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Awesome / The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

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I'm a Goofy Goober! ROCK!

  • The beginning dream sequence of SpongeBob being an agent-like manager.
    • The ending when Mr. Krabs realizes his mistake of doubting Spongebob's abilities due to the latter's immaturity, and rightly awards Spongebob the position as the Krusty Krab 2 manager.
  • Pretty much the entire scene after SpongeBob and Patrick race from the Krusty Krab 2 to save Mr. Krabs, but special note goes to the introduction of The Patty Wagon. It's featured in all the trailers, but to hear SpongeBob coolly run through it's "fast food" features and to have it blast out of the restaurant is still pretty damn epic. If anyone can make driving a burger equivalent of the wiener-mobile look cool, it's SpongeBob.
    • "You don't need a license to drive a sandwich."
  • "Now that we're men. We can do anything! Now that we're men..."
  • Squidward becoming aware of Plankton's evil plan, and actually taking action in stopping it. Too bad that Squidward didn’t anticipate Plankton activating the mind-control helmets before he could even do anything about it.
  • David Hasselhoff showing up from nowhere to get them to the Krusty Krab in time, and using his pecs to shoot them down there in time.
    SpongeBob: But we'll never be able to float down in time!
    David Hasselhoff: (confidently) Who said anything about floating?
    • The fight with Dennis on Hasselhoff's back.
  • How narrowly SpongeBob and Patrick save Mr. Krabs — something that wouldn't have happened had Mindy stalled King Neptune for one less second or had Hasselhoff been any slower — followed by an epic explosion that torches the latter. Just imagine the despair that Mindy and Mr. Krabs were feeling, followed by the sheer surprise then relief after that.
  • Three words: GOOFY. GOOBER. ROCK.
    • Context: SpongeBob gives an I Am What I Am speech before singing a rock and roll rendition of the Goofy Goober Theme Song, leading up to him using The Power of Rock to break everyone free from Plankton's mind-controlling helmets.
    Spongebob: I guess you're right, Plankton. I am just a kid.
    Plankton: Of course I'm right! Okay Neptune, time to kill-
    Spongebob: And you know, I've been through a lot in the past six days, five minutes, 27-and-a-half seconds. And if I've learned anything during that time, it's that you are who you are.
    Plankton: ...that's right. Okay Neptune-
    Spongebob: And no amount of mermaid magic... or managerial promotion... or some other third thing... can make me anything more than what I really am inside; a kid!
    Plankton: That's great, now get back against the wall-
    Spongebob: (using the microphone from behind the counter) But that's okay!
    Plankton: What? What's goin' on?
    Spongebob: 'Cause I did what everyone said a kid couldn't do! I made it to Shell City, and I beat the Cyclops, and I rode the Hasselhoff, and I brought the crown back!!
    Plankton: Alright, we get the point!
    Spongebob: So yeah, I'm a kid, and I'm also a goofball, and a wingnut, and a knucklehead mcspazatron!
    (dry ice mist appears and Spongebob gets a Dramatic Spotlight)
    Plankton: What? (coughs) What's goin' on here?
    Spongebob: But most of all, I'm...
    Plankton: Hey, settle down...
    Spongebob: I'm...
    Plankton: Take it easy!
    Spongebob: I'm...
    Plankton: What the scallop?!
    • Then when Plankton tries to have SpongeBob captured, SpongeBob explosively transforms into a rock and roll wizard with a Goofy Goober electric guitar, which he uses to deliver a face-meltingly awesome guitar solo that frees the brainwashed citizens.
    • Plankton confirming the reason why Spongebob is able to destroy the helmets is because of how awesome he rocks.
    Plankton: His chops are too righteous!! The helmets can't handle this level of rock and roll!!
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  • The cinema janitor in The Stinger asking the pirates to leave the theater. She's threatened at swordpoint and still asks them to leave. They do so.
  • The fish that the cyclops killed coming back to life and getting their revenge.
  • Dennis roughing up the people he comes across. Examples include ripping the mouths off the two laughing rednecks and punching the thug leader back into the tug, which then sinks.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick coming back to life after being dried up beneath a heat lamp, which has everybody in the audience, especially the pirates cheering to see their heroes come back to finish what they started.
  • Plankton being arrested after SpongeBob foils his plan, and being flattened to the point where an officer had to scrape him up with a snow shovel. After all of the awful things he did both in this movie and in the show, he totally deserved it. And nobody bought his feeble protests that he was just kidding.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick's Swiss Army Tears reviving them from their Disney Death.

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