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  • A Meta moment: On 4chan's /v/ board, someone asked for help cracking the game... he was promptly told to "Fuck off and buy the damn game" multiple times, rewarding CD Projekt RED's faith that if they treat their customers with respect, they would get respect back.
    • Aside from this, the company also detailed that the game had been pirated... but oddly enough, the pirated copy was the copy with DRM, while the one without DRM was nowhere to be seen on torrents.
  • Another meta moment came when the Enhanced Edition for the Xbox 360 came out. What did CD Projekt RED do? Instead of charging those who previously bought the game on PC for the new content like Electronic Arts, Capcom, or Activision, they released every bit of new content (over 4 hours of new gameplay, as well as a soundtrack, interviews and concept art) all for free. If that doesn't win a consumer's respect for CD Projekt RED, I don't know what will.
    • They also give DRM-free copies to any customer who emails them with proof that they purchased it on Steam. There's really no reason they should do that, but they do anyway. The Steam version now comes with a code that, when entered into GOG, gives a DRM-free copy.
  • The new combat system is more action-packed and reflects the kind of combat in the first game's intro movie. The first game's combat system was an uneasy combination of real-time and turn-based, leaning towards real-time, but the second game's combat gave a much stronger sense of Geralt's agility and versatility. This makes a systemic moment of awesome that harkens to the very first experience anyone has with the first game.
    • Witcher 2's Enhanced Edition reinforces this with its new opening cinematic. Letho displaying his combat tactics from throwing an archer off-balance with a magical bomb, evading blows with his cat-like agility and finally hiding behind a dying swordsman to protect himself from a mage's psychokinetic blast; not only marks him as a credible threat for Geralt but also showcases legitimate combat tactics for the actual game-play (save for some Gameplay and Story Segregation like Letho actually grabbing his Human Shield instead of tricking him into the line of fire.)
  • The first time you do a Group Finisher - your jaw will drop from how bloody awesome it is.
    • For example, this particular finisher. And that's one of the tamer ones!
    • Similarly, the first time you insta-kill an elemental, a monster so tough that fighting it can turn into an unexpected boss battle.
  • Foltest´s epic Rousing Speech at the start of the game:
    Foltest: Where the hell are we headed?!
    Nobles: To battle!
    Foltest: What the fuck do we want?!
    Nobles: Victory!
    Foltest: This I like!
    • Jesse himself said it best:
    Jesse Cox: Best... king... ever...
    • Just before, as he and the Nilfgaardian ambassador are talking, a ballista bolt fly near them. The Nilfgaardian runs for cover while Foltest barely move, taking his time explaining the functionnment and advantages of the Countess' ballistes, before outlining their major flaw: Due to the heavy recoil, they can't hit twice at the same place.
  • The prep and boss battle with the Old Man of the River, the Kayran. A gargantuan, magically mutated Aeschna. That Geralt can impale on a special harpoon trap, slice off its tentacles with his silver sword, ride one of them around the clearing until it brings the ruined bridge down on top of it. Before stuffing a Clock Punk device filled with Grapeshot bombs down its gullet and blowing it up from the inside out. Crazy-Prepared at its finest.
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  • Geralt and Letho's Aard Beam-O-War. Which the former loses, but then, Geralt had just repeatedly notched and disarmed the Kingslayer of his bastard sword.
  • The fact that Iorveth has defeated the commanders and units of every Northern special forces regiment and collected their emblems. Roche is the last on his list and even when ambushed by the Blue Stripes and Loredo's goons at Cáelmewedd, if Geralt gives him his sword; he only loses the two men that Fenn snipes with his crossbow and the one that Roche bashes with his flanged mace, driving the rest away with catastrophic losses. That's what a warrior the elf really is, for all the claims that he shoots people from behind trees.
  • Iorveth and Geralt's plan to save the non-human convicts at the end of Chapter I by faking the Elven leader's capture!
    • Geralt nutting one of the morons in the face, stealing his sword and cleaving him open. While Iorveth shoulder lifts-barges a guy over the gunwale and into the Pontar with his hands tied. Then he breaks the rope cuffs and retrieves the borrowed sword Geralt throws him, which lands point first in an unfortunate mook's chest right behind him for the Scoia'tael guerrilla to rip free!
    • Their Back-to-Back Badasses pose on the deck of the prison galley, after they take out said three of Loredo's goons.
  • Roche's Big Damn Heroes moment in Henselt's camp. In Iorveth's path.
    Vanhemar: (examines the Witcher's meteorite sword) This is a good place. Are you ready, Geralt of Rivia?
  • The end of Chapter II on the Iorveth path is this as a whole at the Battle of Vergen. Boiling oil gets poured on the Kaedweni soldiers and set alight, Geralt and company put up a spirited defense on the walls, a pair of trolls potentially join in on the action, and Saskia reveals her true form to Geralt while saving his life. And just when things are about to get hairy, Iorveth arrives in a glorious Big Damn Heroes moment. In the end, a small ragtag rebel army consisting of untrained peasants, a handful of knights, some dwarven civilians, and Scoia'tael archers manage to beat the army of the most powerful northern kingdom which has them outnumbered 5 to 1. Henselt's humiliation is the cherry on top.
  • The end of Chapter II on the Roche path is this as well. Geralt lifts Sabrina Glevissig's magical malediction upon Henselt, then saves the Kaedweni monarch again from the Viper witchers: Serrit and Auckes. And manages to kill one of the brothers in the skirmish, cutting off Auckes' leg above the knee then splitting his head open with an overhead chop, while he's flying up in a reverse clothes-line. After Sile's betrayal, Roche and Geralt fight their way through all of Henselt's rear-guard and can even hold the king's life in their hands despite his victory at Vergen.
