!
      Dream: *Dream slowly, with great effort, looks up to see Damien pulverizing the men who were shooting her dead just a few seconds ago. Her vision is blurry thanks to the trauma her body has suffered and the blood flowing over her eyes, but she can still recognize Damien's form.* ...D-D-Damien? You... you really... care enough... to save me? T-t-thank... you... *Dream collapses again, unable to muster up the strength to lift herself even an inch off the ground.*
  • Annie confronting the prison warden, who just a few hours ago had her locked up and scheduled for execution. And had been holding her captive for a week without ever giving her any food or water. Also, the prison warden was armed. Annie wasn't (but did have the advantage of being able to survive a few dozen pistol shots).
    • Tails interrupting the confrontation before the warden can actually shoot Annie by dropping down on him from above and proceeding to start pummeling him.
  • Dream saving Sonja from getting gassed by performing Submission note  on the guard who was about to activate the gas chamber. This is followed up by putting him in a chokehold, kneeing him in the groin, and then slamming his head into the floor.

     "Full Moon, Empty Stomachs" 

     "Esther Bio" 
  • Matthew Prower stopping the car chase by dropping his Gigalith on Altair's truck is a partial example. Technically, it worked, but it also squashed Priscilla flat as a pancake (forcing Dark Matt to rewrite reality to prevent her death) and badly startled Myla.
  • Diego sniping Altair (who was waving a gun menacingly at the Prowers) in the head. It serves as a very good Establishing Character Moment.
  • Matthew rescuing Uma from Altair by dropping his Metagross on him. While bleeding to death after Taking the Bullet. note 
  • Castiel owning Hernando, Spiniel, and two Bloody Spines mooks to save Winter from being executed.
  • Ben blasting Spiniel's arm off when the Bloody Spines try to attack Winter post-escape.
  • At first, The Knights of the Round were used for a bit of humor, but when Dream steals the materia used to summon them, she quickly reminds Blake why they were the best summon in the game.
  • Winter demonstrating just why Damien Kane needed the Heroes' League's help to beat Mr. Snow 16 years ago by using her cryokinesis to shut down Damien's hurricane.
  • Dream barreling past Alen and some flunkies (specifically, Blake's harem) when they try to stop her from chasing after Elan, who had just abducted Sonja. Specifically, Dream whacked Alen right into the barricade, causing the harem members to fall over like dominoes.
    • Tails and Matthew tackling Elan to rescue Sonja.
  • Elan managing to lift Matthew's Gigalith off of himself. Let me repeat this — he lifted a Gigalith.
  • Lysander stealing Dark Matt's book and using it to KO Luigifan's Palkia, Astrocean, and save Natascha's life.
  • Luigifan throwing Damien Astarte at Lysander to get Dark Matt's book out of his clutches and save Dream's life.
  • Dark Matt utterly crippling Natascha by ripping out her heart and devouring it. Natascha survives by using her powers to create a new heart for herself before the wound can kill her, but Dark Matt reveals that the true purpose of this act was to put a curse on Natascha that would inflict unceasing agony upon her. Later roleplays reveal the true extent of this curse — it causes Natascha so much pain that she has difficulty using her powers — and when she does use her powers, the pain gets worse, especially if she's using her powers to commit evil acts such as theft and murder, and can get so bad that it outright knocks her unconscious. By Natascha's next appearance in "Scaredy Fox Training 2", she's in so much pain that she's hardly capable of using her powers at all. How the Mighty Have Fallen indeed.
  • Dark Matt stopping the maid from murdering Tails and Eric by cursing her leg to fall off.
  • Miriam trying to prevent the Mogekos from abducting Ne. Unfortunately, she fails, but it still took guts for her to try, especially considering that Dream informed her that the Mogekos were really after her.

     "In your base, drinkin' your booze" 

