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Awesome / The Ultimates (2015)

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  • The entirety of the conflict in Issue #6, serving as a brilliant deconstruction and discussion of Status Quo Is God.
    Galactus: This discussion is over. Begone. Tell any other aspects who wish to interfere — Galactus will not regress. Not without a fight...
    • When Owen Reece invites him to his own pocket reality to talk, Galactus not only manages to remain stoic enough to keep the guy from erasing him, but actually earns his respect somewhat by asking him his opinion.
    Molecule Man: D'you know the myth of Sisyphus? The legend of the man who climbs the mountain. Pushing his rock against a terrible, cosmic gravity. A gravity strong enough to warp the currents of time.
    Galactus: The myth of the impossible task. A constant across the cosmos...
    Molecule Man: Right, right. And he can never make it. The rock always rolls back to the bottom. Always and forever. Is that where it's meant to be, do you think? The bottom of the mountain? I mean, according to tradition and gravity and the will of the gods, that's where it's going. But does that really mean it's where it's meant to be?
    Galactus: ...Thank you, Owen. But I must leave you now. I have a duty to perform... and I must not rest.
    Molecule Man: If you say so, Lifebringer. Good luck... and don't stop pushing.
  • America expressing her dissatisfaction with Carol's increasingly authoritarian stance. By hitting her with a chair.
  • Ultimates Squared issue 4 has The Never-Queen hiding the last Celestial from Logos' attempted genocide. Even more impressive, given said Celestial was among those Logos attacked, meaning she managed to grab someone and hide them, while the being should logically have been able to see them. And all as a giant "well, screw you" to Logos' plans.
    • This leads to Issue 10 where the Never Queen uses the last Celestial as a precursor to return the Celestials as the Fifth Host to protect Eternity and fight the First Firmament.
  • In issue 9 of Ultimates Squared, America comes out of an all-red dimension of pure concussive force... in other words, she weaponized the "punch dimension" from which Cyclops manifests his optic blasts.
  • The Maker resurrects the original Ultimates to counter the new team. They lose epically.
    • To start it off, Hulk is taken out in a single blow.
      Hulk: Hulk is strongest there is!
      Adam: Yeah. Well. I beg to differ. uppercuts Hulk across the room
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    • Carol takes out Ant-Man in a similar manner, breaking his goggles and knocking him out in one punch.
    • America and Cap go at it (don't ask how), with Cap eventually calling a truce after hearing the other team is called the Ultimates too. By before that…
      Captain America: That sounds like surrender. And this "A" doesn't stand for France!
      America: Well, this America doesn't stand for your shit!
  • In issue 10 (100), T'Challa uses the powers of the Tiger God to escape being confined on Earth, due to Hydra's planetary shield, to fight on the cosmic plane. By the way, how does one get the Tiger God's powers? By beating it up. That's right: T'Challa beat a god in order to become that god and beat an even stronger god.
  • The final issue where all previous versions of Eternity, as in the embodiments of the multiverse, from the 2nd through the current, as well as Infinity, come together as Eternity's team of ultimate Ultimates, and imprison the First Firmament.

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