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First Film

  • At his expulsion hearing, Van points out that he's only eighteen credits short of graduating from Coolidge, so proposes the alternate punishment - Instead of expulsion, he has to graduate from Coolidge. Mr McDougal points out that no matter what, they'll be rid of Wilder, so why not see what he's made of. Wilder then proceeds to get passing grades in all of his classes, despite not attending one all year & cramming everything he needed to know into a few weeks.
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  • While strongly discouraged in Real Life, there was something about Gwen's Laxative Prank on Richard. Made more awesome is how he was on his way to the bathroom, his professors and future bosses interrupt him and take him into the room, where he looes control and takes a dump in a nearby garbage bin

Rise of Taj

  • The sword fight between Pip and Taj in the climax. This isn't just a fencing match Pip has a real sword and is trying to kill Taj. Taj beats Pip by trowing a vase containing the ashes of Pip's ancestors at him, then slicing a letter "T" into Pip's ass like Zorro.

Freshmen Year

  • Van goes up to the militarian Dean Reardon, gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech before challenging him to War Games, the loser leaving Coolidge; which leads to this exchange:
    Dean Reardon: Prepare for a good old fashioned ass kicking, son.
    Van Wilder: If I were your son, I'd kick my own ass.

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