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    In General 
  • Meta-example: The game has won the 2012 Video Game Awards "Best Game of the Year" award.
    • Even better, it won GOTY when facing up against financial and critical juggernauts like Mass Effect 3, Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The fact that a downloadable episodic adventure game from a smaller studio won isn't just a CMOA for Telltale, it's one for the whole gaming industry.
    • The success of the game has also marked a turning point for the otherwise waning Adventure Game genre, which had been stagnant since LucasArts' departure in the 1990s. Combined with the impressive funding of Broken Age, the genre is expected to see a growth in the near future.
  • Melissa Hutchison’s performance as Clem throughout all the seasons. She brings the sense of vulnerability of a child in a Crapsack World Zombie Apocalypse but also the strength and intelligence that shows this is a smart kid. Another impressive note is for each of Clem’s appearances through out each season you can tell that Melissa is vocally aging her “Clem” voice up to match the growth and maturity of the character.

Season 1

    Episode 1 — A New Day 
  • Lee at the motel, taking out three walkers stealthily with an awl, trapping one behind a rolling car in neutral then driving the pick handle-deep into its forehead. Then Lee acquires his fire axe, butchering one; then decapitating the final walker in one swipe.
  • Clementine's first decision when a walker arrives in her house and attacks Lee? Come down from her treehouse, armed with a hammer. The hammer works very well indeed.
    • Hell, it means her first thought was to take the hammer into the tree-house with her as a defence weapon.
  • Lee's plan to create a make-shift silencer for Carley's Glock with a pillow to take out the first lurker.
    Glenn: Man, that was sick!
  • If you side with Kenny when Larry threatens to toss Duck out of the drugstore, under the mere suspicion of him being bitten (when he clearly wasn't), Lee will dare Larry to try and lay a finger on the poor kid, but warns him that he'll have to go over Lee's dead body first. The sheer amount of righteous fury in his voice whilst standing up to a man twice his size is nothing short of extremely admirable.
    Lee: NO! You don't touch that boy! You don't touch anybody! I've got a little girl I'm trying to protect in here too. You want to get violent you old fuck?! WELL, COME ON! You better have a plan to kill me though, because it's ME, BEFORE ANYONE ELSE IN HERE!
  • Near the end of the episode, when Lee is sucker-punched by Larry and lying dazed on the ground, about to get horribly eaten by the living dead, who else but Kenny comes charging back in and saves him with the fire axe Lee lent him beforehand in a great Stab the Scorpion moment. Needless to say, players were very grateful to the Florida fisherman.
  • Carley is walking Awesome (except where batteries are concerned). She is a crack shot with her pistol and she uses it to deadly effect on several occasions.
  • According to Carley, Doug also got a (sadly off-screen) Moment of Awesome when he saved her from a horde of walkers attacking their film crew's van. Not bad for a quiet, awkward nerd.

     Episode 2 — Starved For Help 
  • Lee cutting David free from the modified bear trap to ensure he's not eaten alive by the walkers.
  • When Ben's bled-to-death companion reanimates, Lee has no choice but to attempt to stop the new-born walker unarmed by gouging its eyes out with his thumbs as it pins him down. It doesn't work, but give the man props for trying!
  • Often goes unnoticed, but Mark mentioning in passing to the St. John brothers how Lee saved his life in an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome. Mark has military training and Lee saved his ass.
  • Clementine rescuing everyone from inside the meat locker thanks to being small enough to fit inside the vent. And for being brave enough to volunteer straight away when Lee can't squeeze through.
  • Doug or Carley also get a Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of the episode. After Andy shoots Kenny in the side and is holding Lee at gunpoint, Doug distracts Andy with the laser pointer he found earlier, or Carley shoots his left ear off from a great distance, lowering his guard and giving Lee the opening he needs to take him out.
  • Seriously. That Battle in the Rain, as the rest of the group watch and realize there was only one man who was ever truly the leader of their little group.
    Lee: (No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, one that leaves Andy's face a puffed up mess and two rows of his teeth smashed out)
    Andy: Is that all you got, Lee?! Hah! [tries to sit up] You — You ain't shit! [collapses]
    Lee: IT'S — OVER!
    Andy: Fuck you! [struggles to get up and just manages] As soon as Dan and Mama get out here, you're - you're all fucked! Heh hah!
    Lee: They're not coming. [turns to go]
    Andy: What do you mean? Lee, what the fuck do you mean?! Don't you dare walk away from me, Lee! [falls to his knees] GET BACK HERE AND FINISH THIS, LEE!!!
    Lee: [looks back, then down, shakes his head in disgust, and leaves]
    Andy: Get back here and fight me like a man, Lee! LEE! Leeeee!! Leeeee…

