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  • Weaver taking out Coil by having a wasp in his costume from the moment he put it on in the morning. No matter how many times he tried resetting the timeline, it ended the same way once she interpreted the signal to act.

    Weaver:They call themselves 'capes'. As if their costumes were parts of their selves, of their own minds and bodies. It's deeply engrained in their psychology. They start the day in their home or headquarters, safe secure, hidden behind a secret identity. In that safe place they put on their costume, become the costume. The costume becomes their mental and physical armor against the hostile outside world, preparing them to face threats in all directions and traps around every corner.

    This fact has two useful consequences. First, if you want to find the place where capes are most vulnerable to attack, where they are least prepared to face a threat...look no further than the place where they don their costumes.

    Second, they never notice the paralytic insects in their costumes until it's too late.

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  • The society tried to launch Leviathan into space the first time they fought by rocket juggling him with nuclear warheads. It almost worked; the only reason it didn't is because Leviathan pulled out a few tricks that he never showed before. When it failed, the casualties on the low end of the scale of when Leviathan usually strikes, but they had done just as much damage as it had due to the radioactivity.
  • The in-story fight with Leviathan starts with the Society pinning it between four crystal walls with Shatterbird helping to keep it contained long enough to fire a Kill Sat, which Crawler threw it into along with himself.
    • Parian's participation included having two of her creations half its size go mano-a-mano with Leviathan while she was protected by a third on the edge of the battle while using countless threads as a sensor net. Shadow Stalker then phased two time bombs into it.
    • Jack willingly sacrificing his limbs to use his power on Armsmaster's nanothorns despite the excruciating pain "That was pain level ten out of ten on the NRS-11 scale. Less than ten percent of people could've even stayed conscious", much less fight on.
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    • After Leviathan goes all out, Jack and Armsmaster continued with the Society creating a bowl to stop it from accessing the sea long enough for them and Flechette to get the job done with the railgun. Jack is turned into a monster by Lab Rat to give him extra arms to work with and the Society members increased Flechette's abilities to embed the core with spears.

  • Meta: awesome explanation: Manton limitations are alien health and safety regulations: Here

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