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Awesome / Trapped on Draconica

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  • Daniar's Establishing Character Moment is to save Ben and Erowin Big Damn Heroes Style, effortlessly trounce a group of poachers, and then recite an anti-poaching law she knows they broke because she's the one who wrote it. Then she lets them go with a warning.
  • Rana defeating the wind witches. Not only is it a grand display of Big Sister Instinct but the electric explosion can be seen for miles.
  • When Ben's captured by Baalarian soldiers he calls the Big Bad a 'Final Fantasy reject' to his face! It's more awesome because he used to be a Dirty Coward.
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  • Erowin gets one when she comes down from heaven to save the day at the climax.
  • Though Kalak does a lot of fighting his single moment of absolute awesome is when Kalak created a new Mordak from his bloodlust and (self)-hatred; the traits that have defined him since the start of the story. He rejects them out of love for Daniar and almost defeats the spell out of Heroic Willpower. When that fails, he kills himself.

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