     "Professional apologizer" 
  • Almost everything Matt does in this roleplay is a Moment of Awesome. (At least during the first arc.) Seriously, trying to list individual moments of awesome would be an exercise in madness, so let's just say that he takes his job of protecting Ivy and Sky very seriously, and he's very good at it.
  • Kirby Dual Wielding the Star Rod and the Love-Love Stick.note  And stealing Pit's line upon making his entrance.
    Kirby: Sorry to keep you waiting!
  • The fairies of Ripple Star actually fighting the Drathlings and not losing.
    • Ribbon leading the Ripple Star army.
  • Ribbon coming to Kirby, Matt, and Lillian's aid with the Crystal just as it looked like killing Ivy and Sky would be unavoidable.
  • Matt saving Flora from Snake-Jaw's sneak attack.
  • Lillian rescuing Alyah from falling to her death and being blasted by Snake-Jaw. What makes this awesome is that Lillian darted into the line of fire, and barely got out in time to avoid getting herself blown up.
  • Sunlight getting (some of) the heroes into Mysto's tower by catching Mysta's orb of moonlight with his psychokinesis and hurling it at the door.
  • Sunlight rescuing his sister, Torch, at the last second, finding her on only the vaguest of hunches.
  • Ivy wiping out several mooks with a blood axe, then skewering a Slogra and one-shotting it with a blood lance. This is immediately followed by leaping onto a Gaibon's back as it lunges towards Justin and proceeding to decapitate it with a blood sword right before it bites Justin's head off.
  • Matt rescuing Inu by imposing a Mook Horror Show on the hapless grunts trying to kill him.
  • Inu solving a very difficult Sudoku puzzle in under a minute in order to save Uma.
  • Sky reveals that he's surprisingly strong, managing to pick up and throw Tora's kanabo. Though it's rather tame compared to the rest because he still runs away upon being counterattacked.
  • Ivy, after taking a lethal hit from the Egg Mamba, manages to heal herself enough to save her life by shooting the Egg Mamba with her blood bow.
  • The official reveal of Torch's special talent is even more awesome than the non-canon Route A reveal. When Matt annoys Eggman with undodgeable bullets, he promptly shoots Inu. You'd expect Matt to go ballistic, right? Wrong. Before Matt is able to respond, Torch burns the Egg Mambanote  to rubble.
  • Justin manages to rescue Ivy from being strangled by Yuga before Matt can make a move. Sure, it wasn't spectacular, but remember, he beat out a man who could have saved Ivy in almost an instant.
    • Matt, not to be outdone, then proceeds to one-shot Yuga by mimicking Iced and having Cream devour him. (Sure, Yuga had been pummeled by the entire group for roughly twenty seconds beforehand, but it's still awesome.)
  • Sky and Ray were under serious threat of being killed by air elementals, but are easily rescued by Cosmo.
  • Mysta attempts to demoralize the group outside by supposedly using Ne as a bomb. Tora, whom had recently started single-handedly nullifying (though also failing to attack) nigh everything Mysta sent her way, simply calls his bluff and contacts Ne, who is perfectly fine.
  • The heroes curbstomping the Queen Ant.
    • Matt stunning the Queen Ant in one shot from Seras Victoria's cannon.
    • Flora skipping the "blow away the poison gas" step by smashing the core with a meteor.
  • Torch facing her fears by standing up to Mysta's pet kelpie in order to protect Inu and Uma.
  • Sky rescuing Torch from Mysta's pet kelpie by breaking into Mysto's tower... by punching through a brick, causing the kelpie's pool to drain, and then punching the kelpie out of the tower. Did we mention that the tower was magically reinforced, so that the structure was Nigh Invulnerable? Because the tower was considered impossible to damage, until Sky damaged it. Needless to say, he quickly ends up as the new target of Torch's affection once she wakes up and learns what he did.
  • Mysto effortlessly subverting Sunlight's Big Damn Heroes moment by wiping the floor with him, Gardon, Torch, and all 60 of the soldiers they brought with them. If Mysto didn't bother to gloat at Sunlight afterwards (and by "gloat", we mean "engage in a Motive Rant"), she would have succeeded in sacrificing Lydia to Veles.
    • Sunlight provoking more gloating from Mysto by remaining defiant despite being completely at her mercy. It's not for nothing that Lydia credits both Sunlight and Flora with her rescue.
    • Flora stepping in to save Lydia in Sunlight's place with a Sanctuary spell while Mysto gloats at Sunlight. This frees both Lydia and Sunlight and completely undoes Mysto's ritual.
  • Lydia and Sunlight sneaking past Mysto and floating over Snake-Jaw to find Annie, Sonja, and Cassandra to provide backup for Flora and Phillip.
  • Justin quickly shaking off a concussion from a heavy stone door swinging down into his face in order to continue pursuing Lydia and Sunlight (and avoid being killed by Snake-Jaw).
  • Mysta's one seemingly unstolen Spell Card has him throw miniature moons at the cast, with all the danger that entails.
  • Jokes about how crappy Castlevania: Judgment was aside, Matt doesn't kid around when using the highest level of magic he can as Sypha.
  • This roleplay also introduces Ryu, Boar's son. His first real action? To (as an eastern style dragon) chomp down on Mysta and smash him into the ground. (And Mysta is effectively a Fairy-type due to his affinity with the moon!)
    • He also reveals himself as a Pokémon trainer. His first is dubbed "Orochi". It's a Rayquaza with access to its Mega Evolution!