     Episode 3 — Long Road Ahead 
  • In Episode 3, Carley's biggest Moment of Awesome and unfortunately her last, was telling off Lilly when the woman accused her of stealing food and medicine to give to the bandits, despite being right (though the truth wasn't revealed until later). Carley, sick of Lilly's bullshit, gives her one of the best The Reason You Suck Speeches yet:
    "You think you're some tough bitch, don't you? Like nothing can hurt you, but you're just a scared little girl. Get the fuck over it. Take a page out of Lee's book and try helping somebody for once."
    • How she defended herself against Lilly when Lilly accused her of being related to the bandits.
      "Whoa, my family's not a bunch of meth-riddled forest people. They're fucking Lutheran!"
  • Lee gets yet another in Episode 3. He almost holds off both bandits and walkers all on his lonesome, with covering fire from Lilly and Carley, when they invade the motel; long enough for the entire group to get into the RV and escape.
  • Even Duck gets one in Episode 3. He offers to help you look for clues about the stolen supplies. Not only is he very helpful, but you can acknowledge his efforts with a high-five, causing a message to appear saying: "Duck thinks you are incredibly awesome!" It's fair to say that Duck is officially Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. Before he died, that is.
  • Doug's admittedly unintentional, Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Depending on your choices, you can get this out of Lilly:
    "He knew who you were, he treated you like shit and you still tried to save him. The last thing you have to do is apologize."

    Episode 4 — Around Every Corner 
  • Clementine, if you take her to Crawford, makes an amazing shot and saves Molly's life from a walker. Carley would be proud.
    • Alternately, if you leave her in the house and let her keep a gun, you'll return to find that a walker got in, but she killed it before it could get upstairs to hurt her or Omid.
  • Lee killing over a dozen walkers in the bell-tower stairwell of Crawford's Catholic School, first with a shotgun and later his hatchet. Cut off from the others, he retreats up the stairs, gets his leg trapped in a rotten step, manages to save himself and then get back to the group, hacking through every walker with such power that they fly over the railings as he bulldozes back up to them.
  • Molly in general, the sole survivor of Savannah. At one point during the infiltration of Crawford she takes on a group of walkers by herself, sinking her ice climbing axe into their craniums with dance-like precision and grace.
  • Molly also gets one in her first appearance. She can potentially deck Lee if the player fails a rather difficult QTE, and then effortlessly disarm Kenny (who was armed with a gun and flanking her) with a neat little leg sweep.
    • For Lee, and the player, being slick enough to beat the QTE with Molly, Lee blocks his own wrench with his forearm and doesn't even seem to feel a damn thing when intercepting a hefty chunk of metal! Before subduing arguably the second most badass character in the game!
  • Chuck holding off several zombies with a shovel to save Clementine. This costs him his life.
  • For those who despise Vernon for his hypocrisy, not to mention his duplicity against Lee's group no matter how accommodating you are to him; intimidating the pasty septuagenarian cancer patient is a fantastic treat.
    Lee: You threatenin' me, old man? Because you're not going to like how that goes. Put the fuckin' gun down before you really make me mad.
    Brie: He's bluffing!
    Lee: You think so? Try me.
    Vernon: [trembling] Keep back! Or I swear I'll shoot!
    Lee: [with a supremely disdainful expression] No. I don't think so. I know killers. Seen my share. You ain't got the look. And that means you ain't got the balls. Now drop the goddamn gun! [snatches the Colt off him]
  • Ben willing to let himself die so that way he wouldn't be a hindrance for the rest of the group. He knew that he was only gonna mess things up again, so he was willing to take himself out of the picture and face his worst fear — being eaten alive — just to help the others out. Despite all the mistakes he made, he still had the rest of the team's welfare at heart.
  • Or the truly quote-worthy raison d'etre that Lee delivers to Vernon when he offers to take care of Clementine. It's a bit more than just a stern telling off.
    "That little girl's in my care! We've been through more together than you can imagine. Anyone who tries to get between me and her — ANYONE! Is gonna wind up DEAD! You hear me?!"
  • Players may have the option of delivering this line at the end of Episode 4. For those who aren't too fond of Kenny, it may be one of the most satisfying lines in the whole game.
    "You know what, Kenny? Go fuck yourself. You gonna let a little girl die just because I didn't have your back every damn minute? Maybe you should grow the fuck up! Do whatever you want, asshole."

