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Since this is the show with Brock Samson, you'd expect the page to be this lengthy. That's not to say the other characters don't get their moments as well with the cavalcade of superheroes and -villains and -scientists and adventurers of all ages about...

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     Season 1 
  • Brock vs. The Monarch's henchmen in "Dia de los Dangerous", after Brock air-dropped his '69 Charger straight into the middle of Monarch's lair.
    Brock: You get the boys outta here; I'll take care of these guys.
    Dr. Venture: Brock, are you sure? There's an awful lot of them...
    Brock: (eye twitching) They hit me with a truck.
    • Not to mention the opening scene, where, after Brock is forced to strip naked, he receives an appreciative gasp, and even a short round of applause. And there was a springing sound when he took his underwear off, for some reason, even though he was in a room full of muscular, oiled up men in tights.
    • The first episode where he's being charged by the Monarch's henchman, and manages to get a doubly-literal death-grip on poor Speedy.
  • Brock Samson survived getting sucked into outer space for a few moments with almost no ill effects.
    • He did have to blow some frozen blood out of his nose, but still better off than most.
    • And he STILL had enough energy to have crazy sex with a woman that has a frighteningly ugly face.
      Brock: "I prefer it with the helmet on."
  • Molotov is worthy of Brock in awesomeness. Note particularly their fight in her introductory episode, and particularly when Brock throws a knife at her face - she catches it with her teeth.
  • In the episode "Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic!" Brock becomes trapped in a device created by Dr. Venture to create the thing that would make you happiest. He then proceeds to fight ninjas, flame-thrower wielding dinosaur riding cowboys, and polar bears on motorcycles with scuba divers in the side cars.
    • And bone his one true love.
  • Captured by pirates and in manacles, Brock manages to kill his two guards and escape by mainly using his clenched gluteus maximus during a cavity search.
    • In this same episode, he punched out a lich-looking ghost.
  • The original Team Venture mistakes him for a villain (shooting him in the process) and Dr. Orpheus forces a standstill between the two. Then he tells The Action Man's fortune...
    Dr. Orpheus: (Grabs Action Man's hands) Two years, seventeen days.
    Action Man: ... What?
    Dr. Orpheus: From a stroke. Good day, sir!
    • Later on, someone comments they might not make it out alive from the villain's lair:
    Action Man: Not me! I got two more years!
  • During Mid-Life Chrysalis, when Brock's OSI license is suspended and he has to retake the test. The officer reading back his results generally summarizes Brock's overall MO:
    Brock: So how'd I do?
    Agent Treister: Well, let's see here Mr. Samson. On the driving portion you totaled every car but the one you were driving. On the pistol range you refused to use a gun, and, oh, (chuckle) here's my favorite: on the written you drew the little guy with wings from the Led Zeppelin records—
    Brock: Icarus. So, uh, what are you trying to tell me here, little man? You don't like Zep?
    (Treister stands and rips the written portion in half)
    Agent Treister: My father is General Treister. You saved his life. The man spoke of you as a God...and you did not disappoint.
    Brock: Oh yeah....I used to babysit you.
    • And at the end of the episode, he goes back to the strip joint he and Dr. Venture hit up earlier in the episode, to take his revenge on the bartender who made fun of his hair. When he makes fun of Brock's hair, again, Brock simply slaps his newly renewed license to kill on the bar in front of him. The last thing the bartender does is give Brock an Oh, Crap! look before Brock leaps over the bar and starts whaling on him.
    • The next time you see that bartender he's wearing an eyepatch.
  • During the yard sale at Dr. Venture's place, Orpheus realizes he really wants an arch villain. So he slaps The Monarch across the face and lights his shoes on fire. Then he hands him his card in case the Monarch would like to arch him. The extent of the Monarch's retaliation was shouting, "You dick!"
    • Also, the time henchman 21 bought a less-than-useful lightsaber prototype toy (which doesn’t actually hurt people), and attacked Brock Sampson with it. Sure, he ran away screaming when he realized it wouldn’t work, but still...
  • Dr. Venture telling the Monarch off in "Are You There God? It's Me, Dean". He manages to talk his way out of the dastardly situation the Monarch put him in just because his son wasn't feeling well. Failure or not, Dr. Venture has a truckload of guts and a tongue sharp as a razor-blade.
  • Dr. Orpheus opened the minds of two foul-mouthed rednecks "to a world of arcane torture!" And later he imprisoned them in a little Homie doll he got out of a vending machine.