     "Blindly fooling thyself" 
  • Mr. Snow abducting Memori, then freezing all of her siblings and cousins in place when they try to intervene.
  • Winter talking Mr. Snow out of torturing Memori to death. By threatening to abandon him.
    • Mr. Snow, rather than being pissed off, is actually proud of Winter for standing up to him and demonstrating what he sees as the qualities of an effective leader. It helps that Mr. Snow thought that Winter was dead until she contacted him.
  • In this roleplay, Matt reveals the details of the Noodle Incident involving himself, Queen Sectonia, Ivy, and Sky that got brought up in the (chronologically) previous roleplay, "Professional apologizer". Said details? Matt dual mimicked Akuma and Raiden and stabbed Queen Sectonia several hundred times in just 90 seconds. Needless to say, when Matt confronts Sectonia again in this roleplay, her reaction is to get the hell away from him as quickly as possible.
  • Matt casting magic on the Dreamstalk as Oliver to accelerate and promote its growth, which convinces Queen Sectonia to release Forest without a fight.
    • There's also a secret here for Ni No Kuni players. The spell Matt used is explicitly stated to use the life force of the plant to grow faster. Matt used this spell specifically to undermine Queen Sectonia's whole goal of having the Dreamstalk for herself.
  • Matt and Justin tag-teaming Snake-Jaw to protect Ivy.
  • Sonic saving Noah from Wrapsodi by body-checking her at supersonic speed.
  • Matthew Prower effortlessly defeating Wrapsodi with his Metagross in order to rescue Uma (in fact, he outright kills Wrapsodi by having his Metagross eat her), followed by a "World of Cardboard" Speech in which he acknowledges that he's not yet worthy of Uma's love and promises to better himself and make himself worthy.
    • Bonus points for Matthew not dropping Metagross directly on top of Wrapsodi at the start, because he would also kill Uma if he did that; he instead dropped Metagross directly in front of Wrapsodi to cut her off. After stealthily dropping his other Pokémon all around her to cut off her other escape routes. The kid's already learning.
  • The maid crushing Wrapsodi's soul. Yes, that's right, her soul. Yes, Wrapsodi is Deader Than Deader Than Dead, in a canon where death is almost never final.
  • Collin's battle with Snake-Jaw (picking up where Matt and Justin left off) and eventual rescue of Maxmillian.
  • Scorpio standing up to Slenderman (yes, that Slenderman) in order to protect Memori from him. He even manages to make the Slenderman flinch and drop Memori with a punch through sheer Heroic Resolve. (The Slenderman basically ignored everything else Scorpio and Memori did to it, up to and including being completely unaffected by hurricane-force winds.)
    • Charmory ordering the Slenderman to drop Memori and Scorpio (who it was in the middle of abducting) and leave them alone. The Slenderman obeys her. And then, when the Slenderman returns not long afterwards, Charmory interrogates it. Granted, by her own admission, she's able to do this successfully and get away with it because she's an elven princess, but it's still pretty impressive that she scares the Slenderman.
  • The big battle with Necrodeus to decide Priscilla's fate has several of these.

     "Sneaky little rat" 

     "Artemis bio F" 
  • Leila breaking into Artemis's prison to dump Nikolai inside. Let us repeat — she broke into a maximum-security prison just to dump Nikolai inside. And this was nothing more or less than a prank to her (she correctly deduced that he wouldn't be kept there for very long).

     "May the odds not be in your favor" 
  • Harry standing up to the angry mob trying to kill Manah note , even after they impale him with a pitchfork.
  • Dream swatting Rebecca towards the Maid, who responds by kicking Rebecca up into the air.
  • Harry kicking Zavok in the nuts in order to rescue himself and Manah from the Deadly Six.
  • Manah stepping into the path of Mysto's Killing Curse in order to save Harry after the peace talk between Mysto and the Belnades goes sour. Keep in mind that Mysto is Manah's mother, who Manah had been searching for for the past six months, so Manah's self-sacrificial act of defiance demonstrates just how strong the bond between Manah and Harry has grown. Yes, Manah respawns (albeit in the underworld, unable to return for several years), but she had absolutely no idea that she has Resurrective Immortality when she took Mysto's attack in Harry's place, so from her point of view, it was a full-fledged Heroic Sacrifice.

