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  • At Austerlitz, Prince Andrei taking up the fallen banner and exhorting his fleeing troops to turn and fight. They do. At one point, he realizes he's the only one running, then a crowd of Russian soldiers overtake him. After the battle, Napoleon himself finds him, wounded with the flagstaff by his side, and proclaims, "This is a fine death!"
  • Princess Marya Bolkonskaya's serfs hold some irrational belief that she should not leave the village; they are totally oblivious to the Napoleon's army being close, and can't be persuaded to give her a single carriage. Nikolai Rostov just happens to pass through that village, with only one servant at his side; and he has no right to give orders to those people. Despite that, he becomes so enraged, that he scares a big crowd into compliance, simply by shouting at them.

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