    • His teleportation spells are pretty cool along with his exits. He once made a cloud shaped like a skull explode into a bunch of little skulls, seconds after he teleported out of the room.

     Season 2 
  • 21's opening sequence at the beginning of Hate Floats.
  • The flashback scene in Assassinanny 911 chronicling her and Brock's first meeting. They're about to have sex, when she manages to stick him with needles in her boots and pin him to the bed with a pair of sais. Then she backflips off of him, lights a match against the ceiling and throws it to the ground, setting the room ablaze before fleeing through the window. Brock's reaction to this? He says it's incredible, and if anything he's just annoyed that Molotov stole his cigarettes.
  • Colonel Hunter Gathers, when he initiates Brock into the OSI. "You still ready for anything?"
  • One of the most fantastic moments comes in the episode "Victor. Echo. November." While Dr. Venture is watching The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Brock vaults into the room, completely naked, covered in blood, with a SEVERED HEAD in his hand. Dr. Venture asks why Brock is naked, and his response is spoken in an animalistic growl:
    Brock: To prey on their fear, move like an animal, to feel the kill.
    • Brock Samson comes up behind the Monarch from out of nowhere and holds a knife to his neck, and his only response is an annoyed "Hello Brock." He doesn't even flinch!
  • In "Escape to the House of Mummies Part 2", Orpheus saves the Venture Family from a tomb's trap from halfway around the world, over the phone, using Dean's passions for his daughter Triana as a homing signal.
  • The Order of the Triad's "Rochambeau." Okay, it wasn't the Rochambeau, but it really should be.
  • Torrid gets one in his first appearance, Fallen Arches, when he is being interviewed by the Order of the Triad.
    Orpheus: So, what kind of...uh...menace do you think you could offer the Order of the Triad?
    Torrid: I've kidnapped your daughter.
    The Alchemist: Wow.
    Jefferson Twilight: Balls! Brass Balls!
    (Orpheus leaps across the table to throttle Torrid. Jefferson unsheathes his sword to help him.)
    The Alchemist (delighted): We have a winner! (Joins the fray.)
  • The Monarch's "minty fresh entrance" ''into his accountants office.'' (Bad directions; It was supposed to be the Secret Venture compound), and, for another, his standoff against Brock on his birthday.
    • Oh, and his daring prison escape. And the speech he made leading up to it.
  • As Myra Brandish tries to run Brock over in her car, facing backwards, he performs Taichi's Single Whip, with one hand stretched forward and the other to his side. When she hit him, he flies through the windscreen, crushing her into the seat, his forward hand drops into position on the wheel, and his hand stretched to the side prevents Dr. Venture from flying out of the windscreen.
  • Dr. Girlfriend/Dr Mrs. The Monarch, whatever she goes by at the time, has two. The first being from "I Know Why The Caged Bird Kills" when she reveals she isn't just a voice of reason. She's an ass kicker, by mopping the floor with Killinger's Black Guards. And a more subtle one from "Tears Of A Sea Cow", when she assumes control of the cocoon. When the henchmen start cheering, she kicks back with a look on her face that just screams "Yeah, I'm that awesome."
  • "¡Viva Los Muertos! has him killing a bunch of the Monarch's henchmen in a warehouse/hangar. If you freeze frame, you will see him having pinned a henchman to the wall with a functioning lawnmower which he holds in one hand while strangling another henchman with his other hand.
  • Brock's "MURDERFLIES!" speech to the Monarch's henchmen in the season 2 finale.
    • The Monarch piloting his giant flying cocoon ("the pride of the poison sky") against Phantom Limb's Guild Wasp armada, all while arguing with Dr. Venture. Add on his taking charge during the fight aboard the cocoon after Doctor Girlfriend is injured. "Well, I've got nothing to live for. All right, I get the one dressed like Taco. Brock, you get Spicolli!"
  • Sure, maybe it was just a Zerg Rush, and maybe the man was drunk and getting a tattoo, but The Monarch's henchmen taking on and actually capturing Brock Sampson as a gift for their boss's wedding has to count.
    • "Oh (censored), I thought I dreamt that part!"
  • David Bowie.
    David Bowie: Hello, I'm David Bowie. [punches Iggy Pop] Make way for the Homo Superior!

     Season 3 
  • In the third season premiere, it's revealed that The Monarch stole Dr. Girlfriend from Phantom Limb while working as one of his henchmen, and successfully passed the blame onto some poor schmuck called the Manotaur.
