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  • The boss fights are chock full of these moments.
    • In particular, during the climax of the fight against Laambo, The Wonderful 101 form an arrow with Unite Build on the Goddess of Blossoms Statue's bow to fire a finishing shot that pierces Laambo and allows them to reach the general's sword. Using a full 100 Unite Hand, Wonder Red grabs the sword, and uses the momentum from their fall and one mighty swing to cleave Laambo and the Ohrowchee in two.
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    • Yellow hammering an alien ship back at the boss who tossed it at him during the climax of the third boss fight, and causing the boss to explode.
    • White gets one during the fourth boss, grabbing its tentacles with his claws and then suplexing the boss back and forth across the damn ocean!
    • The fifth boss is one giant Shout Out to Punch-Out!! between giant mechas. In the bottom of an active volcano.
      • And then you ride the Virgin Victory out of the volcano.
    • Then there are the fights against Vorkken and his crew. He's able to use all of your Unite Morphs in addition to two unique to him, and gains new ones through the story to match your new allies, including the defensive ones such as Guts and Spring. It eventually comes to its climax in operation 006-C, when he activates Teio-Form, his version of your Unlimited Form, complete with reverse transformation pose. The amazingly intense theme that plays during the entire battle also helps a lot.
      • Wonder-Red's retort to Vorkken's taunt before their final battle:
    Vorkken: The strong stand tall! The weak kneel! Such is the law of the universe!
    Wonder-Red: You're wrong. The truly strong are those who help the weak stand! Wonderful 100... Team, unite up!
    • How do you go about killing Gimme? You punch him out of his ship and into one of GEATHJERK's Kill Sat beams, incinerating him.
  • How about the game's absolutely flawless escalation of scale? The first mission takes place on a freaking school bus and starts you off with just Wonder-Red. At the end, you have a full team of Wonderful Ones and all of the Guyzoch backing you up, every single one of them is piloting a gigantic mecha, and the last quick-time event is literally "mash A to protect Earth." The game's pacing is perfect enough to hype up the player without overdoing it, and the way each scenario is framed makes them just as intense every time you play them... but what do you expect from a team that actually gave a presentation on how to structure an action game?
  • Wonder Blue has a lot of one-liners, but the one at the end of operation 005-C stands out:
    You might not care about your bro the way most people do, bro, but think of it this way: We're giving you a chance to make it up to him... in hell!
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  • The siege on GEATH-Wahksay gets a pair in succession. After being separated from Platinum Robo and The Virgin Victory, reduced to making their charge with the Unite Glider, the 100 almost get annihilated by a Wallgah-Goojin only to be be saved by the Guyzoch and Chewgi. However, during the final approach GEATH-Wahksay deploys a massive laser defense grid that they can't dodge through. When all hope seems lost, who shows up to back the heroes up? A grateful and de-corrupted Vorkken with his Unify Boomerang, that's who!
  • The conclusion to Operation 009-A: The Platinum Robo turns the massive Shirogane Comet over to become a shoulder-mounted BFG that wipes out everything with a massive laser.
  • As one might expect from the people who brought you the likes of Viewtiful Joe, Ōkami, and Bayonetta, Platinum Games absolutely blow the walls off the house for virtually the entirety of the final battle, which kicks the properties of the game's premise into overdrive and leaves you completely in awe. Let's go into a bit more detail — grab some popcorn, this'll take a while.
    • Phase One, we kick things off inside the planetary fortress with Jergingha... who is, himself, the fortress. Needless to say, he can do whatever he wants in here, but luckily for you, he only sticks to gigantic tendrils that sprout drills, lasers, chainsaws, and other fun little weapons. And the first phase itself has a second phase, wherein you have to survive a rush of the game's most powerful enemy classes, one after another, while Jergingha gives his spiel about his true origins. What are those origins, you may ask? He's from 1500 years ahead, where Earth became the leader of a conquering interplanetary system. Where's his proof? A Wonder Mask.
