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Awesome / Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2

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  • The fact that the game exists. Sure, just a hour before it was revealed, the game ended up essentially leaked due to the tweet featuring its logo and the Discord server's invite ending up out early, but that was dealt with quickly. With much of the original game's team working on it as well, hopes are high that it'll deliver the experience that the first Bloodlines simply never could due to its circumstances.
    • This gets even more awesome when you remember the circumstances. The original Bloodlines was, by all means, dead as a franchise, having bombed upon release and killed Troika Games. The only reason the game was kept alive and not just forgotten was because people were downloading it, patching it themselves. But it gained such popularity as a Cult Classic that, when Paradox got the rights for The World of Darkness, they took notice of it and decided a sequel was worth a try. This is a rare case where Vindicated by History actually resulted in a game being Un-Canceled.
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  • A sequel to a PC only game is being done for Xbox and Playstation as well.


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