    • This seems to be more a massive What an Idiot! moment for Phantom Limb, who does not recognize his then henchman as well as holding a grudge against someone who looks nothing like him.
    • Not to mention his triumphant foray into the lair of the Phantom in that very episode.
    • His first attempt to kill Venture as the Monarch where he simply drives a car through every room of the building Blues Brothers-style to get to the lab, even if he stepped out and got his ass kicked.
  • Dr. Killinger nonchalantly makes Orpheus pass out in a nosebleed just by staring at him and resisting his powers.
  • Billy Quizboy gets one in "The Invisible Hand of Fate", where he freaks out at being used as an expendable spy, and uses his new mechanical hand to land a solid Groin Attack on Brock Fucking Samson that sends him keeling over.
    • Give Mister Whelan another Moment of Awesome courtesy of "ORB", where he definitely earns his detective spurs.
  • The skinny, pasty Dean Venture beating the crap out of a guy twice his size in defense of Triana. He may have been almost crying with snot pouring out of his nose, but considering the kind of character he is normally, this is probably going to be the closest thing to a Moment of Awesome he is ever going to get.
  • The entire third season episode "The Lepidopterists" is a crowning moment of awesome for the Monarch. He launches a deliberately doomed assault on Jonas Venture Jr. so that he can get his henchmen onto Spider-Skull Island so they can hack his video feed and make it look like he was killed by JJ, freeing him to arch Rusty Venture with a guild sanction like he always wanted.
    • 21 and 24 explaining to the much better trained Henchman #1 that they will survive due to extreme genre savvy.
  • Team Venture's capture of Spider-Skull Island in flashback in "Now Museum, Now You Don't".
  • Colonel Gentleman punching Rusty in the face for breaking his stepdaughters (Dr. Quymn) heart. Followed by fearlessly threatening Brock, the guy who pounded him last time they met.
    Gentleman: Don't you even try it, Prince Adam! This old panthers still got moves that'll make your mullet spin.
    • In one of the most impressive sequences in the series, Brock's identical, concurrently shown beatdowns on Rusty and friends in their college days and the original Team Venture in the present.
  • The entire goddamn episode of The Family That Slays Together Stays Together. This one takes a LIST.
    • Brock actually backs down against Helper, when Helper produces an arsenal of weaponry the moment Brock starts barking orders at him.
    • Molotov Cocktease faces down Brock Samson when he has a knife DIRECTLY ON HER THROAT.
    • Stealth transsexual spy strippers.
    • Herr Trigger vs Brock Samson, involving almost enough dakka from Herr Trigger, Brock stopping his new car early so that Herr Trigger tumbles over it and lights on fire. He still manages to get up and launch a missile at the X-1. At which point Helper climbs out of his little hole on the roof, climbs down the X-1, grabs the landing gear, and sacrifices half of his body to serve as an emergency landing gear.
    • Go Fish vs Brock Samson. Go Fish opens up with a grenade, then a frog bait that ties up Brock, then he tosses chum on Brock to LURE SHARKS TO KILL HIM. Brock cuts off his own hair, mounts it on a shark with his shirt, ties up the shark with fishing wire, and as Go Fish comes in for the final kill, Brock decapitates him with a shark. With a MOTHERFUCKING SHARK. His final line, a direct call out to the two useless formerly homosexual Christians on deck, is COLD AS HELL. He takes Go Fish's hat, puts it on his head, and goes with the line...
      Brock Samson: Oh God the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou hast covered my head in the day of battle.
    • While not as interesting as the rest, Le Tueur vs Brock Samson is still quite entertaining, though in a much more subtle way. Of the three assassins, Le Tueur does the single most damage to Brock, cutting off his nipple, carving him up with a sword pretty well, and slamming him through a window. In response, Brock bisects him vertically with his own sword. The hilarious part comes that when the blood splashes off of Le Tueur, it hits the boys in a way to make them look as if they've pissed themselves. Le Tueur's statement to Hank of "I only like ze Batman because he has ze best villains!" is pretty magnificent, as well.
    • That Moment of Awesome is also complemented with a funny moment at the end when Brock drags Le Tueur's body into the bathroom and we hear Dr. Venture (who was in the bathroom bathing at the time) scream then walk out to throw up.
