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Awesome / Unwelcome Storms Hunter

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  • Taylor (9): Taylor vs the Blood-Starved Beast, followed by Alfred joining in to help bring the battle to a close.
    Alfred charged forward, yelling out a war cry as he heaved a stone block the size of his own chest down upon the Beast's middle, the rail-thin waist giving under the blow with a sickening CRACK. The Beast was driven to the ground under the weight, its limbs thrashing and flailing. Alfred wasted no time, holding fast to the shaft of his impromptu greathammer, and drew from its core a long, thin sword. With his strength behind it, the sword had little trouble spearing deep into the Beast's chest and seeking its rotted heart. The creature wailed, and burbled, and eventually, grew still.
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  • Brockton Bay (4): Hookwolf went out of his way to bait Bloodmoon out. She came. And she brought the Boom Hammer with her. Result: PREY SLAUGHTERED!!!
  • Fanart deserves recognition too.

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