    Episode 5 — No Time Left 
  • If Ben's still around in Episode 5, he eventually stands up to Kenny and just lays into the guy. The whole rant is a mix of this and Tear Jerker, and the best part? He actually gets through to Kenny. Depressed, guilt-ridden, burdensome Ben actually gets Kenny to listen to someone else for once.
    Ben: I am so, so, SO sorry about Katjaa and Duck, I AM. And I KNOW I fucked up, but stop pushing me around and stop wishing I was dead. (Kenny starts to say something) NO! You know how they died! You've said goodbye! I never got to see MY family! My parents. My little sister... Do you get that? Your family is gone, but at least you had them to lose. I never made it home... They could be alive or dead or walkers or WORSE, AND I DON'T KNOW! SO GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.
  • Kenny staying behind to deliver a Mercy Kill to Ben, and when cornered by walkers, he goes down swinging.
    • Alternatively, if Ben died in Episode 4, Kenny performs a Heroic Sacrifice to save Christa from walkers.
    • However, Season 2 reveals that he actually survived and managed to escape the hundreds of Walkers in an Offscreen Moment of Awesome that even he isn't sure how he managed to pull off!
  • Admittedly, Ben stops being too much of bad-luck guy in Episode 5. He was about to chop off Lee's arm to stop his infection but refused when he was awake (understandable since he would faint). He got the elevator door open when Lee was unconscious. He also helped shoot the Walkers in the mansion. He picked up Lee's gun when he dropped it, and stands up for himself against Kenny. Additionally, in Episode 2, he tells the whole group about what actually causes you to become a Walker. Poor kid does deserve some credit.
    • Also in episode 5 if you chose to bring just Ben along he will actually save Lee if he misses the jump from the bell tower.
  • Lee marching down a crowded Savannah street, with just a meat cleaver, a guitar solo at his back, and a look on his face that is the picture in the dictionary next to Determinator. He can potentially make it through completely unscathed. It's even more bad-ass if Lee has his arm removed. He LITERALLY takes on an army of zombies one-handed and wins.
    • If you didn't cut off Lee's arm, the scene is arguably even more awesome. The bite on his wrist has rendered his left hand completely numb, so he grabs a huge wicked shard of broken glass off the pebbles and grips it in his bare palm to use as a secondary weapon, squeezing it so hard that his life-blood drips down the shiv while securing it in place. Then you can alternate between them as you stab, chop, slice, cut, skewer and crunch your way through a half-score of walker skulls. There is not a more fitting send-off for Lee Everett's final hours then parting the sea of dead keeping him from the Marsh House and Clem.
    • The final kill culminates with Lee using the cleaver to completely cut a walker's head in half!
  • And lets not forget how Clementine handles her kidnapper. She quietly sneaks out of the room, grabs Lee's meat cleaver (or a variety of blunt objects if you held on to the cleaver), and slices/bludgeons the guy just as he's telling his wife's zombified head that she: "wouldn't hurt a fly".
    • When the struggle ensues and Lee fights the guy to the finish, and he can either choke him to death with one hand, or Clementine takes the Stranger's gun and saves Lee with a single shot to the crazy bastard's temple.
    • A fantastic bit of role-playing is available for those who have not even done the Stranger any wrong. Lee can implore him to give up Clementine back into his care, to which the Stranger promptly retorts by saying he'd rather "kill her myself." Lee's face says it all. Lee can then give a terrific Shut Up, Hannibal! to the obviously insane individual by telling him he's bitten and that he'll ensure he bites the Stranger before the day is done, unsettling the creep truly for the first time. Upon collecting himself, the Stranger throws Lee's words back at him. "No. I'll be with her, and you'll be rotting in the street." However, you can then throttle him to death and not give him the mercy of a bullet to the head, and then have Clementine gift you with not reanimating to hurt anyone else unwary enough to enter Savannah, shattering every delusion the camper-man ever had pre- and post-mortem.
  • Clementine gets an off-screen moment at the end of Episode 5: When the sepsis (or whatever is killing him) finally catches up with Lee, and he collapses in the street, it leaves Clementine surrounded on all sides by walkers. No one would have faulted her for just freaking out and running away at that point—especially since she's just seen her parents as walkers. But what does she do? She keeps it together, and then this nine-year-old drags the dead weight of an unconscious grown man to shelter without alerting the herd in the process.
    • And then she escapes the city all by herself. Sure, she's a bad-ass little nine year-old-girl, but she's still a nine-year-old girl who just found out her parents are gone, and her only guardian she had left as well, and she still had to wade through the city of Savannah and escape into the countryside all on her own.
  • And again, just a while later, when Lee's dying words are instructions and advice to Clementine. The fact he was still alive and not zombified just by sheer will is this, mixed with Tear Jerker.
  • Let's face it. Lee in general is the epitome of this during the final chapter. He knows that he's infected, and that he has very little time left, but he will find Clementine, he will get her back from the Stranger, and he will get her to safety. Until then, death is just not on today's agenda.
  • All of Lee's final wisdom to Clementine bodes well for her future badassery.
    Lee: You're strong, Clem. You - you can do anything.
    Clementine: But — I'm little.
    Lee: Don't mean nothin' … You're gonna see bad stuff, but, it's okay…


