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Under the Knife and Second Opinion

  • Derek saving a patient under cardiac arrest by using his Healing Touch for the first time. Particularly awesome as this finally makes Angie take him seriously after berating his negligence for so long.
    Angie: You... You are a real doctor.
    • In the Japanese version, the end of that episode's operation is the shift where Angie stops referring to Derek as "Tsukimori-san"note  and starts respectfully referring to him as "Tsukimori-sensei"note .
  • Tyler Chase's younger sister Amy gets an understated, but still awesome moment when she overhears an argument between Derek and Tyler over whether Derek should perform a difficult operation with low odds of succeeding to cure Amy's GUILT, or whether Tyler should euthanize her. Amy sides with Derek, telling her brother that she'll take the risk of the surgery because she wants to live and work hard like her big brother.
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  • During a press conference in the middle of Chapter 3, we learn exactly why Dr. Myers is known as the Iron Vixen. Even in the face of a bomb threat, she never cracks, and helps Derek disarm it with surgical tools.
  • In the final operation, Derek manages to concentrate hard enough to use the Healing Touch twice, allowing him to move so fast that time appears to stop.
  • In the last extra operation in Second Opinion, Naomi also stops time - very casually, with a comment about doing it "Derek's way" because her Healing Touch doesn't slow down time normally.
  • There's the defeat of Savato:
    Derek: No disease is incurable...I'll never accept that!


New Blood

  • Leonardo Bello demonstrates what the Healing Touch looks like in real time.
  • The end of Chapter 4, where the team bursts in on the Miracle Surgery show to salvage a Stigma operation that Leonardo couldn't handle. With this, they restore Caduceus' reputation which was tarnished a few missions ago, and terminate the show.
  • In New Blood, one operation must be performed on a toy lock so that Markus, Valerie and Elena can escape from their kidnappers' death trap. They escape a death trap with surgery tools. In Under the Knife 2, Derek and Angie perform a similar feat; the death trap part isn't present, but it's nonetheless impressive.
  • Operation A-4 not only has GUILT, but Derek and Angie, both Famed In-Story, personally guide you through the simulated operation!


Under the Knife 2

  • Derek snapping at Angie that he is aware of the complications of his surgery skills being monitored by a machine can be very satisfying for Angie haters.
  • Angie finally apologizing a while after Derek loses his Healing Touch.
  • Derek getting his Healing Touch back while saving Blackwell, specifically his mini flashback in the middle of the second operation on him.
  • Near the end of the final surgery, when Derek and Angie start giving an And This Is for... speech as they deal the final blows to Aletheia (in slow motion with Ominous Latin Chanting in the background!), thus eradicating GUILT forever.
    Angie: For all the precious lives that GUILT took...
    Derek: For the hearts that were plunged into despair because of it...
    Angie: For those who became prisoners to its power, and fell into darkness...
    Derek: For our friends who confronted that darkness, without yielding to its overwhelming threat...
    Angie: In order to end this spiral of despair...
    Derek: For all the hopes and dreams of mankind...
    Angie: And to never let the same mistake from ever happening again! This is for everyone!
    Derek: There should never be diseases that cannot be treated! We will eradicate GUILT with this!

Trauma Team

  • Gabe getting fed up with Tillman and telling him off.
    Tillman: Shut the hell up! I will not hear another word out of you!
    (the BGM stops)
    Gabe: THAT'S IT!
    Tillman: ?!
    Gabe: Now you listen to me... It doesn't matter who you are, or what kind of powers you have. I'm a doctor! And as long as you're sitting in front of me, you're nothing more than a patient! Now, if you understand me, then shut up and let me do my job!
  • Naomi at the end of Locked-Room Mystery dodges the murderer's attack, takes a gun from a counter and pulls the trigger at him. Then she delivers a nice one-liner.
    Naomi: Freeze. I see corpses all day, one more won't bother me.
  • RONI gets one when she enacts the "To hell with it" protocol to help Gabe finalize the diagnosis on his son.
  • All six doctors get one after Alyssa is wounded by a bomb moments before the FBI come to take CR-S01 away once more. To prevent this, Maria commandeers a helicopter, Gabe jumps off the roof into said helicopter to trick the FBI into thinking it's an escape vehicle for CR-S01, Naomi goes into full-on Tranquil Fury and tracks down the bomber (saving the First Lady in the process), Hank uses himself as a conduit to provide power for the old ward, then still has enough strength left over to block the FBI agents, and CR-S01 and Tomoe operate on Alyssa while all this is happening. Bonus points for CR-S01 refusing to escape once he hears that the agents have figured out where he is, since the operation isn't done yet.
  • Even Jacob Tillman, the health secretary, gets one. Despite having started out as an antagonistic personality who repeatedly refused to cooperate with Gabe, during the final Rosalia outbreak, when Gabe is being held within a sealed compound by the military, he arranges a blackout as a distraction to let him escape and join his colleagues in fighting the disease — the part that makes it awesome is that Tillman himself is bound to a wheelchair and cannot hope for a getaway of his own, so he just stays behind, uncaring of what the consequences will be for him.
    • There's a understated awesomeness about how Jacob continues to show his patriotic fervor even at gun-point and as he's led away, he starts humming "The Star-Spangled Banner".
  • The last mission has CR-S01 taking on the mutated Rosalia Virus that has infected Naomi. The virus has created a colony centered inside of her heart and has formed a shell and microfilm around it so injecting the serum will have no effect on the virus and a syringe will only risk the colony exploding. To get around this, they have to slowly destroy the shell on each part of the heart and then stop her heart to cut out the microfilm and inject the serum. However Naomi's too weak to use a heart-lung machine which would keep her alive while her heart has stopped. CR-S01's solution: he'll just cut it out and inject the serum before she passes away. Note that CR-S01 has no indication of a Healing Touch, so basically he just performed a heart stopping operation without the aid of a machine or special power and before his patient would die from it.
    Maria: You really did perform a miracle...
  • Understated one for CR-S01: he was betrayed by his father figure and framed for a crime he didn't commit. How does he respond? By forgiving the offender completely.

Multiple Games

  • Any time a playable doctor unveils their Healing Touch for the first time in the story, during a critical moment in the operation.
  • Beating all the X Missions is one for the player. Doubly so if they got XS on all of them.


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