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Some of the more awesome moments from Toy Hammer:

  • Michael fighting in the mindscapes. Especially when he wins.
    • To list a few of these moments; Michael using a literal wall of remote-control gatling guns to combat a horde of Daemons, his few-versus-many mook melee with the Grey Knights and the charge of the mini-psykers which starts with a highly competent Space Marine Leeroy Jenkins running off and everyone else trailing behind.
  • Justicar Amadeus dispatching the replacement Ork Warboss in Chapter 2
    "Then eat my muzzles, Ork."
  • Just before that: Michael single-handedly charging an Ork WAAAGH!!! with only a fire-extinguisher and a 56/1 size freaking 17,561,600.00 percent volume advantage.
    • The way the Minis rallied and pwnt the WAAAGH!!! also counts. The Orks decided to stop the WAAAGH!!! momentarily
  • Vincent's use of flour and spaghetti. Heck, most of the time that he fights.
    The fireball that resulted with the igniting flour filled the air with the roar of an explosion, setting off smaller fires with the more flammable materials around it, and strangely enough the smell of burnt toast reached my nose.
    • He does get curbstomped by the Daemon, though...
  • The Scout Party (basically a collection of scouts from the various races) using mostly 1/56 scale anti-infantry weapons, manage to take down a human. To emphasize the awesomeness, their largest weapon was at best the equivalent of getting stabbed with a needle.
  • The collective WAAAAGH!!! - unlike the first time the Orks WAAAGH!!!'d, they were stopped by the miniature coalition. This time, WAAAGH!!! was the only battle-cry that the many armies could agree on.
    • More than that- the armies working together involve every "light" race in the 40k universe (Imperium (Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Techpriests, Grey Knights, Inquisitors, Sisters of Battle), Tau, and Eldar) (and the Orks) working together to defeat Chaos. More than that, they are actively covering one another and working together, not just because there's some greater threat that they plan to backstab each other once it's gone. The number of times such a thing has happened in 40k can probably be listed on one hand.
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  • Chapter 20. Eizak. "My turn."
  • Jeremiah and Tomas get one for taking on a Chaos tank with only hand grenades and close combat weapons. Admittedly, those close combat weapons were rated for anti-tank work (an Eviscerator and a power fist, respectively), but still.

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