400 Days

     400 Days 
  • Several moments in 400 Days: Russell, after being The Chew Toy for pretty much the entirety of his chapter, standing up to Nate after he tries to kill an old couple who were defending themselves from him for the sake of taking what they have left. Which is so little that it seems like he's just doing this to Kick the Dog to Russell after his story about his old group leader.
    Russell: "Are you fucking serious? there are real monsters out there! And you're just gonna joke about the shit I've seen? Fuck you Nate!" *walks away*

Season 2

    Episode 1 — All That Remains 
  • Christa not even missing a beat in killing Omid's murderer, all in a broken, Tranquil Fury.
  • Clementine gets a pretty bad-ass one in Season 2 after stitching her arm and fending off a walker after being locked in the shed by the group she finds.
    • She gets one before that when she manages to win a fight with a bandit twice her size, ending in the bandit getting eaten. It shows just how far she has come since Season 1.
  • The mere fact that Clem snuck out of the shed she was supposed to be trapped in for the night, snuck into the cabin, and got all she needed for her arm stitching with possibly only one person aware of her presence. All this using just a knife and a claw hammer. Not bad for a little girl. Pete certainly seems impressed when he and the rest of the group stumble upon you killing a walker with the aforementioned claw hammer.
  • Clementine can confront Rebecca, who quite obviously wants her gone, about her possibly illegitimate child and give one of the most satisfying lines of dialogue in the game:
    Rebecca: I wouldn't get comfortable if I were you.
    Clementine: Whose baby is it?
    Rebecca: ...Excuse me?
    Clementine: If it's not Alvin's, whose is it?
    Rebecca: You shut your fucking mouth.
    Clementine: You should probably think about being nicer to me... That's just my advice.
    • Just to add the gravitas to the scene, the camera is positioned above her head, so her hat bill is covering her eyes. Adds just the right amount of menacing to the scene.
      • Matt and Pat referred to it as a "Dante shot". Clementine, an Action Survivor little girl in the zombie apocalypse, got compared to a half-demon half-human who regularly fights the demons of hell with insane weapons and combos. That fact alone makes this scene all the more awesome.
    • Then Episode 3: In Harms Way arrives, and the above scene becomes much less awesome and more mean-spirited upon finding out that Rebecca was heavily implied to have been raped by Carver, thus making her suspicion and hostility towards Clementine being a scout for Carver's group a lot more justified.

