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aka: The Wrong Trousers

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A Grand Day Out

  • The whole plot. It's the bank holidays, the stores are closed; and we're out of cheese! The horror! What to do? Fight your cheese withdrawal until the stores are open again? Inconceivable! Hey, the moon is up...
  • After realizing they hadn't packed crackers into the rocket, Wallace rushes out, scoops up as many packets as possible and makes it back into the rocket just before the fuse detonates.
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  • A meta-example. Wensleydale cheese was in bankruptcy and nearly ended production, but when Wallace mentioned Wensleydale as his favorite cheese, sales skyrocketed and saved the company!

The Wrong Trousers

  • Some credit must be given to Feathers for the heist. If it wasn't for the ceiling tile coming loose, he would've gotten away without a hitch.
  • The moment after Feathers has pulled off the heist, and locked Wallace in the wardrobe. He turns around, and there's Gromit, with a rolling pin in hand, looking very cross. Of course, the next moment has Feathers pulling a gun, but still... awesome.
  • Gromit hotwiring the Trousers while in a cramped cupboard in near-pitch darkness.
  • The model train chase. All of it. To clarify, our heroes are locked into a deadly train chase with Feathers McGraw. The aforementioned dastard switches tracks, leaving our heroes destined for a painful crash. However, at the last possible second, Gromit notices a nearby box of "spare track". He grabs it and begins laying track in front of the speeding train, guiding it to safety, his paws a blur. Not only that, he is able to select the right pieces while doing that to pull off course corrections.

A Close Shave

  • The Thunderbirds inspired way Wallace gets into his window washing gear.
  • Wallace and Gromit pursue Preston, driving a truck full of sheep, in their motorbike-and-sidecar. Gromit, in the sidecar, comes loose from the motorbike and rolls off the road and over a 2000-foot drop. One might think this the end of our beloved canine hero, but instead he hits a sequence of buttons in the sidecar, transforming it into a plane, armed with a porridge cannon, and proceeds to make repeated flyby attacks on Preston! Awesome.
  • Wallace somehow managing to regiment a bunch of usually mindless sheep. Not only does he lead them in an elaborate prison escape for Gromit, but gets them to form themselves on a motorbike (first as a human - er, sheep - pyramid, and then to fit inside an upcoming tunnel).
    Wallace: Get yourselves organized down there!
    • The sight of Shaun riding the motorcycle when Wallace is trapped on the ladder.
    • The escape itself is awesome. Gromit receives a jigsaw in the post, so he sits at his table, sadly putting it together. Then he looks at the finished jigsaw and is startled to see a message: "FRIDAY NIGHT 8PM BE READY. A FRIEND". A quick check of the calendar and clock reveals that that's exactly the current time and date. Then he turns to see Shaun standing at the window ready to break him out. With a circular saw. Oh god, yes!
      Wallace: Brilliant teamwork, lads!
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  • After flying his monoplane through two walls (by retracting the wings), Gromit doesn't make the button in time for the third wall and loses the wings, flying directly towards Preston while losing altitude fast. What does he do? Activate the porridge cannon and shoot at the floor, ricocheting the shots directly into Preston.
  • Preston gets sucked into the Knit-O-Matic so, winking at the camera, Gromit adjusts the setting: Close Shave.
  • Shaun is practically made of this throughout the entire climax, coming to Gromit's aid many times as Preston nearly gains the upper hand. Bonus points for riding an anvil directly towards the Mutton-O-Matic so as to knock Preston in.
  • After his Robotic Reveal, a vengeful Preston makes a menacing bee line towards Shaun, who is rightfully terrified. Gromit, using his improvised bungee, quickly snatches Shaun away, giving Preston a look of "Don't you dare lay a paw on him!" as he does so.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, "The Greatest Moment in Cinema History" (it's not actually cinema, but still).

A Matter of Loaf and Death

  • The rescue scene. Through a bizarre series of events, Wallace, Piella Bakewell, and Fluffles fall into a crocodile exibit in a zoo. Wallace manages to grab hold of the wall with his foot and catch Piella's ankle, but poor Fluffles ends up falling right into a crocodile's open mouth. Then, within literally seconds, Gromit hurtles over the wall, wraps the elastic string of Piella's sunhat around Piella's nose, uses that string to bungee jump into the crocodile's mouth (which he props open with a long loaf of bread to keep it from closing), and grabs Fluffles just in time for the elastic string to pull them both out. The crocodile's mouth closes too late, leaving it blinking in bewilderment as if to say "What the hell just happened?"
  • The Aliens parody. You know the one. Yeah, it was hilariously funny, but Fluffles still managed to channel the spirit of Ripley.
    • The Meaningful Echo is especially awesome. Prior to the fight, Piella had enough of Fluffles betraying her and gave her a vicious backhand. The first thing Fluffles does in the mech is smack Piella one back, with enough force to send her to the other side of the room for that matter. Karma for an animal abuser at its finest.


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