     "Inu & Uma Bio" 
  • Diego shooting down one of Wrapsodi's children in mid-pounce, while running, with a sniper rifle, without using a scope, without slowing down. Improbable Aiming Skills much?
  • The maid's rant at Wally Green-Skuttla, right before she smashes him into paste. Basically, pressing her Berserk Button is a horrendously bad idea.
  • Trapestry effortlessly beating up the Prowers. The only reason she doesn't outright kill them is that she senses Damien and his group invading her lair to rescue Dream, and prioritizes keeping Dream captive and ultimately killing her to drink her soul above killing off the Prower family.
  • Janine breaking free from her silken bonds, while dying from the venom of Wrapsod's children, in order to deliver a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to a justifiably shocked Emerald and save Diego's life. Janine doesn't succumb to the venom until after Emerald has been launched across the horizon.
  • Trapestry beating the crap out of the maid by using Dream's power (which Trapestry has stolen by drinking part of her soul) to anticipate and avoid the maid's attacks.
  • Damien biting Zharnev's arm off when Zharnev and Trapestry try to teleport away with Dream in their clutches. If not for this, Dream would have been abducted all over again, and most likely killed.
  • Matt threatens Mysto using Silver Chariot's extreme speed to avoid potential retaliation. Mysto proceeds to use a giant blast to render this strategy useless.
  • Matthew seems pretty skilled at quickly getting rid of enemies, quickly knocking out Mysto with his go-to "drop a heavy object on someone" strategy. Despite getting such an intelligent foe with such a predictable strategy, almost everyone calls him out for using such a risky move.
  • Cash of the HSC gets a Stand with the express purpose of defeating angels. This means Matt, who at this point is almost unbeatable outside of incredibly long fights, could potentially be one-shot defeated.
  • Dark Matt offers a deal to Trapestry. What does he offer? HER MOTHER'S SOUL. As a reminder, Wrapsodi's soul was little more than dust at the time. And Dark Matt proves himself capable of undoing even that! Of course, being Dark Matt, there's a catch. The Demon Lords to be are all after Wrapsodi's soul for its extremely high value, and no matter how hard she tries, Trapestry will never be able to fully revive her mother before she dies again. Ouch.
  • Mysta demonstrates that he's playing for keeps by swiftly stealing Ivy's soul and using her as his new lunar simulacrum. ...Then Matt promptly steals her soul back with Data Drain.
    • Later, he decides to follow the time-honored tradition of blotting out the sun with arrows. And he would have succeeded had Lydia and Chevy not used their powers to shield the heroes. And when that looks like it will fail, Ryu decides to just swat away a majority of the oncoming arrows with a hail of water bullets.
  • Miriam decides to weaponize kegare against Mysta, and spends a few posts badgering Inu and Uma with questions about it. This all culminates in Miriam mimicking Clownpiece to attack Mysta, who is quite furious, as he's using the events of Junko's failed impurification of the moon to justify his actions. When Mysta manages to defeat Miriam in the resulting duel (and he's only stopped from outright killing her by Mordred and Sean intervening), despite having already used up most of his Spell Cards, she decides to kick things up a notch by mimicking Junko, provoking a Motive Rant from Mysta.

     "Freddie Fun Fest" 
  • Nikolai ends up being one of the big heroes of the roleplay, working alongside Luther to prevent the animatronics from killing anyone — and both of them don't even get directly involved in the action!
    • Nikolai's crowning moment here is summoning the Puppet and using it to remove the murderous programming Mysto infused into the animatronics. He doesn't manage to do so to Springtrap, but he does turn the tables by turning the other animatronics against it.
  • Mysto and Mephiles resurrected the Purple Man, reunited him with his Springtrap suit, and even infused him with dark powers so he's not entirely dependent on the Springtrap suit to commit his murders. And they proceeded to set him loose on Harry and Leila. Really, Nikolai is the main reason they didn't get killed, but...
  • Matthew gets a moment, too, performing a brilliant Big Damn Heroes by dropping his Snorlax on Springtrap (though Springtrap dodges it just in time) and punching Chica out in order to rescue Harry. Keep in mind that Chica (along with the other animatronics) shrugged off being electrocuted by Nikolai without suffering anything worse than momentary paralysis, and Matthew managed to knock Chica down with a solid hit to the stomach.
  • After Eloria and the other animatronics dismantle Springtrap, the suit vanishes in a vortex of darkness conjured by Mephiles, revealing the Purple Guy's corpse... which proceeds to get up and reveal itself to be a lightning-fast darkness-powered Glass Cannon Puzzle Boss who effortlessly disables Annie and Eloria by slashing them in the back savagely enough to sever their spinal cords.
    • The Purple Guy's only weakness is light; since he's powered by darkness, bright light strips him of his power. That's why he went out of his way to attack Annie first; she was the only one on the scene who would be a threat to him... well, other than Priscilla. He attacks Priscilla once he realizes that she's a threat, but Dream manages to scoop Priscilla out of harm's way. Before the Purple Guy can try again, he's swiftly stopped in his tracks by Priscilla removing the darkness from the room. Which she did deliberately so she could see the look on his face as she blasts the crap out of him with a volley of Frickin' Laser Beams, then finishes him off by casting Megidolaon. Yes, that Megidolaon. Needless to say, the Purple Man is vaporized rendered utterly inert.
  • Snake-Jaw attacks Lindsay in the form of Circus Baby, wielding the scooper arm from the bad ending as a Telephone Polearm.