    Episode 2 — A House Divided 
  • Sarah successfully evading Carver throughout the house by stealth is a big CMOA in itself when she nearly suffers an anxiety attack after realizing it was him at the door. Clementine tells her to go hide, but she did everything on her own as she resides behind the coach and sneaks up the stairs before fleeing into one of the bedrooms. Of course, the photo she took from earlier gave away that her group lived in the cabin, but her actions pretty much nullified Carlos's beliefs about her incapability. In fact, the ironic part is that it was Carlos's discarded shirt that gave Carver an idea at first, not the photo.
  • Nick punching a walker in the face. While intoxicated.
  • Luke and Clem come upon two walkers, one missing its legs. Luke tells Clem that he'll take out the big one, and she can take out the short one. One dialogue option is for Clem to say that she'll take the big one. Luke disagrees, but you can still run ahead of him and beat the big one to death with a claw hammer.
  • Later on the bridge part of it collapses, trapping Luke with a walker and leaving Clem to deal with the remaining two walkers. It definitely wasn't easy but it's still quite an accomplishment, taking two if them out in Melee combat when she can barely reach their heads.
  • There's an implied off-screen moment of awesome for Kenny, as he somehow survived a whole horde of walkers while either putting Ben out of his misery or saving Christa's life.
  • Rebecca telling Carver to go fuck himself doesn't seem like much, unless you find out that it's all but stated in the story that he raped her. Which means Rebecca looked her rapist in the eye, and without the slightest amount of fear, told him to go fuck himself. That takes some serious guts.
  • If Clementine is inside the lodge at the time, taking the option to save Alvin sees her pushing herself to her feet despite Carver's gun-toting bandits and charging Carver himself while he has a gun pointed at Alvin's head. He easily knocks her down and starts holding her hostage instead, but she successfully saves Alvin's life this way.

    Episode 3 — In Harm's Way 
  • Clementine having the option to not buy the excuse of why Carver killed Reggie and call him out that no matter how he wants to twist things, he's nothing more than a murderer.
  • Clem having the option to say to Carvers face that she wished Kenny had killed him in the last episode. The kid has balls and even Carver is impressed.
  • Alvin's possible Last Stand despite being near death and only having one bullet he still manages to kill one of Carver's thugs.
  • When Reggie tries to find every reason to justify Carver's actions even after he learns Carver murdered Walter and potentially Alvin, Rebecca drops this gem.
    "After what he did to Alvin, I want him dead."
    • She tops it off with a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner when she learned Alvin had died when Clementine didn't bring him back to escape from Carver's camp and basically gave Kenny the green light to kill Carver when Luke didn't take it.
      "Kill him".
  • Clem's Big Damn Heroes moment by jumping from a large stack of boxes or having a small gun on Carver and shooting him in the shoulder.
  • Kenny brutally beating Carver's head in with a crowbar mere hours after Carver gave him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that cost him an eye. After all the bullshit he pulled it was extremely satisfying seeing Kenny put the bastard out of the group's misery for good. Woo boy, did Carver ever decide to fuck with the wrong group of people.
    • You have to give props to Carver for being as defiant as he was, knowing he was about to be beat to death with a crowbar. That man was not afraid at all despite what was coming.
    • How about the fact that you can basically subvert Carver's argument about you and him not being so different, by actively leaving prior to his being beaten to death - in spite of his claims that Clem needs to watch? If you're still trying to preserve some sense of innocence in Clementine, it's incredibly satisfying to have that option because it just shows that you are not as monstrous as him. Carver is right on several points, that he and Clementine are alike because they're assertive leadership figures who have taken the initiative and make decisions and do things others will not, but Clementine is not a savage who beats people half to death, throws them off rooftops, or rules over her fellow survivors with an iron fist. Tellingly, Carver even gives up trying to make her see his perspective once she opts to walk away, and tries to demean Kenny, instead - which is typical behaviour for common bullies once someone's stood up to them or shown they aren't affected.
  • Jane blowing Troy's nuts off and leaving him to be savaged by the walkers. As with Carver, it's incredibly difficult to drum up any sympathy for him.
  • Kenny's response to Carver more or less announcing he is gonna beat the shit out of him. It's short, simple, and full of resistance.
    Kenny: Heh. Fucker.
    • There's also the aftermath of the beating. As the group discusses whether to leave Kenny behind, if Clem votes not to, Luke tries to assure her that no one wants to leave Kenny behind. Right then, you get the message "Kenny will remember that."
      Kenny: Good, 'cause... you won't have to.
  • Carver repeatedly acknowledging the eleven-year-old Clementine is the most ruthless and dangerous member of the group. Although as he then proceeds to taunt her by claiming that deep down, she's become just as brutal and determined to survive as he has, this is not particularly a good thing.

