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From the Book

  • King Caspian re-conquers the Lone Islands by sheer force of awesome because he doesn't have nearly enough men to take them by force of arms. When Governor Gumpas fails to display the proper degree of respect, Caspian impresses the seriousness of the situation upon him by overturning his table, summarily deposing him, and naming a more loyal nobleman Duke of the Lone Islands right in front of Gumpas' face.
    • The newly-appointed Duke Bern delivers the final insult to Gumpas.
    "The question is whether you and the rest of your rabble will leave without a flogging or with one. You may choose which you prefer."
  • Reepicheep, a walking CMOA, gets a whole new one when, being swung around by his tail by a prankster four times his size, he has no trouble in drawing his sword and beating said prankster into a blubbering mess.
    • And when he has to be specifically forbidden from challenging a dragon to single combat. And his response to an island of the worst things imaginable, that is, basically calling everybody else wusses for wanting to leave. Frankly, he's pretty much awesome in convenient mouse form.
    Caspian: "You may say what you like, Reepicheep. There are some things no man can face!"
    Reepicheep: "It is my very good fortune, then, not to be a man."
    • Reepicheep meets Eustace:
    Eustace: "I can't stand trained animals! They're so pathetic!"
    Reepicheep: (beat) "Am I to understand that this singularly discourteous person is under your majesties' protection? Because if not..."
  • The whole scene with the sea serpent.
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  • Lucy going into the magician's house all alone to take the spell off the Dufflepuds.

From the Movie

  • In the movie Eustace, now a dragon, finally proves himself useful when he starts towing the Dawn Treader by his tail during a doldrum. This especially goes for the cheer from the crew who have reason to respect him at last.
    • Eustace pretty much churns them out throughout their mission to rescue the last Telmarine lord. First, he gets the lord off of the island and onto the ship, saving a lot of time and effort. Then, he attacks the sea serpent and does a fair job holding it off. Finally, when he's turned back into a human, the first thing he does is take the sword to Aslan's table, so the island can be destroyed and everyone will be saved. This is even more impressive when you consider how useless he was before.
  • In the fight with the sea serpent we finally get to see Lucy fight as she gets a perfect shot with an arrow into the creature's head.
  • Just as it looks like Lucy and Eustace are about to be sold off by slave traders, one 'man' says he'll take them all - that is, by force, revealing most-if-not-all of the Dawn's Treader's crew jumping out from the crowd, before proceeding to whip their asses. Special mention goes to Lucy, Edmund and Caspian, who were chained at the wrists and still managing to use everything available to beat them down - at one point, Lucy appears to beat two men over the head with a book. And special mention also goes to the former slaves turning on their sellers.
  • Edmund just practically killing off a giant sea serpent.
    • The sea serpent itself was seriously upgraded via awesomeness-injection, from the stupid beast in the novel to something worthy of an island that spawns nightmares.
    • In many ship-vs-serpent battles, it's mainly lopsided in the latter's favor — not so here. In this battle, the Dawn Treader held together strongly when the serpent wrapped itself thrice around it. The crew never once panicked either, doing such maneuvers as ramming the serpent between the prow and an even larger rock, and using harpoons to yank it's head down, where it was most vulnerable to battle-ending blows. The battle is a testament to the construction of the ship, and the nerves of the crew aboard her.
    Caspian: (with determined calm and certainty) We can beat this.
  • Edmund facing Jadis yet again and, after a moment's temptation, resisting her influences. Possibly made more impressive with the reveal that the green mist, which had taken the form of Jadis to sway him, was actually being controlled by the Lady of the Green Kirtle, meaning that movie-verse Edmund has managed to overcome two Big Bads.
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  • The series has a real life one just for Voyage of the Dawn Treader being made with almost all the relevant original cast members, after everyone thought the series was dead after the subpar box office of Prince Caspian.


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