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The Awesome Moments page is for post-reading discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Quana shaving Nakia's hair off.
  • Kasimar finally getting eliminated.
  • Jimmy defeating Kasimar in two different challenges.
  • The grand finale for both Total Drama Letterz and Total Drama Letterama, naturally.
  • Tabitha rescuing Yessica and Uzuri from the fire.
  • During the Megaman Challenge, when Spider was all alone with Nakia, he gives her an epic "Reason You Suck" Speech. All of that bought Barney enough time to gum up Nakia's hair.
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  • VayVay taking out Kasimar/Pokey, after he stabbed Paul.
  • The leadup to Kim being disqualified. Lankston tricks Kim into giving up her immunity idol. Then, Lankston reveals to Spider that Kim was the one responsible for Kasimar burning the Mess Hall. At the end of the day, he has an alliance with Nina, Rheneas and Max, and the immunity idol. Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, indeed, Took a Level in Badass Lankston.
  • While it may not have been the smartest move at the time, it was pretty cool to see Max tell off Lankston, calling him out for his cold gameplay and egotistical behavior.
  • Winnie taking down Sasha during the mudwrestling tiebreaker.
  • Contrived it may have been, but Vayvay managing to break Carlton out of his monster state by peacefully talking to him (the contrived part comes in once you remember that the others already tried that.)
    • Props to Rheneas for being the only one able to fight (and land a hit on) monster!Carlton.
  • In a disturbing way, Nakia finding Wallace's Death Widow and coming up with a horrific plan for her fellow contestants.
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  • Lankston's Character Development comes full circle when he helps the others escape and defeat Nakia. While he did end up getting pulled from the game, he went out like a boss.
  • Rheneas defeating Tabitha's parents, No More Heroes style.
    • Also, keep in mind that Rheneas was just barely able to handle this universe's answer to the Hulk. Gerald, Tabitha's father, a middle-aged, slightly feeble-looking man, outright mopped the floor with Rheneas's ass.
  • Uzuri also lended a hand in defeating Tabitha's parents. For starters, she turned the cameras back on, called Zita to let her know what was going on, had Zita convince Wallace that he was good, resulting in Wallace coming out of his funk and teleporting Rheneas' beam saber and motorcycle towards him. She even gets a couple pot-shots on Tabitha's dad, by spilling blood on him, as thus kicking him.
  • Rheneas and Lankston spend most of the merge fighting just to survive to the next round due to being in the minority. Lankston makes 5th, and it took a medivac to take him out and Rheneas makes the final two, losing only at the last second, and had a large lead on Vayvay.


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