    • Russell "Go-Fish" Sturgeon, the second assassin from the third season finale (and the only one that was really any level of competent), throws a grenade at Brock before binding him with a Fishing Pole. He then drags Brock through the water with his speed boat and pelts him with chum to attract sharks!
      Brock: You've gotta be kidding me!
    • And then Brock saying a quick prayer after dispatching him with a clever trap.
    • Heinrich "Herr Trigger" Triggermensch proving to be an Implacable Man in his pursuit of Brock and shooting down the X-1 (and the only of the assassins to come out of their encounter with Brock alive, even if he died shortly thereafter.)
    • The Monarch's simulation of his assault on the Venture Compound, in which he easily decapitates Brock with his wings.
    • A very subtle Moment of Awesome for Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: trying to talk Sergeant Hatred out of killing himself while Hatred is sitting on the toilet in the Venture compound with his pants down and his corporal and two privates first-class in full view (censor cover notwithstanding), and she's treating everything as perfectly normal.
    • The Monarch proving he could match the full power of the OSI blow for blow in the season 3 finale, and his daring gambit in the Death's Head Panoply. Even if the Panoply maneuver ended up with him out of control and vomiting, and killing his own minions as well as the Hank and Dean clones.
    • Molotov Cocktease out-awesomes everyone in the season 3 finale. See, it turns out that the whole "Brock getting disowned by OSI" thing was a lie that she concocted just to get him to take out the assassins. As a result, her own assassin agency now has no competition whatsoever. Said events took balls of the highest caliber.

     Season 4 
  • At the end of "Blood of The Father, Heart of Steel", he kills Hitler. Hitler in the form of an angry dog with his brain/soul in it, but Hitler nonetheless. And he does it with a ceremonial golden dagger, such that the dog is disintegrated by the magic afterwards.
    Brock: Guess I can cross "Stab Hitler to death" off of my list of cool crap I never thought I'd get to do.
  • In Blood Of The Father, Heart Of Steel, Molotov shoots Brock out of a building.
  • In "Return to Malice", there's Hank's scathing response to 21 accusing him and Dean of killing 24:
    Hank: Oh, wasn't that that same day when a hundred gooey copies of me and my brother got mowed down by a lunatic in a spinning laser suit? And the day that my best friend, Brock, left us forever? Oh, how could I forget one of, like, a million guys who died on my lawn?!
  • Rusty got one where, after working with his fellow ex-boy adventurers to track down their therapist's killer, realizes that for all the crap he went through due to his dad, he's been doing far better than them.
  • In "The Better Man". A Minor Villain, Torrid, had been sucked into hell and driven insane by Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. A hero, OutRider, who was revealed to be more powerful than Orpheus, brought him back. The OutRider is about to cure Torrid when Torrid sucker punches him off his horse, screams "Share my pain!" and casts a spell on Rider before disappearing. All the characters admit that it was a pretty badass way to go.
    • To quote The Alchemist, "That was 100% bad-ass!"
  • The ENTIRE Pinstripes & Poltergeists episode, but specifically:
    • When Shore Leave gets captured by a scientist's guards, he quips "Oh, so my men will just drop dead and I'll suddenly not want to pull this trigger?" Cue Brock dropping from the ceiling, driving his fists through the guards' skulls, and twisting the scientist's arm so his gun points back at him.
      Shore Leave: See? If you could pull that trigger, you totally wouldn't wanna.
    • THE DUEL. My God, THE DUEL. In a Call-Back to the time 21 tried to attack Brock with a lightsaber, the two of them get an actual fight, and 21 even seems to have earned Brock's respect even though he lost as he agrees to the plan to take down Monstroso later on.
    • Brock's 'sacrifices' speech.
    • The late #24 playing Obi-Wan Kenobi to #21's Luke Skywalker... Literally at one point.
    • Dr. Mrs. The Monarch finally putting The Murderous Moppets in their places.
    • The revelation of the "top secret" S.P.H.I.N.X. headquarters.
    • The Ending. "You really wanna do this? I'm twice your size." "Not anymore."
    • The Stinger. "BROCK?!?"
  • Sgt. Hatred got one when he rescued Rusty from the Monarch and his Butter-Glider by shooting him with Billy's shrink ray, enlarging him to the point where the Butter-Glider couldn't take his weight. All of which while "speedballing on tranq darts and PURE ADRENALINE!"