     "Scaredy fox training" 
  • Artemis quickly sets the tone for the Mogeko Castle arc by effortlessly abducting several Mogeko with her shadow.
  • Moge-ko retains her position as The Dreaded by being absurdly sturdy, shaking off almost everything the cast could throw at her — and they fight her twice.
    • The first fight is on the fourth floor in front of the elevator. She effortlessly keeps Matt and Miriam on edge by striking them with odd attacks with vicious properties, and even gets a kill (albeit pointless) on Matt. When they do hit her, impaling her only pissed her off and Hokuto Shinken ends up being completely useless on her. Breaking her neck also proves to be unhelpful. Neither attack is flat-out not-sold, either — they're shrugged off as minor inconveniences. It takes tossing her into an elevator shaft and crushing her with it to defeat her. Not kill, defeat.
    • The second fight has her ambush the cast again, and this time Miriam mimics Samus and Matt mimics Sabrewulf and they immediately rush her. Moge-ko takes advantage of this by summoning the monster of the fifth floor to separate the rest of the cast from the fight. Matt and Miriam both try to be the one to kill Moge-ko and naturally end up interfering with each other; Miriam keeps blasting Moge-ko away from Matt's combos and Matt keeps grabbing Moge-ko out of the path of the missiles. It isn't long before Moge-ko takes advantage of Combo Breakers to make the fight even worse. With Cassandra incapacitated and on the verge of death, Miriam takes the Mimic's Necklace and uses a glitch from Super Metroid note  to use all of Samus' beam attacks at once. And then she blasts Moge-ko with Zero Laser, before deciding enough is enough, and uses the at-the-time unheard-of TRIPLE-MIMICRY, which Moge-ko still somehow manages to block, only for Matt to also show that he's had enough by unleashing an Ultra Combo on her. note  Twice. And then he dual-mimics Kenshiro and Jotaro to crush her like the Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs version of a garbage truck, as pommyman puts it. AND SHE'S STILL NOT DEAD. But it's at this point that Artemis steps in and begins capturing Moge-ko, ending by stomping her into her own shadow. It took that long just to deal with Moge-ko.
  • King mogeko proves as much if not even more of a hassle than Moge-ko by plotting to turn Matt against the group. Which fails simply because Matt's desire to kill him as a means of revenge is too great for Matt to bother even listening to the King. In fact, Matt laughs at the Mogeko for thinking he'd do such a thing. But first, it's really Miriam blasting the room with missiles that really starts the fight; well, actually, it is what starts the fight. Then Matt "betrays" the Mogeko. The fight proceeds rather awkwardly with King mogeko being, well... a huge pervert like he always is. This makes the fight much more creepy, but it also makes him a big target for Matt (as Metallia) and Miriam (as Samus), who get all the more angry at him, and this time, they don't mess each other up. All the while, the rest of the cast, Ben and Saru especially, are utterly destroying the King's reinforcements. Then King Mogeko attempts a Scarpia Ultimatum on Miriam by threatening to kill Ne, and all hell really breaks loose. After enough irritation, Matt starts summoning geysers of Metallia's swamp water, which is, for lack of a better term, fatal to even approach, and increases Matt's powers so long as he remains copying Metallia. Once the King has nowhere to go, he is then annihilated with a Zero Laser-Zetta Beam combo. Of course, this only leads into phase two of the battle.
    • King mogeko, obviously not dead to being lasered to death, goes One-Winged Angel and renders most attacks to him useless. Miriam responds by using a glitched laser from Super Metroid (i.e. the aforementioned Murder Beam) to use all of her beams at once while Matt sets the room on fire (he did give Miriam a broom to ride, though) and become Giant Metallia. It's still not precisely enough to deal with him until Cassandra mimics Galadriel and uses her holy powers to counter the King. Now on a "level" playing field with the King, Matt smashes an electrified ball of swamp water onto the King to let Miriam kill him without any further problems. It takes the King taking back the power of his curse just to break free (though had he not overexerted himself, he could have killed them both). When everyone starts getting up, the now back to normal King has no choice but to bluff his way out, which Miriam immediately calls him on, forcing him to run with Matt and Miriam pursuing very violently. When the King gets a slight chance to recover, he starts hard countering everything with his Reality Warper powers. Cassandra pitches in by mimicking Yuyuko Saigyouji and using her power to invoke death on King mogeko... which King mogeko withstands (albeit not without injury), even as Cassandra invokes death on him repeatedly and nearly kills herself through the strain. As King mogeko's army closes in for the kill (and King mogeko attempts to use the threat of Cassandra's impending death to pull another Scarpia Ultimatum on Miriam), Matt effectively just says "screw it", and he gives Miriam Spiral Energy. Miriam then blasts King mogeko with several Annihilation Beams at point-blank range, followed up by a Sonic Boom. Finally, she switches to Palutena to taunt King mogeko with a good glimpse of her attractive body in Palutena's outfit right before finishing him off with a Black Hole and Mega Laser. To say it's smooth sailing back home is an understatement.
  • Mordred comes within a hairsbreadth of killing Ne in the "Ne attacks Miriam" branch, managing to sweep aside everyone who tries to impede him (including Carnation) until Miriam manages to blast him into a wall.
  • Blaze delivers a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Mickey in the "Ne rejects Miriam" branch, leaving the latter speechless.
  • In the non-canon rejection path (i.e. the "Ne rejects Miriam" branch), Tori simply destroys Viv once she loses her temper.