    Henselt: You've won the battle, but lost the war. The city's in my hands.
    Vernon: (bars the door behind him) ... And you're in mine.
  • In the Two vs One witcher duel in Henselt's camp, one has to mention the mirroring of the Geralt vs Egan fight at the end of the first game. With the White Wolf saving Henselt's life by deflecting Serrit's thrown dagger while he draws his sword in one smooth motion. Followed by Aard heel-palm blasting the assassin clean out of the tent before indulging in an intimidatory Slow Walk and a near Blood Knight Grin of Audacity as he faces down the two fellow mutants.
  • At the end of both paths, if Geralt chooses to save Triss from Nilfgaard's compound. He storms the place all on his own, planning to trade hostages by capturing the, until recently, unflappable Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen. Unfortunately, Renuald aep Matsen, the Emperor's military presence at the summit, decides to just shoot the ambassador instead, and when Geralt is left alone, faced down by the very elite of the Imperial army, he gives us this one, very, blood-chilling condemnation.
    Geralt: Now I'll have to kill you all.
    • Followed by another set of badass boasts that Geralt delivers to Renauld after you've defeated three waves of the Impera Brigade's finest; soldiers chosen to guard the life of the Emperor himself.
    Renauld aep Matsen: Congratulations, witcher. They were my best men.
    Geralt of Rivia: You should have picked them more carefully. Or trained them better.
    Renauld: Or perhaps they were ready for any foe but you?
    Geralt: Free Triss, or join them.
    • Alternatively, storming the Kaedweni camp alongside Roche. Or not storming it, and realising that Roche did almost as well without your help as he would have with.
    • Roche's instance of throwing your two-handed Zweihander always works!
    • Just the sheer bromantic teamwork that Geralt and Vernon employ is nothing short of sheer awesome. As they assault the camp, Geralt tricks two guards towards the iron grating with the Axii sign and brains one against the bars with a tug, while Vernon pulls his close, steals his keys, unlocks the door before kicking it open into him, followed by Geralt deflecting an crossbow bolt away from the Blue Stripes Commander at a full-tilt run once the second pair of sentries spot them, Roche then employs the aforementioned overhead double-handed throw of his Zweihander, impaling the second arbalist on the higher floor of the ruins. Geralt launches Vernon up to that level with a seamless boost and he in turn hip throws the reloading Kaedweni over the edge to slam at Geralt's feet and allow the witcher an easy kill of skewering him to the floor.
    • Throughout the rest of the slaughter, Vernon will take out the other snipers and use their crossbows to cover you!
      • Roche catching up with Dethmold, the murdering slime who had his Blue Stripes Boys hanged.
    Vernon: (punches the sorcerer in the face)
    Dethmold: (grabs knife off desk)
    Geralt: (slams fist into the crook of his elbow)
    Dethmold: (wailing) You've broken my arm!! You've broken my arm! Do you know its worth, you son of a bitch?!
    Vernon: Now it's worth shit, like the rest of you! (pins the loathsome adviser down and draws his special forces dirk)
    Dethmold: (terrified) What do you want? I'll give you anything.
    Vernon: You can't give back what you took from me... Cutting your balls off and slitting your throat will have to do. (does just that, but stuffs his severed testicles into his mouth before administering the coup de grace) You reap what you sow.
  • Geralt's showdown with a young dragon on the roof of a burning castle tower. In the lore, even being near an angry dragon is tantamount to suicide. After a lengthy duel on the ground the Witcher latches onto the fire wyrm's neck with his steel sword and just manages to hold on throughout some aerial acrobatics, he then digs his trophy hook under Saesenthesis's eyelid for leverage - and pulls her into an uncontrollable spiraling loop; crashing her chest first into a jagged tree.
  • The final confrontation with Letho during the epilogue, should you choose to fight him. When the player first faces him in Chapter I, Letho is the strongest enemy faced in the game. An unprepared player could be killed within seconds. But during the epilogue, it seems that the Villain Forgot to Level Grind, bringing Geralt to at least Letho's level of power, if not, much higher. Winning this fight is very satisfying when you consider Letho is the one who put Geralt in this mess in the first place. And believes himself the superior warrior, playing on your fear of failure. Though perhaps, he's just trying to convince you to spare him - as he knows that Geralt's memories have all returned and considering that Geralt defeated the Slyzard that almost killed him...
  • Vernon Roche is regularly awesome.
    • Have a party with the Blue Stripes in Chapter I, and we get this unforgettable moment...
    Vernon: You've got shitty glass-ware in Flotsam! Not fit for a hero, but I've an idea! (slugs peasant in the gut) Drink the whore-son's beer from the floor!
    Sheridan: The Commander's one tough nut! He beat the crap out of the Witcher! He can beat the crap out of anyone!
    • Hell, even the casual dialogue between him and Geralt in Chapter II, reveals a fantastic off-screen moment of awesome.
    Geralt: You need to be careful. Dethmold can't learn that you're holding a Kaedweni spy.
    Vernon: He won't. Don't you worry.
    Geralt: Dethmold has an excellent net of his own spies...
    Vernon: That spy we caught at Loredo's, Arnold? He's prancing around in the next world!
    • Hilarious but undeniably bad-ass.
    Vernon: There's the bridge, let's go! (rope-bridge collapses) Fuck! (leaping / falling three-hit combo)
    • One of Vernon's first lines in the game is ridiculously badass when you look at it in hindsight. When Geralt says: "I thought you died." He's speaking of when the Blue Stripes Commander was hit with a jet of dragon-flame before the bridge he was lying stunned on collapsed under the brown dragon's weight as it attempted to kill Foltest and Geralt. Roche's mild and collected response? "I'm not so easy to kill."

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