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  • Hector's first moment of awesome has to be taking out that serial killer. This is a Shrinking Violet who can't even talk to people without freezing up charging in to a murderer's house without even hesitating just to save one. It does a great job at hinting at the things to come.
  • Colt being the first person to actually kill Hector despite only being a skilled human is impressive, even if he did get lucky at hitting his weak spot.
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  • Hector's fight with Geoffrey is one long one for him. This is the first opponent that he could not actually beat in a straight up fight yet he manages to keep Geoffrey at bay and prevent any casualties on his side. This culminates in Hector using his ability to enhance his punch when Geoffrey tries to kill Garovel and completely floors him. The unusually badass one liners from Hector don't hurt either.
    Geoffrey: [Cutting arm Hector's arm off] Did that not hurt?
    Hector: [Punching him] Did that?
  • Hector's dynamic entry when Garovel, the queen and her reaper are under attack by Desmond is highly impressive. He breaks in from the floor above, dropping a piece of the ceiling on Desmond. Desmond even lampshades it.
    Desmond: Nice entrance.
  • Hector killing Desmond by trapping his hand in iron when he is about to throw his heart at them which causes Desmond to blow himself up.
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  • Throughout the fight with Desmond and Moss Lynn is surprisingly competent, despite having no powers. She saves the queen, chops off several of Desmond's limbs, and even kills Moss.
  • Hector and Roman redirecting an explosion and saving the group even though they had no warning about it was very impressive, especially Roman suppressing the explosion with nothing but vibrations.
  • When Hector sees Geoffrey, the person he couldn't even damage last time, what does he do? He doesn't even hesitate before running his motorcycle into him.
    Geoffrey: It’s you!
    Hector: It's me.
  • Hector killing Geoffrey. He has no enhanced strength or regeneration due to not being with Garovel. His friends have been killed and Geoffrey has taken over his father's body and is trying to break him. He has only his iron, skill, and wits to rely on yet he soldiers on and not only fights Geoffrey, but he wins.

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