     "Flight Formation" 
  • Sean O'Toole, of all people, manages to rescue Miriam from the Light Demons. This causes her to become romantically interested in him when she finds out.
  • After "Scardey Fox Training", everyone has really had it with kidnapping plots, and Vaati proceeds to really suffer a lot of damage.
    • In particular, not only does he have to worry about Justin and Sonic, but Matt (now in utter despair over being divorced) decides to simply blast him all over the nearby area as Six Armed Vajra Asura.
  • What does Tori do to ensure that the Light Demons can't kill Mordred, whom she's currently holding a grudge against? Summon three of gaming's baddest undead bosses their way!
  • Ne reveals that he's finally over the horrors of Mogeko Castle and starts summoning the spirits of Flumpty Bumpty's victims to deal with him.
  • How could anyone make Flumpty's day worse when Ne mimics the God of Hyperdeath? Why, Cassandra mimicking Sans, of course! It's one big mash-up of both of Undertale's most horribly unbeatable bosses!
    • Oh, and Ne isn't just straight-out copying. He is literally 101 souls stronger than Asriel and can combo ANY ATTACK INTO ANY OTHER ATTACK!
    • And just to make Flumpty's day even worse, Miriam joins in the fun by mimicking OMEGA FLOWEY. Yes, that's all 3 Final Bosses of Undertale, all hellbent on kicking Flumpty's ass. (Though Miriam only manages to do this without killing herself because of Invisible Sun.)

     "Growing Pains in the Neck" 
  • Bowser Jr. inherited his mother's power, and puts it to good use by causing Viv to suck Saru into her cell phone. He then tries to smash it to render Saru Deader Than Dead, and Viv barely manages to scoop the phone out of his way.
  • Matt doesn't really care for Bowser Jr.'s actions and quickly destroys his army before casting Mute on himself to make damn sure that he can't be controlled.
  • After Matt causes Bowser Jr. to succeed in capturing Leila, Leila refuses to lose her cool, even proceeding to taunt Bowser Jr. when he begins making a fool out of himself.
  • Snake-Jaw attacks as Circus Baby again, this time targeting Esther and not wielding the scooper armnote . Instead, it uses its own innate teleportation techniques and powerful dark bolts to fire an unpredictable barrage at Esther, which she narrowly manages to avoid being killed by. When Ben shows up as backup, Snake-Jaw gets serious by teleporting above Esther and diving towards her while firing dark bolts rapidly; Esther only survives this because Synder reflects the attack. However, Snake-Jaw refuses to yield until Maxmillian attacks it (and even then, it would have come right back if it didn't get wrapped up in an argument with Rebecca).
  • Bowser uses his seldom-hinted-at necromantic powers to hijack Tori's zombies. Then Tori hijacks them back. Bowser takes this surprisingly calmly, all things considered.
  • Foam the Raccoon comes to Chevy's rescue (as well as Leila, Lloyd, and Lyndis) as Bowser Jr. attempts to force him to use Chaos Chernobyl. Then Mickey swoops in to save Foam and the others when Bowser Jr. tries it again.
  • Bowser Jr. and Corneria hijack Matt and Damien in an effort to kill Damien with a porcupine (they were planning to force Damien to eat a tiny porcupine they made Matt conjure up and launch at Damien, then have Matt make the porcupine grow to a gigantic size inside Damien's stomach, literally ripping Damien apart). Dream stops this at the last second by tackling the porcupine out of the air, but this results in her being impaled upon the porcupine's quills as it grows to giant size. Damien... does not take this well. Things rapidly go downhill for the Koopa royal family from there.
    • Ben proceeds to try and take control of the situation by holding Bowser hostage at sword point and forcing him to call truce to earn a clear victory for the Heroes League. This is all while Corneria is in the room and fully capable of hijacking any one of the overpowered protagonists in the room, and Bowser Jr is going off to get a secret weapon that appears to be at least on par with the poisonous blood sucking abomination that Damien just turned into.
  • Nikolai proves himself to be at the very least capable of standing up to Despair!Matt. It's still a Curb-Stomp Battle, but the fact that he was able to defend against this overpowered version of Matt (even if it was for only eight seconds) proves how serious he can be, as well as his sheer determination to keep Leila safe.

