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  • Selene breaking Kraven's nose
  • Erika helping Selene escape the mansion. Okay, maybe it wasn't completely altruistic, but she'd spent the whole movie as a sycophant to Kraven.
    Selene: "Why are you helping me?"
    Erika: "I'm not. I'm helping me."
  • Viktor killing a werewolf through simply slapping him
  • Viktor curbstomping Raze. Raze recognizes Viktor's scent, smashes through a concrete wall and lunges at Viktor. Viktor grabs him by the throat, casually forces him back before breaking his neck with one punch. He then finishes off Raze with his sword
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  • Michael outspeeding Viktor through about half of the final battle
  • Selene slicing Viktor's head in half with his own sword. Icing on the cake: she shows him the blade with his blood on it before he dies.
  • Michael gets one even before getting turned, by diving through the gunfire to save an innocent woman caught in the crossfire, impressing Selene who had seen both lycans and vampires cowering in fear in similar circumstances.
  • Then despite being bitten by Lucian, and bleeding from it, he stays conscious longer than Selene who had suffered a similar would thanks to Lucien's sword, and despite the car crashing and falling into the river, he takes Selene's gun, shoots out the glass, swims out of the water carrying her, ties up her wound before passing out himself

Underworld: Evolution

  • The double kill of Markus and William. First, Hybrid!Michael rips the top half of William's head off as Markus watches in despair. Then, right after he taunts Selene, she rips off the pointed tip of his wing, stabs him through the chin, then pushes him into the blades of a fallen helicopter, turning him into little vampire-hybrid chunks.
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  • Selene defeats several Lycans bloodily and messily to get into Tanis' abode. While striding through the hallways she meet up with two scantily clad vampire ladies ready to defend... and she breaks both their necks in the space of ten seconds.
  • Marcus gets several despite being the Big Bad:
    • When Kraven and his men arrive at the mansion with the intent to kill Marcus, they find his tomb empty. Cue Marcus breaking out of the floor like a Bat Out of Hell, slaughtering Kraven's men, curbstomping Kraven and revealing that he has learned of Kraven's betrayal from Singe's memories, refuses to hear his lies and drains his blood to read his memories, and then slices his head in half.
      • Heck, Marcus' entire rampage throughout the movie until he reaches Alexander. He takes no shit, see through others' lies as if they were looking glass and tears up pretty much everyone.
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    • During his first fight with Michael, Marcus shows that you can't live that many centuries without having some tricks up his sleeve and trips Michael off the truck, temporarily getting him out of the way.
    • When gunfire from a helicopter is shown pinning down William, he just pulls it out of the air.
    • Note that the last two actions were performed by a guy who is not only still learning his new hybrid powers, but who has never seen a truck or a helicopter or an automatic firearm in person before.
  • So does Michael:
    • Despite almost dying from lack of blood he manages to overcome his bloodlust through Heroic Willpower by simply looking at his reflection. no outside interference
    • His first Let's Get Dangerous! moment in the film. Up until now, Michael had been the Nice Guy, refusing to drink blood until desperate, refusing to attack humans despite them having shot first. When Marcus catches upto Selene and overpowers her easily and made a move to drink her blood, he proceeded to empty his magazine into the guy without so much as blinking
    • He stops a decelerating truck cold and then shows off his improved fighting skills by fighting the transformed hybrid Marcus evenly for quite some time, a much better performance that against Victor.
    • While fighting one of the Lycans guarding Tanis abode, Michael proves himself to be a Combat Pragmatist as well by grabbing the chains it was wearing around its neck to swing around the creature, then proceeding to rip its jaw out. Then grabs the chain around another Lycan's neck and breaks its neck
    • After being killed by Marcus, Michael's regenerative powers and few drops of Selene's blood are enough to revive him. In seconds, he transforms, jumps out of the helicopter, right into the fight where 3 berserk werewolves have cornered Selene, and drives his hand right through one's chest
  • Tanis has Selene at gun point and fires off a warning shot which hits just above her head. This exchange follows:
    Tanis: "I knew it was you, Selene. The stench of Viktor's blood still lingers in your veins."
    Selene: "Tanis. I see your aim hasn't improved."
    Tanis: "You haven't changed. You don't scare me, Selene."
    • (The sound of high speed footsteps getting closer.)
    Selene: "(Smiling) Well, we're going to have to work on that."
    • (Cue Michael in his Hybrid form bursting through a window, tackles Tanis, pins him up against the wall, roars in his face, frightening the crap out of him.)

