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  • The game itself is one giant CMOA since it's pretty much based on just being the most badass fucking soldier there is. More specifically, your abilities include going invisible for surprise attacks, triggering Bullet Time, sliding on the floor hard enough to knock enemies off their feet like bowling pins and send them flying, jumping and dropkicking enemies into the floor and more. In this game, you are the CMOA.
  • The very last part of the campaign where the player has to hold off hordes of enemies before they're allowed to escape, with each horde becoming progressively stronger as the enemy team realizes that they just can't take you down. It gets to the point of you hearing the Enemy Chatter genuinely hesitating about going in to fight you.
    • Oh, and when you clear them all off? They throw everything they got left at you, including a guy in a bomb suit who's really hard to take down, but feels incredibly satisfying to do so. It's the toughest fight of the game and a perfect send-off from the demo that makes you want to beg for more.

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