    Episode 4 — Amid the Ruins 
  • Jane and Clementine successively saving Luke and possibly Sarah in the trailer.
  • After fighting off walkers, Rebecca giving birth to her baby.
    • Clem knocking down the observation deck. Smart and a badass.
  • For those who didn't like Jane, getting to yell at her after Sarah's death about how she didn't even want to save her can feel like this.
    • In a similar way, telling Kenny, who is sitting inside the tent as he mourns Sarita, that he's not the only one whose lost people is pretty satisfying.

    Episode 5 — No Going Back 
  • The beginning, picking up from the Bolivian Army Ending shootout from the last episode: amazingly, the only death between either group is Arvo's sister, and only Mike and Buricko are wounded (but both keep fighting regardless). Clementine saves Rebecca's baby. Kenny gets into a shootout with Buricko and Vitali and with help from Luke (who takes a non-fatal bullet in the process), you create a distraction good enough for Kenny to kill Buricko. Vitali refuses to back down, but Jane makes a triumphant return, and stabs him in the nape of his neck. Kenny then unceremoniously shoots him, either as a Mercy Kill or the possible reason that Vitali's death-gargling was annoying him.
  • If you return to Howe's Hardware with Jane you meet a small group of people asking you if they can come in. Turning them away results in the most badass Clem moment yet:
    Man: Are you sure you want to do this, little girl? I mean, what if.. what if we're dangerous?
    Clementine: [pulls her gun] What if I am?
    • Doubles as Nightmare Fuel if you believe them, but don't want to risk trusting them. Clem just threatened to kill a family of three - including a child her own age - because they asked for food and shelter. Holy shit.
  • One for Jane- she pulls an effective Batman Gambit to prove to Clementine that Kenny's gone berserk and can't be reasoned with by lying that AJ is dead. She's willing to put her faith in Clementine, even though Clem has the choice to let Kenny drive her knife through her chest.
  • If you were against Jane's actions, Clementine angrily telling her off and potentially abandoning her can feel like one.
  • A meta one for Telltale games: This episode has five different ending states. Season 3 may be a nightmare to code, but for a relatively small adventure game company, that's astounding.


    Episode 1 — In Too Deep 
  • Michonne's Curb-Stomp Battle against the walkers is as cool as ever. Telltale even went the extra mile to incorporate cinematic battle graphics for each of her zombie kills.
  • The first battle sequence of the game involves Michonne suffering a Sanity Slippage while losing her grasp on reality and still slaughtering every walker jumping her.
    Episode 2 — Give No Shelter 
  • From Burning down Monroe to Capturing Randall and taking out his Flunkies Michonne shows exactly why she's been able to survive this long.
    Episode 3 — What We Deserve 
  • After an entire two episodes revolving around the threat of Monroe and it's leader Norma the Big Bads learn exactly why the series is called The Walking Dead.

Season 3

    Episode 1 — Ties that Bond: Part 1 
  • After being knocked out and captured by a group of hostile survivors, you wake up to find yourself handcuffed inside a truck headed for their camp, likely to become their prisoner. Then, out of nowhere, a tree falls in the middle of the road, causing the driver to lose control and accidentally crash into a ditch. As you regain your bearings and exit the now-wrecked-truck, you're likely wondering how or why the tree fell over. Suddenly, someone holds you at gunpoint. As the camera pans out, who do we see? The person who has made the tree fall - Clementine, now a boss-ass bitch with no qualms about ending zombies or murdering people is necessary.
    • What makes it even better? Before the tree goes down we get a view of the sky - there are no clouds, but there is a loud rumble which implies that Clementine has made something to blow up the tree and bring it down. Clementine is now using what seems to be bombs in her desire to survive.
  • Clementine's shooting skills have clearly improve tremendously. She headshots bandits from a long distance without missing a shot.

    Episode 2 — Ties that Bond: Part 2 
  • Jesus shows off his combat skills by wall running and giving a walker a good kick to the face.

