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  • Montel's masterful bugging of Carlos Ayala's office after he's been unjustly freed. He walks right in and appears to flip out at the Smug Snake, but uses the short struggle with his bodyguards to plant a microphone under the desk... where Ayala makes a lot of incriminating phone-calls. Despite the Bitter Sweet Ending, the quietly confident look he has on his face as he walks away seems to promise that Carlos won't be free for long (Helena, too, given the fact she's now as deep in the drug trade as her husband).
  • Kind of a dark one, but Helena finally getting tired of Frankie Flowers' bullshit and ordering him to "just shoot him [a witness] in the head!" is pretty badass, considering a few weeks before she was just another clueless socialite.
    • In the same vein, her sit down with Juan Obregon and standing her ground when he tries to pressure her into snorting cocaine (she's heavily pregnant) is impressive. Only a few weeks into the "traffic", and she has the stones to stare down one of the most dangerous drug lords in Mexico. Not only that, but she brokers a deal to become sole distributor of his cocaine and have the chief witness against her husband killed in a move that would have made Carlos jealous.
  • Wakefield showing more balls than most in his position by truthfully telling reporters that the War on Drugs is not simply a matter of locking up dealers and burning drug fields: it will involve targeting friends and family, "and I don't know how you wage war on your own family."
  • Real Life example: after filming one day, actor James Brolin returned to his car to find two youths attempting to break in. Still in his general's uniform, he frightened away the would-be thieves, who mistook him for a real military officer.
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  • Another Real Life one: during filming in Cincinnati, Michael Douglas chased down a purse snatcher and held him until police officers got there to arrest him.

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