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Awesome / The Tainted Grimoire

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  • The way Cheney defeated Marion during the Poaching Arc.
  • Ensei's fight with Ignatius, the Captain of the Archbishop Guard. Both characters were awesome.
  • The Judgemaster Personnel Guard in action during the St. Galleria Arc were so awesome other characters were in stunned awe.
  • Luso's defeat of Vaticus Finch.
  • Sir Loin's Heroic Sacrifice to save his daughter Adelle.
  • When a united group of Luso, Cheney, Villi, Veis, Bowen, Loa and Tweigle defeated Klesta.
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  • Luso breaking through an ice wall in a race.
  • Luso's battle with Crow. The fact that it ended in a narrow victory for Crow does not reduce it's awesomeness in any way.
  • Cid using Air Render to defeat a Khamja operative in one hit during the Grazton arc.
  • Luso defeating "Acid" Suzuka during The Camoa Cup.

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