    Episode 3 — Above the Law 
  • A clip from the episode shows you will be able to take your revenge on Badger, the asshole who killed your niece. In the episode proper, you can either kill Badger, let Conrad kill him, or let him turn into a walker after bleeding out from a gunshot wound.
    • The way you kill Badger bears mentioning. After a rather lengthy and brutal fight, you get a hold of Badger's shotgun and blast him in the stomach. After this doesn't kill him you're given the options listed above. If you choose to kill him yourself You're allowed to get in touch with your inner Negan and completely destroy the bastard's head with a baseball bat. As of this writing, 66.2% chose to kill him this way.
  • Tripp makes the mistake of provoking Ava. Despite being half his size, Ava easily knocks out Tripp with a single punch to the face.
  • Clem tackling David, a trained soldier larger than her, to the ground and then pointing a gun at her face before he can even react.
  • In her flashback, Clem is given the option to say goodbye to AJ after the New Frontier forcibly take him away from her. Should the player choose to do otherwise, Clem will spit at David's face.
  • Jesus once again shows off his fighting skill. The moment walkers opens the door to the warehouse the survivors are hiding in, Jesus quickly gives a dropkick to one of them.
  • Javier killing a walker with his bat and says a badass quote: “Batter up, Fuckface!”
  • Javier telling Joan to “go fuck herself.” Good god.
    • ”I hope you choke on your fucking cake! It looked like shit by the way!”

    Episode 4 — Thicker Than Water 
  • Javi can refuse Clint's proposal of leaving peacefully and give Joan what she deserves.
    Javi: Go to hell Joan! (Boom, Headshot!)

    Episode 5 — From The Gallows 
  • Jesus returns to Richmond in their time of need, now in full body armor and comrades from Kingdom, to help Javi and the others to clear the herd.
  • At the climax of the episode Javier has to choose between helping Kate secure Richmond or going after David and Gabe and bringing them home. If the player chooses the latter option he'll drive out into the streets on a motorcycle following a trail of roadkill left in his brother's wake while swatting down zombies with his bat. When he finally catches up to his family they are being surrounded by walkers on both sides and desperately trying to fend them off. From here Javi begins gunning the zombies down one by one to draw them away from David and Gabe until he runs out of ammo. After that he pulls his bat back out and smashes his way through the remaining horde of zombies one by one until he reaches his brother and nephew. Unfortunately, David was bitten if Clementine didn't come along and dies soon afterwards, but Javi still managed to save Gabe this way and have one last conversation with his brother before he died.
  • Clementine ends the episode by shooting walkers without even aiming and stabbing them to death through the brain with what appears to be a common household screwdriver. She doesn't get even a scratch on her in all this.

