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Awesome / This Platinum Crown

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  • At first, we get to see that Blueblood does jousting with other nobleponies. He may not be good at it but the fact that he goes through with it without getting hurt is something.
  • When Rarity hears that her coltfriend is engaged, she certainly does not intend to simply remain at second place. And has her main rival anoint her a noble in her own right.
  • Rarity gets even more awesome in the way she beat Antimony during their duel. Look at it from one perspective, the author gets one too by revealing that Antimony was just the first step.
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  • The moment where Lady Antimony reveals herself to Sand Dune, Rarity and Twilight to form an alliance with them. Given that both Sand Dune and Rarity duelled Antimony at one point, it is both heartwarming and awesome to see former enemies joining up to face the Changeling conspiracy. The awesome moment is only strengthened by the fact she didn't show up for a long time after her defeat at Rarity's hooves, so her appearance was a sure sign things are coming to a head.
  • In the chapters entitled Equestria's Strongest Couple Twilight and Brass duel Cruciger and his wife. The sheer scale and spectacle of the events is awe inspiring.
  • When Applejack loses her hat to the Neighponese ponies, she doesn't stop at anything to get it back. And I mean, anything. The sheer efforts alone make them respect her. Eventually, she gets it back, after having pulled off a near impossible applebuck kick using all four of her hooves.


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