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Several examples.

The following series have their own pages:

Walking with Monsters

  • The mother Dimetrodon defending her nest from the rival female.
    • It's worth pointing out that the mother was weak from laying and watching over her eggs, yet still managed to fight for what must have been hours and ultimately end up winning.
  • The tiny predator Euparkeria becoming a gigantic Allosaurus and frightening the croc-like chasmatosaur which chased it just before (like saying: "Yeah, sucka! Who's an apex predator NOW?!"). Followed by the Allosaurus stalking out onto a Jurassic plain to a full reprise of the original series theme as the narrator notes the Age of the Dinosaurs has truly begun.


  • The Diplodocus hunt in "The Ballad of Big Al", and the music really helps.
  • The young male Homo habilis in Walking with Cavemen gets two: learning how to make tools from stones & rallying the troop together to scare a lion away from a carcass.
  • From the special Sea Monsters Nigel Marven tagging the giant shark Megalodon.
    • And later at the end of the episode the Mosasaur pod suddenly targets the ship...fridge horror ensues