    • Phase Two, we're faced with the mismash abomination simply called Wonder-Jergingha. This Wham Bam Rock-style boss, bearing his own Wonder Mask, has access to all of your Unite Morphs, which he gladly takes Up to Eleven. For example, his Unite Claw can rip a hole in the fabric of time and space, and it only gets more absurd from there. Your only hope is to bring down the brain by countering with your own Unite Morphs, and even afterwards, we have a lovely Nintendo Hard escape sequence. Oh, but remember how Jergingha kind of mentioned he was the fortress? Guess what hasn't been destroyed yet.
    • Final Phase, and is it a biggun. Turns out that those earlier two phases meant absolutely nothing, as destroying the brain was nothing more than a slight hindrance. Jergingha transforms his space fortress body into his ultimate form, a 221-kilometer-tall giant mecha referred to as Planet-Destruction Form. Luckily for you, Platinum Robo stopped by, so you have some semblance of chance. You start by breaking through barriers requiring full-scale Unite Morphs, ending with one up to two hundred members. Then the big guy decides to rain hell via Macross Missile Massacre, which only the power of button mashing and Wonder Punch can stop. And thus, this continent-sized behemoth decides to take you straight on, in what can only be described as Doomsday Zone crossed with Okami and a dash of Pikmin, followed by the main team using their own unite builds to rip his arm off and send it back at his face, culminating with Unite Platinum which forms the Platinum logo. Oh, but that's still not enough, even when you blow off half his head. Jergingha decides to do what he probably should have done from the beginning, and unleash his body's most powerful weapon — which is the size of his torso — the Chi Q Marble Buster. With this huge beam coming, there's only one thing left to do...Protect Earth!
    • Even failing the QTE causes an awesome moment. Even if it's meant to be funny, pulling the Earth out of it's orbit is still awesome.
  • A minor and subtle one, but Wonder Green is snacking as always in Operation 007, even though Operation 007 takes place inside Vorkken's body. The fact that Green still has an appetite even when inside the body of an extraterrestrial being proves that this kid's definitely got guts, even if he doesn't admit it to himself.
  • The entirety of the flashback sequence in Operation 006, where we see the previous Earth Defense War and a younger Nelson on the frontlines as a Wonderful One. Specifically, he was the previous Wonder-Red. He singlehandedly rushes the GEATHJERK forces invading the last remaining human ship and, after Arthur Wedgewood is struck down by Laambo, faces down the game's first boss alone. Well, until he picks up some remotes to forcibly convert some Dough-Goo and brings his mighty Unite Drill to bear. It's pretty helpful too, since Laambo is stronger and more aggressive than in the first operation's battles with him. This culminates in a quicktime event where Nelson's Drill breaks through Laambo's sword and smashes him straight in the face, knocking him out a window and into the path of a missile that slams straight into the path of a speeding missile which soon after explodes, presumably necessitating in Laambo's eventual cyborg leg. And Nelson manages all these impressive feats without the use of Unlimited Form. And even better, if we take his statement in 001-C at face value, this was him being merciful to Laambo. Yeah, there's a reason Nelson is the one in charge of the Wonderful 100.
  • Meta Example: after /v/ made a collage of 101 different users owning the game, Hideki Kamiya was so impressed by the love and dedication that he posted on /v/, thanking everyone for their support.
  • Another Meta Example: On the launch day of the remaster's Kickstarter campaign, all the initial port stretch goals were funded within a few hours.
    • In less than 24 hours, it made over $1 million.
    • After 30 days, the Kickstarter topped out at $2.23 million. Rewarding us with a time attack mode, two new Luka side-missions and various songs remixed by industry legends Yuzo Koshiro, Keiichi Okabe, and Yoko Shimomura!
  • The fact that Nintendo still partially owns the IP but is allowing Platinum to port the game to rival consoles and even PC, making this the first official Nintendo release on a rival platform since the Nintendo Entertainment System days.

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