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Awesome / The Shinji Ikari Raising Project

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New Game Arc

  • The first Angel to be faced in the quest, Rahab, is dispatched when Shinji runs Unit-01 inside the belly of the beast to get at the core. A tense minute passes, and the Angel abruptly explodes into a rain of orange goo while Shinji remains relatively unharmed. Not bad for a second-time pilot.

New Kids On The Block Arc

  • Shinji takes it upon himself to heal the rift between Asuka and Rei via a trip through the city, and succeeds. When Misato asks him how he managed it, he simply says that the girls don't really dislike one another and just needed a neutral zone where they could interact without stress. They also manage to get a three-way tie on a dancing machine.
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  • Shinji successfully performs in a school orchestra, enjoying the music and spotlight in spite of his insecurities and shy nature.

Family Matters Arc

  • Rampel trying to crush Unit-02 inside its own labyrinthine body provokes Shinji into an Unstoppable Rage, at the same time that the others' A.T. Fields negate its shapeshifting abilities. He proceeds to utterly savage his foe, grabbing one of its thralls by the leg and beating another with it before destroying the core.

The Wind Up & The Pitch Arc

  • To prevent Qaphsiel from destroying NERV HQ, Kaworu descends into the Evangelion Graveyard and assembles a malformed abomination of body parts that he then "pilots" in battle. Although it only lasts for a short time, his EVA-puppet's ability to completely ignore damage and lose limbs without consequence buys enough time for the rest of the pilots to catch up and finish the Angel off.

The Future Soon Arc

  • Kaworu shows off the incredible power of Tabris by one-shotting Kerubiel, the most powerful Angel on record besides Adam himself. Effortlessly deflecting the other Angel's attacks, he flies up to Kerubiel's core and destroys it with a massive blade of energy.

Final Hours Arc

  • The NERV pilot crew and the T-RIDEN-T take on SEELE's army, five fighters versus an army of Mass Production Evangelions, Patchwork Evangelion drones, and Dummy Plug-piloted mecha. Outnumbered six times over, backs to the wall, they proceed to completely obliterate SEELE's forces in a magnificent display of teamwork and skill. Although taking several injuries and risking multiple close-calls, all of the Patchwork Evas are defeated, all but one of the mecha disabled or destroyed, and multiple Mass Production Evangelions destroyed after Misato orders a tactical retreat into the confined spaces of NERV HQ for ambush maneuvers. They are so successful that Gendo flips the script by reconstituting Adam to hold the world hostage out of fear that NERV would indeed win.
    • Gendo and Adam are defeated not through violence but through compassion and hope. The pleas of his friends awakens Kaworu from near-oblivion, and he effortlessly destroys the remaining Mass Production Evas before stopping Third Impact in its tracks.

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