  • Pomp & Circuitry could easily be called "Hank's Crowning Episode of Awesome." To wit: He tries to join S.P.H.I.N.X. At first, they laugh him off, because he's...well...Hank. He then explains that as Doctor Venture's son, he's experienced enough in the way of threats for several lifetimes. They try to tie him up? He escapes almost immediately. They try to erase his mind? He recognizes the type of machine and is Genre Savvy enough to wear a tinfoil hat to block it. They don't let him in, but it's still pretty awesome to see the character who is the definition of The Load get his moment in the sun.
    • It isn't even so much that they don't let him in, considering he actually passes the test. Brock appears to have pulled a few strings so that Hank doesn't follow in his footsteps, as much as he desperately wants to.
    • The same episode was a bastion of awesome for Phantom Limb.
  • Let's not forget our friendly homosexual Shipwreck imitation Shore Leave. In "Any Which Way But Zeus" when he's about to be kidnapped by "Zeus." He sarcastically mistakes Zeus for Cinderella's fairy godmother coming to take him to the ball, and then he politely asks if he could bring a massive-ass gun with him, stares Zeus down and begins firing at him. Chalk up another one for Sphinx, boys.
    • From the same episode, his complete shut-down of Pete, after being called a sissy. "I'm brave enough to be who I am in the face of assholes like you, and I'm the sissy?"
  • There are times when Dr. Venture seems like the essential ubermench, especially in "Assisted Suicide". After undergoing Mind Assassination Hank asks if Dr. Venture is okay. In response he relates a traumatic story about his father while he was a teenager. Hank: "That sounds like a nightmare." Dr. Venture: "No, what I went through today is a nightmare. What happened on my 16th birthday? That is my life."
  • 21, nay, this entire series, accomplished one in "Assisted Suicide" when he and Mrs. The Monarch have a heart-to-heart conversation that results in her giving him a cheer while dressed like a cheerleader, revealing that she enjoys Star Trek just as much as he does, and him finally making a move to kiss her. She certainly didn't mind.
  • Dr. Orpheus' entire involvement in the episode Assisted Suicide. Despite the series being a "show about failure," he spent that entire episode showing that he is damn good at what he does and saves Dr. Venture from The Monarch's mind-assassination attempt.
    • Which involved doing unspecified acts of Id's choosing in order to provide Ego with two hot babes of Rusty's fantasies.
  • The Monarch tells off the Murderous Moppets after they try to give him an order. Their reaction was perfect. What makes this even better is that he's suffering from a terrible allergic reaction and his face is puffed up to hell and back. That he manages to be genuinely terrifying in spite of this is nothing but awesome.
    • It's the way he does it. The Monarch doesn't yell, or whine, or any of the silly things he usually does when someone challenges him. He just quietly explains that if they ever try to order him around again, he'll kill them both and feed the remains to the dogs, as if they were discussing the weather.
  • Operation P.R.O.M., the one-hour fourth season finale, has several:
    • Treister's entire exit is one. He invites Hunter to the (real) bridge of the OSI airship, where he gives him the wheel. When Hunter tells him he's not a Hulk and that the Lepidopterists are Guild double agents plotting a takeover, Treister reveals that he already knew and set up an ambush for them. Treister puts Hunter in charge of the OSI, then launches himself into space so as to allow "alien technology" to find him and cure his cancer. To cap the whole sequence off, the last shot of Treister is of him being released from a torpedo tube in space, clad only in the American flag and frozen in permanent salute, with a post-it note saying "Fix It!" affixed to his chest. That's the absolute pure definition of Crazy Is Cool.
    • After the Outrider's stupid speech at the very end of the episode:
      Dean: You know what I think? Fuck You!
    • Gary quitting.
    • The last 2:30 minutes of the episode were just fantastic. Spoilers, obviously.

     Season 5 
  • Dean utterly owning Martin in "What Color is your Cleansuit?" by challenging him for leadership of the mutant students with the nonviolent (and therefore non-deadly) "Way of the Indian."
  • Hank, high on coffee bean caffeine and being more than on the ball, wasn't just bragging about "how Batman [he is]" by saving his dad and Hatred in Venture Libre.
    • To expand on this: He defeats a squad of humanoid animals with all the strengths of their animal side (claws, teeth, speed) and their human side (bipedal, thumbs, guns) in hand to hand combat, lays an arsenal of booby traps that would make the Veit Cong blush, kills at least half a dozen other hybrids just during their regular patrols in the forest, all while sick with diarreha and dehydrated from the coffee beans he's been eating and armed only with a home made jet pack, native american bat mask, and a cape made of palm leaves.