     "Scaredy fox training 2" 
  • You know Moge-ko, from earlier on the page? She's back, and this time she means business.
    • However, Mogecuckoo of all people is chasing after her to try and prevent her from hurting anyone. (Granted, Mogemiss is chasing Moge-ko too, but they're operating independently, with Mogemiss pursuing Moge-ko directly while Mogecuckoo locates her intended victims and ushers them out of harm's way.)
  • Moge-ko has lost several of the things that made her so dangerous back in Mogeko Castle, and she knows it and isn't afraid to admit it. For someone like Moge-ko, just being able to admit to being at a disadvantage demonstrates tremendous Character Development. But she takes it even further by compensating for said disadvantage with ruthless pragmatism.
    • For starters, Moge-ko refuses to let her temper get the better of her, and she actually does a pretty good job of keeping her sadism in check; the moment she decides that she's soundly outmatched or simply wasting too much time, she scrams. She is fully committed to achieving her goal of taking her revenge on Matt, Miriam, and Artemis, and doesn't let anything distract her from it for long. Keep in mind that this is Moge-ko we're talking about. She's used to doing whatever the hell she wants, whenever she wants, and being the one who chases terrified victims around, and yet she's adapted quite well to operating under Mogemiss's thumb; she knows full well to stay out of her way and not stay in one place for too long.
    • Moge-ko is also fully aware that she can't actually kill Matt or Artemis (and also that she's soundly outmatched by the latter). So while she sorely wants to take revenge on them along with Miriam for, in her point of view, ruining Mogeko Castle, she avoids confronting them directly and instead goes after their children.
    • When Moge-ko finally finds Miriam, she's surrounded by allies who are ready and willing to defend her. INCLUDING MOGEMISS. Then Mordred proceeds to (ineffectually) tackle Moge-ko in an effort to keep her away from Miriam (and this time, Moge-ko does flat-out No-Sell Mordred's attacks). Moge-ko promptly takes this opportunity to knock Mordred out, take him hostage, and threaten to kill him unless Miriam confronts her alone for a one-on-one duel to the death before once again taking her leave.
    • Moge-ko deduces that Sean is powering Miriam up note  while leading her to a good place to fight. So Moge-ko promptly leaps over Miriam's head and proceeds to attack Sean before he can react.
      • Keep in mind that Moge-ko has no idea what a Stand is, or that if she hurts Sean while his Stand is inside Miriam, she'll end up hurting Miriam as well. Moge-ko simply realized that Sean has a power that will make defeating Miriam considerably more difficult, so she moved to take him out of the equation before he could cause trouble for her.
      • Of course, Moge-ko does figure it out one turn later, and immediately tries to attack Sean again. Both times, Sean only survives because Matt intervenes.
    • Moge-ko sees through Matt's effort to disguise himself as Miriam simply by noticing the real Miriam's bewilderment at the fake's sudden appearance, as well as pressing Matt's Berserk Button a few times.
  • Cosmo manages to finally get Matt over his depression. So how does this change his strategy? He fully disguises himself as a second Miriam to trick Moge-ko rather than go in and get the hostage Moge-ko just took (i.e. Mordred) killed.
    Matt: It's weird. I guess I should be thanking you for what you did because... Well... It all makes sense now. How everything went so wrong. I should have been there for my family more but I got caught up believing that I had to provide for my family. I just drove myself away to get money that they didn't really need and only got involved through violent means. If I didn't become a Guardian Angel I could have stayed with them and truly helped them. So in a way, thanks for proving that what I've decided to do was wrong, that it only made them more vulnerable when I thought I was helping them... But I think you should know. There's an idiot that won't allow Inu or Uma to die even if they beg for it! And as for you. *Matt swings his arm with the knife in it away from Moge-ko and sends it flying* You do know that there's a 0.000001% chance that a father could have a heart attack learning that their kids have potentially been killed, right? In that case you were trying to kill me. And anything I do after this is justified self defence!! *Matt mimics Shizuo Heiwajima and headbutts Moge-ko into the ground*
  • When Moge-ko tries to kill Mordred after Matt's arrival, Miriam is having none of it. What does she do? She mimics Moge-ko and uses her Moge-ko Shield ability to keep the actual Moge-ko away from Mordred.
  • Natascha and Lysander manage to kidnap Damien right under Dark Matt and Artemis's noses, and then have the gall to hold him for ransom. Of course, this backfires horrifically, due to Dream and Artemis taking offense to the scheme and Damien taking offense to Lysander's... ludicrously graphic threats against Dream. But still, they actually managed to kidnap Damien and keep him captive for at least half an hour, which is pretty impressive.

