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    Chapter One 
Episode 1 - Fractured
  • Bumblebee saves Windblade by activating his powerful stingers, knocking Thundercracker to submission.

Episode 2 - Memory

  • Nova Storm gets hit by a blast which looks like it ought to have hurt, knocking her and Thundercracker right off their feet. Her response to this is to immediately call someone higher up to let them know what happened before she's even stopped groaning, then taking off with TC to track the culprit down.
  • Windblade's quick thinking in bringing part of a mountain down on the seekers to give her and Bee a chance to escape.

Episode 3 - Allspark

  • The Autobots succesfully get the Allspark into the space bridge, free of Megatron's plans. Ten episodes later, however, it's revealed that without the Allspark, Cybertron started to die.

Episode 10 - Maccadam's

  • In the opening space dogfight, Bumblebee launches himself out with a triple-barreled cannon, destroys Slipstream's ship, and returns back without a scratch.
  • Maccadam, (implied to be one of the Thirteen), intimidating Megatron into retreat just by going into his alt-made. That's pretty awesome.

Episode 11 - Sabotage

  • Bumblebee rejects the fake memories that Shockwave placed to brainwash him.

Episode 13 - Matrix of Leadership

  • Optimus saving Prowl especially while dodging blaster fire from the Seekers.
  • Optimus Prime vs Starscream.

Episode 14 - Siloed

  • Windblade escaping Slipstream and her Seekers.

Episode 17 - Awaken Sleeping Giants

  • Grimlock does a Fast Ball Special with Bumblebee to bring down Nova Storm.
  • Thundercracker gets beaten by Teletraan X.

Episode 18 - Eruption

    Chapter Two - Power of the Spark 
Episode 22 - Bring Me the Spark of Optimus Prime
  • Lockdown and Clobber, of all cons, capturing Hot Rod and bringing him to Megatron.
  • Hot Rod nicely escapes from the Decepticons' clutches.
Episode 23 - Trials
  • Cheetor revealing himself.
  • Optimus Prime vs. Megatron in Allspark-powered armor.
  • While Optimus and Megatron are fighting, Starscream steals the Allspark right under their noses.
Episode 28 - Secret Science
  • Shockwave's Xanatos Gambit: he knew Wheeljack would try to escape his clutches, so he intentionally left him with resources so, at the end, he gets what he wanted: Wheeljack's drone controller.
    • That doesn't change how awesome Wheeljack is. He not only turn Shockwave's machines against him, he also manages to escape and save Windblade along the way. It's no wonder Shockwave needs Wheeljack. He's the smarter of the two.
  • Just look at how many unexpected characters this show has, along with the influences from across many parts of the franchise! Clearly the crew does its best!

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