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  • Purgatory is widely considered to be the franchise's Dork Age. Here... here, if seeing Punisher pitch a dwarf off the Empire State Building doesn't make him Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, then his thoughts on the previous misadventure might.
    Tried it. Didn't like it. Told them where to stick it.
  • To those who are sick and tired of Daredevil's self righteousness, Frank forcing Dardevil to make a Sadistic Choice could count. After the man without fear while he was making one of his "you have a choice not to kill" speeches, he chains up Daredevil, tapes a revolver with one bullet to his hand, and tells him that he can either kill the Punisher and have blood on his hands or let the Punisher snipe a mobster (basically turning his own speech against him). Daredevil decides to pull the trigger. But there's no firing pin in the gun.
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  • This one time, Castle sucker punched an unsuspecting polar bear. And sicked it on some mobsters.
    Frank's monologue: Cuddly. Lovable. Docile. That won't do at all.
  • Dying of six bullets in his chest, Castle calls upon the help of a mob doctor to patch him up. Rather than taking an anesthetic like someone who isn't the walking image of badass, he instead opts for the old school solution of biting down on .45 ACP for the whole procedure.
  • Frank Castle Vs. The Russian. Nuff said. Also a Funny Moment.
  • Frank Castle, barely conscious, out of ammo, bleeding from a half dozen bullets wounds walking to an armed thug, taking one more shot in the chest, then breaking the thug's neck with his bare hands remarking that all the thug is is a "little man with a big gun," before collapsing and barely being able to drag himself back to his hideout, setting up the equally badass bullet removal scene mentioned previously.
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  • The Punisher's response to Ma Gnucci's Not So Different rant:


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