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  • Durin trolls a templar into attacking him. Then Durin kills the templar with a single blow. Then he successfully persuades the templar's comrades to let the act pass. He then wears the fallen templar's armor for the rest of the Ostagar arc.
  • Just like in the canon game, the Wardens take back the Tower of Ishal during the battle of Ostagar. But in Chapter 6, Revan is doubly motivated when he learns that Shatele was still in the tower. His response? Quote Shakespeare to the remainder of the garrison and rallies them to help the Wardens retake the tower. It's at this point that it becomes clear as to why Revan would eventually become the Leader of the Wardens after Ostagar
    • Unfortunately, just about all of those soldiers die.
  • Gimli gives Kalah a rest and goes crazy with a ballista.
  • Mairon ruthlessly transforming dying soldiers into living bombs that kill many darkspawn. Morally detestable? Sure. But it works.
  • Upon reaching the top of the Tower, the wardens find an ogre that throws someone across the room. It roars at the wardens and Revan proceeds to efficiently destroy the creature that he thought kill his sister.
    • Three more ogres burst into the room from outside, rendering the moment somewhat...pointless...
  • During the battle at the top of Ishal, a heavily battered and exhausted Mairon literally throws himself back into the battle. Mainly by charging an arcane bolt in his hand, letting an ogre slam him across the room towards another ogre so that Mairon's bolt can blast it out of a hole in the tower.
  • Cailan overcomes and kills the ogre that kill him in canon.
    • He's slain by a dragon shortly afterwards.
    • Duncan single-handed avenges Cailan soon afterwards. Keep in mind that Duncan was on the verge of death already from the ogre and the Rune Deacon

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