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The Awesome Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Izzy:
    • Won the entire contest, along with Bridgette.
    • Laid into the serial killer "Brainteaser" with a serious No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and not only saved Ezekiel from near death, but had her own criminal record expunged by the RCMP as a reward for her bravery in apprehending the killer.
    • Got all eight categories in one go in "Scavenger's Judgment", with an very picky Chris as the judge, with Fuzzy Wuzzums the bear. Albeit, Chris gave her the duke under the notion she might set the bear upon him, but it's still pretty awesome.
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    • Fighting off "C'thulhu" with a freakin' samurai sword and slicing off some of his tentacles, and ultimately killing it to rescue Ezekiel (again) in the finale. How is all of that not awesome?!

  • Ezekiel:

  • Bridgette:
    • Winning the whole contest, along with Izzy. Special mention goes to her subverting her tendency to throw up with ease, despite ingesting sour milk at the beginning of the final contest.
    • Whacking "C'thulhu" in the eye with her surfboard to drive off the giant octopus, epically paraphrasing Gandalf:
      Bridgette: "Let my friends go, you monster of the depths, fiend of the ocean...YOU...SHALL NOT...PASS!!!"

  • Katie proving to be the ultimate Spanner in the Works, as having herself voted off was what unraveled Courtney's plot to get revenge on Harold, Courtney never expecting someone to vote themselves off to prevent it, and causing Courtney to lose it enough to reveal her alliance with Heather.

  • Beth and Noah, of all people, managing to break out of "Wawanakwa-traz" so quickly that it made Duncan jealous!

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  • In Chapter 49 of Battlegrounds, Ezekiel accidentally gets injected with a drug that turns him feral, giving everyone twelve hours to give him the antidote before the effects become permanent. At the end of the chapter, the remaining contestants are pitted against a feral, physically enhanced Ezekiel and several feral wild animals. As such, Tyler charges in to save Ezekiel without a second thought, inspiring the other contestants to help.

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