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Twilit Overture, as a World of Badass with the Rule of Cool as one of the obvious fundamental laws, has had several dozen hundred thousand.

  • Zeike

  • Xivlan
    • Xivlan's initiation into Faustes, which took place in a large room with members seated on chairs of various heights.
    Xivlan: "So, am I in for the meeting?"
    Fausteles: "Why, yes, just take a seat."
    Xivlan: "...There aren't any seats."
    Faustelese: "Then, take one, over there." *He points to a seat with a man in it*
    Xivlan: *Reads the plating on the chair* "Dr...Cesius?"
    Cesius: "Yes?"
    Xivlan: "I'll be taking your seat."
    Cesius: "Over my dead body!"
    Xivlan: "Gladly." *Player rolls a natural 20 on a decapitation check. Dr Cesius dies instantly. The high doctors give him a round of applause as Xivlan sits in his chair, which raises about three feet off the ground in testament to his awesomeness/ruthlessness.*

  • Niccolo
    Niccolo: *watches as newcomer guns down attacking vampires* "Thanks for saving my life, stranger."
    Future! Niccolo: "Actually, it's more a case of saving myself." *puts gun to Niccolo's head*
    Niccolo: "What are yo-" *Future! Niccolo fires; Niccolo feels a sudden rush, a strange tingling*
    Future! Niccolo: "Say it."
    Niccolo: "...Rank 1: FABRICATI DIEM, PVNC!"

  • Solace
    • Solace's first crowning moment occured during one of the most recent sessions. The party was in the middle of a huge fight with two Frost Drakes. At the beginning of the fight, the two NP Cs who were accompanying the party were frozen in blocks of ice. After a couple of rounds, the ground on top of the mountain we were fighting on began to crack ominously. Solace, realizing the two NPC's were still frozen, quickly cast Break Enchantment on them. It worked... at the same moment that the ice finished cracking and a huge hole opened up right beneath them. Leaping into action, Solace cast Divine Power (+6 strength, extra hp, extra attacks) and flew down the hole after the unconcious NP Cs, managing to catch and slow them down before they smashed into the cave floor below.
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    • Her second and currently greatest crowning moment occured shortly after the party returned to a viking village from slaying a Rivfadder (Troll). On their way back to the village, they had heard the sound of several horns being blown. When informed of this, the viking leader immediately ordered the village's pallasades to be manned. Up on the wall, the party was able to see a large group of beings carrying torches approaching the village through the nearby forest. Thanks to a critical success on a knowledge check, Solace instantly deduces that they are an army of trolls seeking revenge for the troll the party killed earlier, and their intent is to destroy the town under cover of night. Rather then wait for the army to attack or attempt to pick them off one by one in the forest, as suggested by another party member, Solace simply flies off in the direction of the army. She then proceeds to completely decimate the army using four spells, none of them above 3rd level. To explain in greater detail:
      • She casts Eagle's Splendor (2nd-level spell) on herself to increase her Charisma, and by extension her spell saving throw DCs, on the way to the army.
      • Hovering above the army, she casts Glitterdust (2nd-level spell) on the front of the army, blinding most of them and obliterating any stealth they had. One troll in the back tries to hit Solace with a large rock, but misses completely and instead kills one of the blinded trolls in front.
      • While the army is distracted, Solace casts Haste (3rd-level spell) to get some distance between her and the army, then lands and casts Grease (1st-level spell) a couple of times on the ground nearby.
      • She then begins to play her violin to draw the trolls toward her. On a lark, her player rolls a perform check for the action, and gets a natural 20. The music, in addition to drawing the attention of the trolls, is stated to be of unearthly beauty.
      • The non-blinded trolls in the back of the army charge toward Solace. Unfortunately, the blinded trolls in the front fail to get out of the way. Most of the army is trampled under foot.
      • The trolls reach Solace, and proceed to collapse into a complete mess, thanks to the aforementioned Grease spells.
      • End result : 75% of the army is completely incapacitated, the remaining 25% have been completely scattered, and that night the party listens to the howls of fenrir as they hunt the surviving trolls.

  • Kensei
    • After being killed by a group of Fenrir, Kensei arrives in a vaguely Valhalla-like realm, with much more blood and no beer. He eventually makes his way to the ruler of the realm, who is impressed that Kensei managed to make it to the realm; apparently, only the most honorable and powerful warriors make it there. Kensei manages to get this apparent "Blood God" to agree to let him return to the land of the living if he wins a fight against one of the Blood God's champions... in a cage match, in the middle of a huge stadium which suddenly appears, with spikes covered in various limbs lining the inside of the cage. And the Blood God has seating in the middle of the cage so he can watch it up close. The champion is a multi-talented warrior with a bit too much flair, especially when trying to face Kensei while using his Nimbus powerup. End result? Kensei blasts him with fire so hard he gets impaled on one of the spikes on the walls of the cage, then follows it up with a incredible Coup de Grâce. The Blood God then offers Kensei a position as one of his champions, which Kensei refuses, choosing instead to return to the land of the living. How does he return? Well, after the rest of the party was rescued from the aforementioned Fenrir by vikings, the vikings held a viking-style funeral for Kensei, complete with burning boat. When they lit it on fire, it the flames suddenly exploded into sparks, followed by Kensei leaping up, completely restored. This was followed by extremely appropriate applause and laughter by the vikings.

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