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A Beautiful Friendship

  • Stephanie has crashed her hang-glider, and finds that she is not only injured, but soon to be the lunch of a massive Hexapuma. Climbs Quickly comes to her rescue, but is badly injured in turn. Stephanie manages to almost slice one of the Hexapuma's limbs off with a vibroblade, which buys them enough time to be rescued by Climbs Quickly's clain, who collectively reduce the Hexapuma to ribbons.

Fire Season

  • Stephanie and Carl rescuing two treecat twins from a tree during a forest fire. To do this, Stephanie ends up having to climb out of the car and into the burning tree to get them.
  • Stephanie and some of her fellow probationary rangers show up just in the nick of time to start creating a firebreak to protect a Treecat clan that hasn't decided if they want anything to do with humans at all. The treecats, realzing what the humans are doing, quickly leap in to help.
    • Once they realize the fight is lost, all of the treecats pile into the back of an air-truck the rangers arrived in, and they all end up arriving just in time to rescue Dr. Whittaker's expedition from a swamp predator that had them cornered. The treecats decide to help the trapped humans based entirely on the fact that another group of humans was willing to help them.

Treecat Wars

  • When Stephanie, Lionheart, Karl, and the Harringtons are attacked on their way to a fancy dinner where Stephanie is supposed to give a speech, Stephanie takes one of the attackers down with a sharp kick to the kneecap and another to the face. Lionheart disables two more. Much to Stephanie's surprise, Karl takes the last guy down, expertly putting him on his knees and painfully twisting an arm behind his back in a submission hold. And Stephanie is still able to give the speech afterwards despite the attack.
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  • An unscrupulous member of Doctor Hidalgo's x-a team visits Jessica's house while her parents are away and interviews her younger siblings, hoping to get some evidence that treecats are dangerous. Jessica and Anders are there, unbeknowest to him, but before they can intervene, Jessica's dad comes home early and confronts (calmly but very firmly) the interloper about his unethical behavior and sends him on his way with a very stern warning.
  • Anders goes hand to hand with a berserking treecat which attacks Jessica, pulling it off of her and throwing it down as hard as he can. Before his opponent can recover, Valiant tackles him and the two are able to subdue Swimmer's Scourge.


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