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Awesome / The Transformers: Dark Cybertron

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Chapter 1

  • The Lost Light rescuing Orion Pax's crew from the collapsing Gorlam Prime.

Chapter 2

  • It's small, but Bumblebee getting some much-needed Character Development and giving a verbal smackdown to the Dinobots was pretty awesome.
  • Orion, Rodimus, Hardhead and Cyclonus enter the Dead Universe by basically diving into a section of collapsing reality.
  • That one part in the Dead Universe where you realize that robot shadowing the others is none other than Nightbeat. That's right, the same Nightbeat that had his brains blown out by Hardhead five years ago

Chapter 3

  • Metalhawk coming back to life and confronting Starscream for his murder, before abducting Megatron.

Chapter 4

  • Rung, armed only with a staff, is not only able to hold his own for a time against one of the Ammonite combiners, he's also able to hit it in just the right way to force it to un-combine into the knee-high Ammonites it's made up of. Slightly diminished when he gets taken down from behind almost immediately after.
    Rung: I don't recall ever fighting a combiner before. In fact, it's been a long time since I've sparred with anybody. Non-verbally, I mean. My name is Rung. I'm a psychiatrist, you see, and I'll tell you what— I've seen enough patients to know that no one is invincible. Everyone has a weak spot. And unless you find a way to hide that weak spot... *nudges a point on the Ammonite's chest, deactivating the combination* ... you're liable to fall apart.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

  • Hardhead breaking out of the containment cube using... well, using his head. Nova Prime's simple yet horrifically effective answer to this also counts, crushing Hardhead's forcefield generator and letting the Dead Universe consume the Autobot.
  • Kup's surprise appearance at the end, reinforcing the notion that the Dead Universe is a badass magnet.


Chapter 7

  • Rodimus performing a Batman Gambit to break Nova's control over Nightbeat.
  • Megatron taking down Galvatron and Waspinator, sans legs. Also, his utter nonchalance to being ripped in half.
    Megatron: This scratch? I've had worse.
  • Chromia and Nautica making a Dynamic Entry directly on top of Ultra Magnus.

Chapter 8

  • Orion calling out Rodimus for his actions after the Overlord fiasco, saying that if he were really ashamed, he would have resigned rather than let his popularity carry a vote on the issue.
  • Metroplex and the Lost Light quantum jumping onto the surface of Cybertron.
  • Bumblebee calling out Megatron on the fact that, despite his constant claims, the Decepticons haven't been noble revolutionaries ever since the beginning of the Great War. Going by Megatrons comments in Chapter 10, Bumblebee might have actually gotten through to him.

Chapter 9

  • Metroplex fearlessly engaging the Necrotitan, despite the alchemical virus and the battle raging inside him.
  • Megatron reattaching Metroplex's thumb, giving him the power boost he needs to turn the tide.
  • EVERYTHING about Orion and Nova's final duel. It starts with Nova giving a scarily effective Hannibal Lecture, exploiting the guilt Orion has been carrying over over his involvement in the odious Age of Primes, actually managing to break Pax. Cyclonus steps in for a moment to hold off his former leader while Rodimus gives this awesome Rousing Speech to his despondent leader:
    Rodimus: When you became Optimus Prime—when you assumed the title—the world didn't know the truth about Nova and Nominus and the rest. Back then, being a Prime meant demonstrating—no, actually—embodying certain standards of behavior... it meant decency and integrity and—and morality—and all sorts of things that chancers like me pretend are unfashionable because deep down they scare us... and they scare us because we try to live our lives by them but we can't. Well, guess what? You can. You can and you do—every day. Thanks to you, the word Prime still means decency and integrity and morality. Listen. The world will always need a Prime... but only if that Prime is you.
    • This galvanizes Pax, and he returns to battle with his ancient predecessor, fighting with confidence again for the first time in a long while. He overpowers Nova, tearing off his arm before finally killing him with a fist through the chest, once again taking up the name "Optimus."
    Orion: My name is OPTIMUS PRIME!
  • Shockwave proves himself a Magnificent Bastard of the highest order. Due to his machinations, he's managed to consolidate all the useful Regenesis Ores on Cybertron, advancing his plan into its final phases. That pales in comparison to his other gambit, though: turns out Shockwave was playing Nova Prime and Galvatron, some the most powerful characters in the entire series, for chumps the entire time. He was "banking" on Nova getting caught in the crossfire, so he could harness the energies of the Dead Universe itself.
  • After over two years of RID and at least a dozen issues of the previous series' run, Bumblebee has enough of Prowl's constant criticism and undermining of his authority, grabs him by the throat, and gives a short but angry "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

  • After two years of having his attempts at peace fail, Bumblebee finally makes it happen in a big way. As he and Megatron confront the incapacitated Galvatron, his very final act before his death at Shockwave's hand is convincing Megatron to spare the warrior, that they are all in it together.
  • Optimus' team reenters reality to deal out a Big Damn Heroes against Bludgeon. And it is EPIC.
    Ultra Magnus: Pax...?

Chapter 12

  • Bumblbee gets one post-mortem. Two words: Autobot Megatron.
    • This is particularly awesome because Shockwave's insanity comes from the intense shadowplay done to his mind, and shadowplay is essentially impossible to reverse. The Logic Bomb of Megatron wearing an Autobot symbol is enough to unbreak Shockwave's mind.
    • It's also awesome because one of the most iconic 80s cartoon villains is now a good guy.


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