     "Important Character Update" 
  • Viv goes all-out trying to kill Miriam this time. In order, she possesses...
    • A camera, trying to fry Miriam with a laser beam. Lydia stops this by exorcising Viv from the camera.
    • An industrial fan. We don't see what she does with this — only hear Miriam complain that the ceiling's trying to chop her head off. Matt and the Maid stop this by seizing the fan to hold it still (Matt) and shattering the fan with a kick (the Maid).
    • An alarm clock, to slaughter Miriam with a Gale-Force Sound. Miriam holds this off by mimicking Ludwig van Beethoven (as in, the Real Life Beethoven) in order to withstand the sound by exploiting his deafness... but not all that well, as the force of the sound waves bowls her over anyways. Lydia rushes in to put a stop to this with a Silence spell, but Viv, undeterred, makes the alarm clock self-destruct and actively directs the ensuing shrapnel to pierce Miriam's heart, lungs, brain, and other vital organs. Miriam only survives by mimicking Cell.
    • A light fixture, to try the laser beam tactic again. Miriam tanks this and smashes the light fixture.
    • A laptop computer, to crush Miriam's head and, when Miriam dodges this by ducking under it, to crush her neck. Miriam dodges this as well with a combat roll, and Viv gives up on the computer and moves on to...
    • An old-time oven. As in, a big, bulky, fire-bellied machine. Which Viv moves around by levitating and proceeds to use as a flamethrower. Lydia tries to exorcise Viv from this, but Viv just turns and fries Lydia. When Torch rushes in to help, Viv smacks Torch with the oven door, knocking her to the ground, then slams the oven down on top of her, crushing her ribs and spine, before resuming the chase on Miriam. Miriam continues dodging the oven for a while before Michael rushes in and tries to chop the oven apart with his sword. Unfortunately, this only leads Viv to attack Michael the same way she attacked Torch, and Michael's only saved from getting crushed by Miriam tackling the oven to push it away. Viv promptly sucks Miriam inside and proceeds to immolate her, then floats away from the scene as Michael watches helplessly. Luckily for Miriam, Tori puts a stop to it before Miriam can be asphyxiated by basically overriding Viv's control to eject Miriam from the oven.
    • A fighter jet, to crash-land on Miriam while bombarding her with missiles. Luckily, Cassandra has arrived by this point, and is able to pick Miriam up and carry her out of harm's way.
    • A steamroller, to try to take Miriam out Dio-Brando-style.
    • Finally, when she's out of things to possess, Viv proceeds to utilize her own power and conjures up numerous razor-sharp gears to unleash Bullet Hell on Miriam (she initially tries an electrical attack, but Miriam hard-counters this by mimicking a Jolteon). Just for good measure, Viv proceeds to conjure up a set of gigantic gears that float several inches above the ground and tries to grind Miriam between their teeth. Miriam hops on top of the gears, only to be thrown off by their rapid spinning. Viv sends the gears back at Miriam, but Miriam simply remains prone so the gears will pass harmlessly over her. However, due to the oven shenanigans earlier, Miriam realizes that Viv is likely to just drop the gears on top of her, and mimics an Excadrill to burrow underground so that she won't be crushed when Viv does, in fact, send the gears crashing to the ground. This actually tricks everyone save for Michael (who did not fail his Spot check and noticed Miriam retreating underground) into thinking that Miriam is dead... until she surfaces and berates Viv for trying such an easily-anticipated-and-avoided attack. Viv, undeterred (and now thoroughly pissed off at having been Out-Gambitted), just has the gears start chasing Miriam again, forcing her back underground and essentially starting up an impromptu game of Whack-A-Mole.

     "Easter teeth" 
  • Ophelia effortlessly dodging Raphael's sneak attacks.
  • Shadow Damien (a.k.a. Blake) dodging Manah's axe strike by splitting in two. Yes, it was cheeky enough to pretend to be hit.
  • Damien coming to the rescue when Shadow Damien is about to kill Dream and Ophelia.

     "Hardly partying" 
  • The new leader of ISIS (yes, that ISIS) is a mimic. When confronted, he kicks off the battle by mimicking Goku. Things just escalate from there.

     "Ophelia Memory 1" 
  • Altair's back, and he's back to his full power. Harry still invokes Go Through Me on him to protect Manah.

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