    Hank: I am The Bat. The night is mine!
    • Not to be outdone, Hatred kills a huge dinosaur with a single pistol shot and H.E.L.P.eR bisects a whale and giant squid with his laser cannon.
  • Georgio gets one by scamming St Cloud out of thousands of dollars due to purchasing the island of "Spanikopita" which is also the name of a Greek spinach pie, as well as successfully getting revenge on Jonas due to all of money Rusty gave them from his yearly visits.
    • Billy and Pete both get one by completing the challenge and escaping St Cloud's deathtrap with Billy literally carrying White back to the others piggyback style.
  • Practically all of "O.S.I. Love You" belongs here, but a beautifully understated moment is Dean's ongoing Cloning Blues, and the truly epic shot he takes at Rusty in the O.S.I medbay:
    Dr. Venture: (addressing an O.S.I. medic, re: Hank and his strength suit) He's been wearing that thing for weeks. It was the same way with the Batman costume I bought him when he was ten.
    Dean: Yeah, only now he doesn't die when he jumps off the roof.
  • "Momma's Boys" has Hank telling off crazy Myra (who thought she was the boys' mother) and inadvertently starting a riot that saved his brother and father.
  • From "Bot Seeks Bot", The Monarch, of all people, storming in to save Rusty when he finds himself 2 seconds away from a world of hurt at the hands of the Guild after accidentally stumbling upon their underground nightclub. Nobody messes with his arch.
    • Make that a Battle Couple moment of awesome, as Mrs. Dr. The Monarch supersedes the Guild's team-up ruling, stating that the primary arch (Monarch) must be offered the right of refusal in participating or leading said team-up before it can commence. Her recollection of Guild by-laws impresses the Council of Thirteen's leader enough for them to offer her a spot!
  • Gary turning the other Henchman against Tim-Tom. He does this simply by telling them that Tim-Tom killed 24, something that he realized, and stating the two dwarves had broken their most sacred rule: "Hench must never kill Hench."
    • In the same episode, Colonel Gentleman beating up a man with his own left thumb.

     Season 6 
  • "All This And Gargantua-2" is chocked full of completely awesome moments.
    • Billy's Mom turning out to be a total badass and possible ex-spy.
    • General Treister lives! And his insane plan to launch himself into space to cure his cancer works! And he's a Hulk!
    • JJ steering the core away in his Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Henry Killinger is an Investor. And summarily owns all of them in a psychic lightsaber battle. With his umbrella. Except for the one dude he physically killed. With his umbrella. He's that badass.
    • Watch and Ward, after five seasons of largely being a comic relief duo, helping Mrs. The Monarch escape the Soverign's self-destruct countdown and thus allowing her to rescue her husband and Gary from potentially dying aboard Gargantua-2.
  • "Hostile Makeover"
    • "Agent Brock Samson reporting for duty!"
  • "Maybe No Go" has Brock and Hatred teaming up to leave an angry polar bear in Wide Wale's penthouse as a warning.
  • '''Faking Miracles"
    • Hank managing to score a date with the girl he tried to save back during "Hostile Makeover", whose revealed to be Wide Wale's daughter. The guy had to already deal with the bodyguards assigned to protect her, to her dismay when they encountered each other eariler at the park (Which thankfully, Brock was around), here, he was trapped in Wide Wale's penthouse, due to having to deliver a pizza they ordered. It all ends with Hank coming out from his hiding spot after the headguard Rocco left and suavely asking her out. That last part may not seem as awesome, till you realize Hank purposely pulled off a Marty McFly and jumped off the balcony and landed in a flying mobile prototype J.J. had made, which in of itself is also awesome as it was shown to have problems with its brakes.
  • "It Happening One Night"
    • A understated one for the Monarch/Blue Morpho; he single-handedly annihilated "The Doom Factory", 10 supervillians, with the push of a button and pulled off a classic Wounded Gazelle Gambit in The Stinger, making it seem like both he and Mrs. The Monarch had been tranq'ed by the "Blue Morpho", clearing a big chunk of sub-arches out of his ways towards knocking off Wide Wale and regaining his arch status against Dr. Venture, as well as giving him an airtight alibi as to his whereabouts. May be somewhat negated by the fact that now the entirety of the Council of Thirteen has their crosshairs on Rusty, mistaking him for the "Blue Morpho", thanks to Monarch blowing up the Doom Factory ship in front of VenTech headquarters.
