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Awesome / What's with Andy?

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  • Andy peeing on the fire in "Busting". While that might seem like something funny and gross, it becomes awesome when you realise that he, an ordinary citizen and a minor to boot, put out the fire of his own accord. Granted, he was responsible for them not having any water to put the fire out (since he accidentally destroyed the tank), but still.
  • Andy accidentally saving the day in "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow"— he pulls a prank after hearing there's a leaky toxic waste tank, but it's empty, yet it turns out that the authorities lied about emptying the tank. This leads to the liars being arrested and the tank being emptied for real. A minor one in comparison, but there's also the fact that no one figured out how he pulled the prank despite being offered money.
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  • In "Rhyme Time", Andy succeeds in rhyming for a whole week, skirting the rules for three Least Rhymable Word's, and even keeps up with his rhyming when he needs to speak Spanish at school.

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