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The 1987 movie

  • When Oscar charges into the fray against the gangsters on the bridge. For an accountant with a gun, he looked very badass.
  • Odessa Steps homage scene. Also Pop-Cultural Osmosis - the average modern moviegoer will probably know this scene from The Untouchables rather than Battleship Potemkin. The original script actually featured a train crash but due to budget restrictions, Brian De Palma opted for the Odessa Steps homage.
    • When Ness and Stone are about to enter the station, they open the doors at the same time. It's a small moment but the perfect timing makes it look very badass.
  • Ness' last words to Capone in the court room. After a scene with Capone declaring that a fight should be fought to the end to truly see the winner, Ness essentially turns his own words back on him, and caps it off with a positively epic "There endeth the lesson," line while grinning triumphantly at the mobster. Cue Capone needing to be held back by his entire crew.
    • Pretty much the whole scene. From the judge deciding to change the corrupt jury to Capone's lawyer doing a Heel–Face Turn because it's a lost cause to defend him.
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  • Ness throwing Nitti off the roof of the courthouse to his death while saying, "Did he sound anything like that?!" after the latter triggers Ness's Berserk Button.
  • Jimmy Malone, a veteran, wise and tough street cop of Irish ancestry who is very pissed with Chicago's corruption and is portrayed by Sean Connery. Truly Oscar worthy.
    Mobster: You got a warrant?
    Malone: Sure, here's my warrant. (Punches him in the belly)
  • Ness dealing with the corrupt alderman and his bribery.
  • This theme courtesy of Ennio Morricone.
  • Real Life example: Billy Drago, who portrayed Frank Nitti, recalled that while they were filming scenes on the streets of Chicago, he was told about a couple of teenage street gangs getting ready for a gang fight. At the request of the Chicago Police Department, Drago, wearing his costume and armed with his prop tommy gun, went to the place where the fight was supposed to happen. The gang members were in such awe of him that they didn't fight.
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  • Behind the scenes example: Andy Garcia revealed that Connery's big "Here's how you get Capone" speech was done in two takes after he'd come back from a five hour golf game while they were setting up the shot. When Garcia expressed how impressed he was, Connery just smirked and said "It's not my first barbeque."

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