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  • This is a meta-example. In the "Be Safe" video of the Learn with Sooty range, Sweep is seen playing "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" with pills for a headache. (Long Story.) Soo reports this to Matthew, who then says to the children at home, "Pills are not sweets" Soo then calls Matthew out for not having a lockable cabinet or child-resistant lids on the bottles. Soo then points out that a pan handle is sticking out and that they would benefit from a pan guard. Matthew then says that these are the parents responsibilities and says this again at the recap at the end. Now this may not seem like much, but bear in mind that while this is aimed at very young children, it's no secret that adults watched it as well, and they used that opportunity to say what basically amounts to, "We may be doing a safety episode, but we're not fully responsible for your children, that's your responsibility." Children's shows rarely do that, if at all and the fact that they took advantage of their Periphery Demographic to say this is just pure brilliance.

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