    • How about some praise for the Doom Factory? Their methods were most certainly bizarre, but in the end, it was shown to be a combination of Bavarian Fire Drill and Confusion Fu, and ended with exactly what they had wanted: Them flying off with a huge amount of Doctor Venture's stuff, and having been met with no resistance whatsoever. Not So Harmless has never looked stranger, and yet never so triumphant... at least, until the ending.
  • "A Party For Tarzan"
    • It seems Season 6 up to this point has served to remind viewers that anyone put between the Monarch and his arching of Dr. Venture is pretty much dog food. Best example? Since he's been coddled by Mrs. The Monarch into arching a low-tier "scientist" named Dr. Heiney, Monarch leaves the Blue Morpho's duties, i.e. kidnapping and offing "The Wandering Spider", to 21/Kano, who pulls it off without a hitch (as does Monarch with Dr. Heiney), even getting the Spider in his last moments to leave a voicemail to the Guild stating the Blue Morpho is about to kill him. How is this all awesome? Monarch sends his "torture selfie" to his wife the same time the Spider's voicemail arrives, right after she, at the behest of the Guild, shot Dr. Venture, who'd taken the Blue Morpho's jacket earlier to avoid the wait time on a new suit for a party and survives solely due to the Morpho's flaking bullet-proof vest. So...Monarch once again creates a solid alibi for himself and 21, scores some points with his wife and the Guild for a clean, successful arching, offs another sub-arch on his way towards getting to Wide Wale, unwittingly clears Rusty's name as the Mistaken Identity of the "Blue Morpho (and saves his life in the process), and forces the Guild to endure an epic chewing-out from Mrs. The Monarch for nearly violating Guild law by attempting assassination on Venture with little more than circumstantial evidence and coincidental evening wear. To top it all off for Monarch? Rusty had to pay the Monarch's cleaning fees for the suit since he (well, Billy Quizboy) spilled alcohol and tomato juice on it and couldn't tell anyone without admitting he stole it from a villain tailor shop, lest he embarrass himself in front of his new high-ball friends and associates. According to 21, this last bit fits perfectly into the Monarch's M.O. for arching Rusty Venture, so even when Monarch's not arching Venture, Rusty still ends up on the short end!
  • "Red Means Stop"
    • For the first time all season, Monarch meets his match in the form of Red Death, a man who is impossibly likeable (even Hunter Gathers respects him!), incredibly deadly (reportedly vaporized an army of super soldiers!), and incredibly perceptive, to the point that he immediately sees through all of the Monarch's disguises and follows all his work. When The Monarch tries to blackmail Red Death into giving up his arching rights under the pretense of having kidnapped his wife and daughter, Red Death immediately goes Brian Mills on him and breaks into his secret headquarters effortlessly, terrifying 21 and the Monarch so much that they immediately surrender and give up the location of his family. And after all of that he agrees to help the Monarch and keep his secret plan.
    • In-universe: Red Death was impressed by Monarch turning Rusty into a marionette.
    • Hunter Gathers earns himself another notch when he goes Papa Wolf on Phantom Limb for threatening his OSI men.
    • Brock earns himself a worthy mention as well, by facing Red Death in a "live fire" excercise, causing Shore Leave to leave us with this gem:
      Shore Leave: How come even when I am Brock, I wish I was Brock!?
    • Turns out Rusty also once jumped on a grenade to save his dog.

     Season 7 
  • The Blue Morpho's (Not The Monarch) epic The Dog Bites Back moments against Jonas Venture, after the episode reveals just how badly Jonas Sr. mistreated him by blackmailing him with a sex tape, sleeping with his wife, turning him into a cyborg and mind-raping him, an act which horrified and disgusted even the normally amoral members of the Original Team Venture.
  • The fate of Jonas Venture himself. After a lifetime of scientific negligence and screwing over countless people with his experiments, he's reduced to a head in one of said inventions. Forced to spend 30 years in a life/death limbo. And meeting his end when Blue Morpho/Vendata/Venturion returns to exact his revenge.
  • To demonstrate an anti-gravity belt Rusty jumps up on the table in the boardroom runs down and hurls himself out of a window.
  • Dean proving himself to be a Badass Pacifist by peacefully defusing a potentially gruesome battle between The Monarch (and 21) against Victor Von Helping.
