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  • Minzy vs. Hyuna (back then a member of 4Minute), Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Nicole (back then a member of KARA). Minzy handily walked away with the competition.
  • CL and Dara got trapped in a building (on different floors) during the Tohoku earthquake, and CL (who was on a lower level) climbed back up the stairs to save/help Dara.
  • CL's line "Yeah, in the club it’s getting ugly - I don’t care, can’t nobody stop the fire, let them haters sit 'n' stare!" from "Falling In Love".
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  • Minzy admitting she had plastic surgery done, since in the K-Pop world, plastic surgery is highly stigmatized. Netizens will bombard "ugly" idols with "Ugh, s/he needs work done!", only to then say "So plastic/fake!" if an idol gets the surgery. Ironically, Minzy's announcement was met by "Oh, she looks so good." Amusingly, YG initially tried to deny the rumours and claimed it was only makeup/the camera angle. However, responses weren't as nice when Minzy allegedly had more work done.
  • Their second album Crush scored an instant all-kill and knocked Girls' Generation's new album right off the top of the charts. It garnered much more interest and even had netizens (and some SNSD fans) admitting that the album is better than SNSD's Mr. Mr.!
  • Their surprise MAMA 2015 performance, which nobody saw coming... Also Harsher in Hindsight when you realize that was their final performance as a group.

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