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Awesome / Tokimeki PokÚLive! and TwinBee

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No matter how big or small, this fanfic universe also has it's moments of greatness as well.

Main Stories:

  • Overlapping with Heartwarming, anytime one of the girls give the other a confidence boost such as Freya giving Rina one in "Rina Tennoji's Stage Fright!" and Shizuku giving Hilda one as well in "Hilda's Tomboy/Girly Girl Dilemma!".

Side Stories:

  • Overlapping with Nightmare Fuel, Eggman coming pretty close to victory in part 1 of "The Ideal Hero", threatening to kill his nephew and his arch rival with Black Kyurem, differing greatly from the adventures of Ash and co. and Sonic's typical adventures in the Sonic games and in addition, showing that this version of Love Live!, Tokimeki Memorial and Twinbee will take elements from Shonen and dark!Seinen styled action/adventure anime as well.
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  • Sonic and N being saved from Black Kyurem's Fusion Bolt by the Reshiram that Hilbert, Coco and Ai borrowed from Hilda and Shizuku in part 1 of "The Ideal Hero", similar to the scene with Hilbert saving N in the Generations episode "The King Returns".


  • Rina's battle against Puppetmon in Chapter 2 of Multidimensional Dark Masters! It has to be read to be believed!
  • In general, it's nice to see a Pokémon/Digimon crossover, but with Love Live!, Idolmaster and Tokimeki Memorial characters as well as Momo from Wonder Momo and Pastel from Twinbee along for the ride, in the form of Multidinensional Dark Masters!



  • Through Sally's explanation in "Planet Mobius, Destroyed but Never Forgotten!?", while the versions of Sonic and Tails native to Mobius died fighting the Ultra Beasts, at least they went down as valiantly as possible.
  • Rina is the only character to have an Ultra Beast as one of her Pokémon, namely Kartana!


  • Even though the crossover also involves the ultra idealistic/lighthearted Love Live!, Tokimeki Memorial and Twinbee franchises, the fact that N's backstory matches up beat for beat with that of his canonical game counterpart, despite the only change being that Eggman was the one who manipulated him originally in this universe!
  • On the FANDOM wiki page for this universe's version of Nijigasaki High, it states that Red was an inspiration for Hilda to create the Nijigasaki High Pokémon Trainer's Club.

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