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From the comics

    The Blue Lotus 
  • Three giant brute cops get sent into Tintin's jail cell to "teach him a lesson". One panel later, we see the three cops in hospital beds, severely injured.
  • Tintin's rescue of Chang from from a flooded river. The moment he heard his cry for help, he dove in with no hesitation, because that's the kind of guy Tintin is.


    King Ottokar’s Scepter 

    The Crab With The Golden Claws 
  • Captain Haddock charging the Bedouin, screaming vengeance for his shattered whiskey bottle as the Bedouin flee. (Yes, it was because the cavalry was coming in behind, but he was willing to run up to men with guns, insulting them all the while.)
  • Throughout the book Haddock is more of an annoyance than help to Tintin. On the other hand, Allan has a rather fearsome presence, who knocks his underlings out in just one punch when they bring bad news or fail him. In the climax, when Tintin, Haddock and Snowy get drunk on fumes, Allan and his men decide to dispose off the miscreants. Haddock accidentally spills alcohol all over Tom's face annoying him and he snatches the bottle out of his hand. This sobers him up good and he starts beating up both Tom and another guy who had him. Allan decides to put the captain in his place. An offscreen fight is heard, cut to a beaten and bruised Allan been thrown across the room, with a victorious Captain Haddock, without a single scratch emerging with a bottle in his hand screaming for revenge. Even the bottle is unharmed, meaning he probably beat up Allan barehanded.

    The Shooting Star 
  • The protagonists' victory over the Perry in the climactic last stretch of race to the meteorite.

    The Secret of the Unicorn 
  • Sir Francis Haddock's escape from the clutches of the pirates, including a climactic duel to the death with Red Rackham.

    Red Rackham's Treasure 
  • Captain Haddock chasing off the money grubbing scammers claiming descent from Red Rackham by announcing he feels his above mentioned ancestor's spirit being channelled through him.


    Prisoners of the Sun 
  • Two men are harassing Zorinno, a small boy selling fruits. Outraged, Tintin rushes up without any hesitation and beats the snot out of the bullies, despite them being bigger than him. When they try to retaliate, they don't even score a single hit and their only resort is to run away!

    Destination Moon 

    The Calculus Affair 
  • Castafiore gets one when her ability to improvise saves Tintin and Haddock from capture and provides them with the means to defeat the Big Bad and escape Borduria.
  • On driving a stolen tank to the Bordurian border, Tintin finds the road blocked by heavy trucks and the border protected by anti-tank obstacles. So he drives the tank straight through the guardhouse.

    The Red Sea Sharks 
  • Haddock's reaction to finding out about the slave smuggling. His list of insults towards the bad guys never seems to end.

    Tintin in Tibet 
  • Tintin's determination to find Tchang and Haddock's incredible loyalty.


    The Castafiore Emerald 
  • Nestor at one point steps on the bad stair... but then he jumps on one foot and slides all the way to the door without falling.
  • In a non-action example, Bianca Castafiore slamming the doors of Marlinspike Hall in Jolyion Wagg's face in The Castafiore Emerald is an extremely satisfying and long-overdue moment.


  • Between 1971 and 1989 Cupol (later acquired by CBS, now Sony Music) published Swedish audio cassettes of the albums, covering each one from Congo to Picaros. While that in itself might not be all that unique the high quality of the productions are. Not only do they each follow the albums as closely as possible, the voice cast is outstanding and they kept the same actors for the recurring roles for nearly every single production (the actors also reprised their roles for the Belvision series). Each cassette is narrated by Tintin, as voiced by Tomas Bolme, and Bolme's performance is considered by many Swedes as the real Tintin. He also manages to narrate events as they unfold and make it work without sounding silly, which is no small feat. Also worth mentioning is Åke Lindström as Captain Haddock, who gives a passionate performance that manages to take the Flowery Insults to a new level. The recordings have later been released on CD and are now available on Spotify (and, in some cases, on YouTube).


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