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Awesome / The Wayfarer Redemption

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Axis Trilogy (Battleaxe, Enchanter and Starman)

  • Axis dealing with the Skraelings during the battle at the Azle River in StarMan by using the Star Dance's power to completely unfreeze the water and cause several thousand casualties among the Skraelings. And even though he knew it'd kill him, he made the Star Dance give him a song to kill the Gryphon that was inflicting heavy casualties on Axis' army and singlehandedly wiped out 900 Gryphon at the cost of his own life. The fact that he survived due to his life being tied to the Prophecy and his being the God of Song doesn't lessen this.
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  • Azhure and Faraday vs Artor. Azhure wins.

The Wayfarer Redemption (Sinner, Pilgrim, Crusader)

  • Axis holding his own against two of the Timekeeper Demons with only a sword and axe in Crusader, long after he lost his Enchanter powers.

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