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Awesome / The Transformers: Till All Are One

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  • Starscream (of all people) in the Annual. For years now he has believed the prophesy that he is "The Chosen One", destined to unite all of Cybertron. After seeing his true self while mentally linked with Windblade, he seems ready to pull a Heel–Face Turn, using his power as Cybertron's ruler to genuinely help the planet and its people. He even surprises Rattrap, who is shocked when he agrees to go ahead with free elections, despite having an excuse he could use to suspend them; he's confident that as The Chosen One, he will win against the warlike Elita One and inexperienced Windblade. But Rattrap can't tell if his change is genuine, and gives Windblade a briefcase of every crime he has committed since taking office, and she fully intends to reveal everything to the public. Panicked, Starscream snaps back to his usual duplicitous self, preparing every dirty trick he can to torpedo the accusations and discredit Windblade. He justifies this by pointing out that what he wants to do is truly good for Cybertron...but Bumblebee's "ghost" won't help him; he needs to decide just how much Cybertron's future is worth. At the debate, after hearing a moving speech by Windblade, Starscream confesses his crimes himself. He and Windblade's supporters unite against Elita One, and Windblade is made Cybertron's ruler. Starscream pleads no contest to every charge against him, and is imprisoned for life. Windblade visits him with a gift; a hologram of his true self, the bot he could have been. The Chosen One did unite all of Cybertron, against himself.
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  • Also in the Annual, Windblade telling the Mistress of Flame that she's "had just about enough with the Prime". Granted, she gets slapped for it but still.

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