Season 4

    Episode 1 — Done Running 
  • AJ shows that he is not useless when against walkers. While Clem dispatches two of them, AJ attracts another to his position then pushes a metal panel onto it, allowing Clem to finish it off.
  • Clementine disarming and wiping the floor with Marlon if one chooses the option to have her grab for his gun. She takes him out with little to no effort leaving many of the kids in shock. This is the girl who, at eight, hid in a tree-house in fear. Now she's physically able to disarm people bigger than her with ease. Why is everyone running from the slow moving zombies? She is the dangerous one!
    • AJ getting a headshot on Marlon with his gun. While the scene is understably treated horrifically it goes to show that Clem wasn’t lying when she said he’s a great shot.
    Episode 2–Suffer The Children 
  • Clementine meets Lilly again for the first time in years and can tell her she don't give a fuck who she is. This earned her Lilly's boot crushing against her chest but shows the girl got guts even when a rifle is pointing at her.
  • A Whisperer came to Clem's aid by summoning walkers to chase the raiders away and leading her to safety after AJ was injured.
  • The children’s defense against the raiders led by Lilly.
  • Clementine's potential Shut Up, Hannibal! towards Lilly after they taunt Clementine about Lee.
    Clem: Don't. Don't ever say his name.
    Lilly: I knew Lee better than y—
    Clem: Ever!
  • AJ ask Clem for dibs on taking down Abel. Let us remind you that the kid is six and yet he’s eager to go toe to toe with a grown man 3 times his size. Apparently Clem’s guts has rubbed off on him.
  • We finally get to see Clementine fighting against Abel in hand-to-hand combat. With a little help from AJ, Clem gives the raider a brutal beat down which cultivates in her knocking him down the balcony though she ended up falling alongside him.
    • Give points for Abel to for being able to hold his ground even if he has one arm cut off.
  • When held at gun point by Lilly Clem can have this badass line against her
    Clem: I’ll see you in hell.
    Lilly: You’ll be there for a good long time before I show up.
    Clem: I don’t mind waiting!
    Episode 3-Broken Toys 
  • The gang's break-in into Delta's ship is this; distracting the soldiers by burning their supplies and releasing their horses, Clem, AJ, and Louis/Violet go through their way of walking with a hoarde of walkers, using them pragmatically to take cover, later swimming under the docks, evading spotlights, and Clem later holding off a hoarde of walkers with her bow and arrow.
    • Clem also has the option to either incapacitate or assassinate the Delta soldiers, the latter which she does with brutal swiftness and stealth reminiscent of Lara Croft; she can either knock a man unconscious or tackle him and stab him in the jugular, and then later headshot another soldier in the head with Marlon's bow and arrow.
  • Clementine can call out and challenge Lilly, despite being captive in a dire situation where she and her friends have almost no power and within the impending doom of dying from the bomb placed inside the Delta ship boiler. She can even express either despising Larry or that Lilly is no better than him and that "being an asshole runs in the family".
  • Clementine vs. Minerva; angered by Minerva not only feigning a High-Heel–Face Turn and admitting to murdering her sister Sophie (which is definitely not well-received by a heartbroken Violet if you saved her in Episode 2), she breaks out of her cell, rams Minerva into the other cell, and releases the others only to get into a brawl with Minerva, who nearly overpowers and kills her. If you saved Violet, she will come to your rescue and shoot Minerva in the shoulder with her crossbow.
  • Clementine & AJ vs. Lilly; their feud comes to a head when Clem goes Mama Bear after Lilly takes AJ and tries to recruit him as a Child Soldier. The fight is almost reminiscent of Kenny vs. Jane, with both women slugging and wrestling each other.
    • Lilly proves being Made of Iron when AJ stabs her in the leg while she's choking Clementine, only to muster enough strength to kick AJ a good distance away. It isn't until Clem stomps the knife handle while **it's still embedded into Lilly's knee** that she succumbs.
    • Through a dark example, AJ can kill Lilly in karmic fashion of how the latter murdered Carley in Season 1; a bullet to the left cheek under her left eye.
    Episode 4-Take Us Back 
  • Anyone for an extremely large and incredibly dangerous ship explosion from which we have to escape by climbing on swinging metal?
    • Or grenades?
      • Or a metric fuck tonne of zombies? We literally have it all within the first fifteen minutes of this episode, folks!
  • If she survived in the previous episode Lilly will have one final confrontation with Clem as she is sailing away from the exploding ship. While you unfortunately cant kill her Clem instead gives Lilly a brutal "Reason You Suck" Speech where she can; call her out for her cowardice, inform her that she deserves to be alone after all the anguish she caused or calling her pathetic and lowering her bow. Hell its so effective that you can end the episode with Lilly feeling shamed as revealed by the character screen.
    • Or if you decide you don't feel like hearing Lilly's sob story you can instead have Clem interrupt her speech by firing her bow at her. Again you can't kill Lilly but it can be pretty satisfying to have Clem shut her up potentially three times in a row. By the end a defeated Lilly can only give Clem a dejected "fuck you" before leaving.
  • AJ has officially become an incredibly deadly sharpshooter. As has Clem.
  • We see what happened when Clementine came to retrieve AJ. There is a lot of death, most of it at Clementine's hands.
  • Clementine and AJ make it. Lee would be proud of his sweet pea!
  • AJ is threatened and that familiar thing we all remember - that terrifying Mom!Mode we all fear, even when we're controlling Clementine - comes right to the surface. As horrifying as it is, it is also glorious watching Clementine unleash all the shit.
  • Clementine is bitten and tells AJ that he has to kill her or leave her. So what does AJ do? Take a third option and, rather than shoot or leave her, he takes off her leg instead and she lives. Clementine has raised a smart boy!


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