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  • Paradox Interactive putting out 5th Edition has led to a Renassiance for the Vampire: The Masquerade property with a new Bloodlines game announced and numerous other properties. It has brought it back from the dead despite controversies.
  • Onyx Path Publishing deserves its own credit for having been a major part of why Paradox Interactive became interested in doing 5th Edition. They helped revive the brand with the successful 20th Anniversary of Vampire: The Masquerade.
    • So did the fans of Bloodlines as their continued modding and transformation of a game misreported as a Creator Killer into a Cult Classic resulted in it becoming famous even among non-tabletop gamers.
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  • The Chechnya Controversy (see Unfortunate Implications) actually resulted in numerous gamers donating money to the Rainbow Railroad in order to make sure that at-risk LGBT citizens in that nation were able to escape to more tolerant countries.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition won the 2019 Origins award for Best RPG and Fan Favorite.

Sects and Organizations

  • After years of being the Butt-Monkey of the gameline, the Anarchs strike back hard. Not only have they retaken the Free States but they've also conquered Berlin and many other cities. They've furthermore expanded to become a sect of three clans with the Brujah, Gangrel, and Ministry.
  • Despite losing two of their Clans, the Camarilla has bounced back by gaining the Banu Haqim and the Lasombra to replace them.
  • The Camarilla successfully took back Mexico City from the Sabbat after it being the latter's stronghold for centuries.
  • The Second Inquisition deserves props for doing what the Assamites, Tzimisce, Gargoyles, Tremere antitribu, and Salubri antitribu failed to do in bringing down the Tremere Council of Seven.
    • The Second Inquisition also destroyed every vampire in London as well as Mithras in his Monty Coven form.
    • Chicago by Night 5E reveals that the Second Inquisition has actually infiltrated Kindred society with Thin Blooded agents.
  • The Harbingers of Skulls, Giovanni "lesser" families, Samedi, and Cappadocian survivors all got together and knocked off the Elders of the Giovanni as well as the main clan. This seems to have also gotten rid of Augustus Giovanni.



  • Theo Bell killing Hardestadt is considered to be this in-universe as "the shot heard around the world". He used an extremely 90s "Dragon's Breath" shotgun to shoot him right in the face while kneeling before him and killed one of the most powerful vampires in the world (if not THE most powerful vampire in the world).
  • Kevin Jackson was a minor but well-regarded NPC in the previous two Chicago by Night supplements. The 5th Edition supplement elevates him to Prince of Chicago and has him potentially negotiate the Lasombra joining the Camarilla.
  • Cardinal Polonia managed to convince the entirety of the Sabbat sect (or at least so many of them as to not matter) to join him on a Crusade to finally destroy the Antediluvians once and for all. Subverted in that this may have been the Antediluvians' plan all along.
  • Mithras is revealed to have been behind the "cleansing" of London in The Fall of London. He played the Camarilla, Second Inquisition, and Sabbat all against one another. He can potentially regain his 4th generation status as well.
  • Carna, the Kindred in charge of Milwaukee, Wisconsin of all places has become the leader of a House of the Clan Tremere named after herself, and is respected enough to get a seat at meetings with the current leads of House Tremere and Goratrix.

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