  • Of all people, Rusty manages to accomplish a bizarre, insane feat that many thought to be nigh-impossible for him: Possibly surpassing his father for once, and actually being the Only Sane Man. And not even by comparison this time, managing to call out several established characters, including Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Phantom Limb, Hunter, and Brock with a surprisingly blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech during the OSI and Guild negotiations:
    Rusty: I get it! I suddenly get it. You're children! That's why my dad put you in the pool and made you duke it out! Newsflash, my dad was a shitty parent! But when my boys cry about fairness, I remind them that fairness is the philosophical tooth fairy! There is no fairness! What'd you guys come here fo-
    Dr. Mrs. The Monarch: Um...
    Rusty: Fine! Not guys. What'd you children come here for?! Look, you won't get everything. But you'll get something! Stop with this fairness crap and make some compromises. Then go back home to your friends in your goofy costumes and brag about how much you got 'em! Or... you can go back and go 'oooh, we didn't get everything we wanted, so we got nothing! Because we're big babies!' What's it gonna be?!
  • St. Cloud busting into Billy's house to arch him during "The Bellicose Proxy". Only to meet an annoyed Col. Gentlemen who prepares to throttle him. And then he informs Rose that he's Billy's nemesis. And granny gets mad.
    Rose: I'll let you take the first swing. And if you don't put me down, I'll beat the living shit out of you 'til my arthritis kicks in. And I just took my Humira.note 
    • ...not to mention that this came shortly after Action Man's stroke, which had to have left Rose an emotional wreck over concern for her lover, and then someone out of the blue breaks into her home and intends on "bullying" her son? St. Cloud could NOT have picked a worse time to go arching.
  • Badass Decay or not, Monarch can still pull off one hell of a classic Evil Laugh
  • Red Death giving the obnoxious Blind Rage a lesson in classic villainy.
    Red Death: Oh, you're up. Goody. We can start your history lesson. Long before there were loudmouth buff guys in spandex, there was the gentleman villain. His favourite sinister act was this: tying someone to a train track. It's simple, inexpensive, personal and deadly, but it gives you a little hope - maybe you'll escape. [Blind Rage's muffled screams interrupt] Lesson's NOT over, sonny! *sighs* Now, the gentleman villain had these old school time-bombs, three sticks of dynamite wired to an alarm clock. And what was so poetic about that is that they ticked. You could hear them - tick tick tick. Nowadays they're just digital - no sound, no peril. [the sound of an approaching train is heard, getting closer] Oh, ohoho, do you hear that? There's the tick. The train is coming! Is it on this track? Tick tick tick. Maybe it's on the other track! Tick tick tick! *cackles maniacally* Not bad for an old man, huh? I'm gonna get going, let you try to escape. And if you do, tell the Peril Partnership that the Guild isn't scared of punks. If you don't, eh, sorry.
  • Brock's Badass Boast to a Kill Squad who infiltrated VenTech Tower.
    Brock: (on P.A.) Testing, testing, hello idiots. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for accepting this suicide mission. Your target, a one Brock Sampson, has been really bored lately and will enjoy the shit out of this. Each one of you fine soldiers will be sacrificed for his amusement. Your unavoidable deaths will become the stuff of legends. Every new recruit will hear the story of the time a Guild Black-Out team got locked in the VenTech tower, behind 7 inch bomb-proof steel doors and were killed one by one in glorious service to this dumbass guild you joined. Good luck out there, and thank you for your service.

  • While relatively tame compared to some of the shit Brock's done in the show, there's Brock's first appearance. He singlehandedly killed a Crocodile in front of two United Nation Guards who look in awe, then after the guards told him he couldn't enter with the knife, he CHALLENGES THEM to take the knife from him. Understandably, the guard attempting this sweats in fear, and when he looks to the other guard, he tells him not to do it. Words don't do it justice.
  • OSI's generic ground troopers are probably amongst the best good guy redshirt army in animation history. They frequently slaughter other mooks without remorse including: decapitating a Destro look alike with an F-15, throwing a henchmen into a helicopter's rotors, nonchalantly shooting prisoners in the head, gunning down ejected pilots, decapitating henchmen via a jetpack headlock, and shrugging off dozens of Monarch darts before mowing down their enemies (Mostly because their armor repels the darts everywhere other than their face). They kill more villains in a single episode than most cartoon heroes manage in their entire career.
  • The Master showing off why he's The Master during "A Very Venture Halloween". By way of vaporizing a whole slew of zombies in one blast. All while in the form of Santa Claus.


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