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Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

  • Battling Thunder.
  • The ending. (Be warned: the credits afterwards are 9 minutes long.)

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

  • If you saved all the Energy Totems, and completed all the Mission Objectives, at the end you get to see the Primagen get blasted to atoms by the Totems.
  • The Cerebral Bore.
    • That video also contains another Awesome/Funny Moment with a Purrlin running around on fire trying to put itself out.
  • The cutscene where you're introduced to the Oblivion Spawn is both awesome and Nightmare Fuel.
    Oblivion: We are the darkness... We are the unseen... WE ARE OBLIVION!
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  • The Nuke. It takes its time to charge, it's Awesome, but Impractical at its finest, and even after it fires, it still takes time to fully detonate. But when it does? Every enemy in the vicinity is solidified into hardened ash before exploding. Now that's a room clearer.
  • At the start of the River of Souls, Turok gets to ride a Styracosaurus. Apart from the general awesomeness of riding a dinosaur, the Styracosaurus has two huge grenade launchers and a heavy machine gun strapped to its back, neither of which run out of ammo, plus it can gore enemies that get too close. The player is put a massive power trip that renders the early part of the level a cakewalk until they have to leave the Styracosaurus as its size keeps it from progressing past a certain point.

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion

  • Joshua may bite the dust in the opening cutscene of the game, but he doesn't accept his fate meekly. When Oblivion's minions sneak into his room at night to assassinate him, he promptly rises up from his bed all too ready for them and kills three of his attackers with a single pistol round.
    Joshua Fireseed: You're too loud.

Turok: Evolution

  • The ending cutscene: Bruckner, lying defeated and bleeding to death, taunts Tal 'Set a final time, asking him why he hasn't finished him off. Tal 'Set calmly tells Bruckner that he is worthless and therefore does not deserve a warrior's death. He finally declares himself Turok and walks away, leaving Bruckner to a pack of hungry Compsognathus.

Turok (2008 reboot)

  • Anytime Mama Scarface appears. She doesn't show up often, but when she does, she steals the show...especially when you get to fight her!
    • Finishing her off in the final boss battle: You leap onto the side of her head, slam a knife above her eye, dangle from one hand while you chuck a grenade into her eyeball, and then fall off just before her head explodes.

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