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Awesome / Whirlpools Among The Eddies

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  • Chapter 16-18: The Third Hokage and Jiraiya vs Orochimaru.
    • First, Hiruzen demonstrates exactly why he held the position for as long as he did, showing a fluidity with using different elemental techniques including Yin and Yang. Even Orochimaru admits that he earned his title from it.
      "Excellent, Sarutobi-sensei… Few would have been able to weather the fluidity of your techniques. Yin chakra to hide a Shadow Clone made of earth and yang chakra, water combining with it to shape the mud and control its flow, more earth to harden it, and then fire to heat it to the point of being near molten. Such impeccable mastery of control and timing, I expect nothing less from the one who was once called the Professor of Ninjutsu."
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    • Then he unleashes a combination called the Monkey King's Dance. It's simplistic in its design, using two of the basics when it comes to Academy techniques in the Body Flicker and the Clone technique to create two afterimages that left an opening for him to exploit and tear the Snake Sannin in half with a strike from Enma in his staff form and then setting him on fire with an oil-backed fire technique.
    • Last, when he loses an arm to a surprise attack, he has Enma extend so that the staff slams into Orochimaru in his White Snake form and pushes him against his own Four Flames Formation barrier. This, notably, kills this fragment of Orochimaru entirely.

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