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

  • Lucien's beautiful Rousing Speech to his fellow prisoners to fire them up for rebellion.
    Lucien: Is this what you want? To be their entertainment, their playthings, their pets? Cowering under their whip and then fighting among ourselves. Is this what you want? I've lived by their rules my entire life. I've protected them. envied them. And for what? To be treated like an animal? We are not animals! We do have a choice! We can choose to be more than this! We can be slaves..or we can be... LYCANS!
  • Minutes later, Lucien turns into wolf form to tear a guard apart and break out of his cell. Blood dripping from his mouth, he extends his arms and bellows "Are you with me?" The entire prison shakes with cheering.
  • Raze's first scene in the movie is when the convoy delivering him and his companion slaves is attacked by wild werewolves before he is turned. The still human Raze, while being still chained, holds off one or two werewolves without any weapons till Lucien and later Victor's army comes to their rescue
  • Lucien's Rallying Cry. Lucien has broken free from his bonds, able to maintain the resolve to continue on even after the death of Sonia and violently tore through Victor's forces and nearly escaped from Victor only for the Vampires to chain him once more. This might be the end until Lucien unleashes his most bone chilling roar to the land beyond the castle. What followed was a sight to behold:
    • Raze and the allies he and Lucien made heard a rumble. They prepared their weapons for the worst as an unknown force converged upon them. After that, Lucien weakly lifted his body to be able to see the sight he had hoped for. It wasn't just a pack....It was an ENTIRE ARMY of WEREWOLVES, his mother's kind, exiting from the forest they had hid for so long to aid one of their own. To seal the deal, Raze and the Lycans exited the forest as well, unharmed. Inspired by their predecessors, they charged as well to deliver a centuries' worth of primal fury against their vampire oppressors.
    • While Lucien was moved, Victor feared the worst and the castle's defenders armed their weapons. They had mowed down dozens of the invaders and yet the invaders, didn't flinched. They were only enraged and some even turned into their Lycan forms. We had an Eagle eyes view of two forces colliding. After that, Werewolves and Lycans climbed the walls and made contact with the Vampires who were then tackled off their posts and fell like the fallen angels by a more powerful enemy. The Revolution has BEGUN!
  • There's the climactic scene with Lucien and Victor.
    Victor: "I should have crushed you under my heel the day you were born!"
    Lucien: "Yes, you should have."
    Stabs Victor in the face
    Lucien: "But you didn't."

Underworld: Awakening

  • Pretty much every action scene, especially Selene vs the Uber-Lycan
    • One would think that Eve, Selene's daughter was a goner when the werewolf had its jaws on her throat. Seconds later she rips its skull in half.
    • The van carrying Selene's daughter is driving out of the building. Out of nowhere Selene appears and slams into the van like a football player making a tackle, flipping the van over and causing it to slide clean across the garage.
    • Eve kills Lycan-form Lane after a vicious fight by ripping out his throat.
    • Selene impales Quint's chest, but it heals instantly. Then Selene reveals that she inserted a grenade into him, and he blows up.
    • Just the fact that Sebastian survives. He's not a vampire. He's not a Lycan. He's not even an immortal. He's just a normal human. I repeat: Normal. Human. And he manages to survive the film; the only normal human character in the entire franchise to do so without being turned. Badass Normal doesn't even cover it.

Underworld: Blood Wars

  • In the finale, there is a sequence where David and Marius advance on each other, shooting each other repeatedly, the bullets bouncing off of each other.
  • Selene coming to the East coven's rescue at the last second, showing off her newly obtained powers.
  • Selene ripping out Marius' spine.

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